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MY IDIOT; I'll always choose you.

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It was the most beautiful moment of my life, Jacob. I'm so glad that you were mine...{soft sniff} I...it doesn't matter where you go....{sad chuckle}...just remember that I'll....always....choose you.....{smile}..you fuckin idiot. Two best friends, Jacob and Melo never thought that their one mistake would change their whole life but will they try to fight it back? or will they give up on it?

Erotica / Romance
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It was the most beautiful moment of my life, Jacob. I’m so glad that you were mine...{soft sniff} I...it doesn’t matter where you go....{sad chuckle}...just remember that I’ll....always....choose you.....{smile}..you fuckin idiot.

*** chapter 1***

**few months back**
“Hey bro, I just heard that there’s a new game in the store, wanna grab it and play?” Jacob’s best friend melo is excited to get the new game that has just being released yesterday.

“Yeah sure, let me just grab my jacket bro” Jacob on the other hand doesn’t like the game too much. They both love each other companies and has been best friends since kindergarten.

“we will play the entire night just like the old days, boy”

“Can’t wait to play this....whatever game it is”

“{Sigh}..come on bro...I know you don’t even know the name of the game and you are just here because of me.” He tries to make him laugh with the funny faces. Jacob laughs at his funny childish behavior.

“Fine, yeah....I just want to sleep at my room right now and you dragged me out in this cold weather” his eyes is still half awake from the late night gaming’s.

“And yet you still come with me anywhere I want you to. ” he looks at Jacob with a devilish smirk in his face making him a little bit flustered.
“Wipe that smirk out of your face, you fuckin idiot” Jacob counter attack his smirk with sarcastic threat.

They get to the store and purchase the game and as a thank you reward melo buys him a drink and burgers for him. After their eating they both return back to Jacob’s house.

“Okay...Jacob you lay down in your room I’ll play some games in the living room.”

“Yeah...goodnight idiot”

“Goodnight....baby” he laughs when he sees Jacob cringing at his words.

**sometimes later**
Jacob opens his eyes just a little bit to check the time and he feels something behind him. He slowly turns around and he sees melo sleeping peacefully next to him. He gets mesmerized at his looks, how calm his face looks while he is sleeping, how his chest is slowly going up and down. He gets a little closer to him just an inches away from his lips. He can feel his hot breath touching his lips and it makes him bite his own lips. Just as he is about to move away from melo, he feels a hand slowly touching his thighs. He gets startled from his sudden move. Melo starts to open his eyes and looks at him with a smirk
“Are you just going to torture yourself or are you going to kiss me? Because I know you want to”

“What??? No I was doing nothing, and why would I kiss you bro, that’s so fuckin weird”
Jacob tries to get away from him but melo pulls him closer and traps him with his another hand.

“Really?....{chuckles slightly}..well then why are you doing nothing when I’m touching your thighs?”

“That’s.......not. What you”...{melo buries his nails even deeper on Jacob’s thighs making him to lose control of his breathing}..

“Go on baby...I’m still waiting for the answer...” With his other hand he starts to play with the shirt of Jacob, lifting his shirt and finally putting his hand on Jacob’s bare back caressing it.

“Stop....melo...let me at least talk....{moans}...this is not...{inhale}...fair...” He looks at melo with a cute puppy eyes to make him stop.

“Ha-ha...baby...can I answer for you? It’s because you. {pulls him closer}...love me.....you..{hugs him tight}...want me..isn’t that right....{kisses his collarbone}....baby boy? ”

“No....that’s not....{shivers when he kisses his collarbone again}... Fuckk...please melo..”

“Please what?? Say it” he holds his chin with his hand and forces him to look at him.

Jacob slowly open his eyes to look at him “Please.... Kiss me again...melo” Jacob pulls his himself closer to melo face.

“There’s my baby....finally submitting to me. Doesn’t it feel great to let it go?” He teases him some more with his lips.

“Don’t tease me...you idiot...just kiss me already” he tries to kiss him but melo moves his face to the right making Jacob kiss his cheeks.

{Chuckles} “not so fast my little devil...I wanna see some more desperation in your eyes, you look so vulnerable..{gets closer to his ear and whispers }...which makes you....way more hotter..baby” he licks his earlobes causing Jacob to moan louder. His every little words and actions manages to get the reaction out of him.

“Why are you...{moan} always so...mean to me?”

He looks at Jacob and sees that he is about to cry. “Okay...fine baby.{giggles}... I’m just joking here.... let me fix my problem” he pulls him closer to him and touches his lips with his fingers “fuckk...baby your lips feels so tender...I can’t wait to feel it...” All Jacob could do was hum in response and he finally gets what he wanted for so long. As soon as Jacob feels melo lips he melts down completely on his chest. Melo kisses him passionately which makes Jacob purr. He then demands the entry in Jacob’s mouth with his tongue which he happily lets him. The sensation that he feels when he touches his tongue makes him moan louder.

{giggles} “wow, you really want me huh!” melo manages to catch a word between their kisses.


“It feels really good, I love the way you kiss me, tease me melo”

“Then can I tell you something?” melo stops kissing at looks at him.

Jacob kisses him last time before listening to melo “what is it?”

“Wake up, you dumbass.”


All of a sudden, Jacob feels a hard slap on his back which wakes him up loud and clear “ouch…..why would you do that? You scared the shit out of me”

“dude I have been calling you out for so long, all you did was give me a little hum. So what am I supposed to do? It was getting late for our gameplay” that’s when Jacob realizes that he was dreaming and he gets shocked at his own dream.

“are you okay? You seem like you just had a nightmare”

He looks at melo and then suddenly punches at him “what was that for?” he says nothing and just covers himself with the bed sheet.

In the lowest voice possible “sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just not feeling well, I just wanna stay alone today. I don’t think I can play tonight.”

Melo stares him with a concern “if you are not feeling okay then let me take care of you, you dumbass. Don’t try to be a hero.”

No, I’m fine…... I mean I’m not fine, I... I... will be okay just leave right now.” He stutters to speak back.

Seeing him struggling to speak, he gets in dilemma to whether leave him or not. He stays there for a while and finally leaves his room.

“how can I be so fuckin stupid? Was that even appropriate to dream about? How did I even dream about something like that? He is my best friend, and I am not gay either.” He wraps himself on his bedsheets trying to forgot about the dream. “how can I look at him right after ‘that’? did he seriously just left me?” all of a sudden he starts to feel angry “why would he leave me alone when I Cleary told him that I wasn’t feeling well? Does he not care about me? I mean it’s not like I asked him to cook for me or some shit. It also doesn’t have to be gay when someone takes care of their best friends. Right?”

Jacob feels like he is hallucinating right now. He just lays down and hopes that this weird feeling he had gotten will go away after some deep sleep but nobody knows what the future holds for them.

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