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icy Vain witch book one

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Plae maiden of skin look like the color of the snow, has victimised by family members seeks sole from outside the cold, she encounters someone with a dark past with midnight wolf by side she seeks sets up her own kingdom by taking her father off the throne.

Erotica / Romance
Angie tournado
Age Rating:

Winter Lady


content warning sexual abuse self-harm abuse rape sex content

Winter’s stepbrother, Koan, abuses her. He touches Winter like a man would handle his wife. Koan would make Winter feel dirty. Koan possessed greater wizarding abilities than her.

His feelings bothered Winter so much that she had to ask the maids to run her bath each time.

Winter dreaded it so much that her father mistreated Winter because he blamed Winter for her mother’s death; he claimed his wife could still be alive if it weren’t for winter.

She was the last child out of four.

Her stepbrother inflicted deadly words to her.

Daily, her sister would torment her with hurtful words and disrespectful behavior.

They were all cold in their responses to her.

The people who spoke of her are still recovering from the castle accident from weeks ago.

Winter went out of control when a few mages lost control, which resulted in the castle going up in flame.

Many were injured, and some Beary survived.

Winters’ father blamed Winter for all the people she hurt, and she was punished by the horsewhip.

This makes them avoid her like the plague now.

Her entire day was spent listening to people whisper behind her back, resulting in her hating everyone around her. Her reputation was tarnished, and everyone threatened her.

As they betrayed her well-being, she resolved to turn them into enslaved people for ordinary men.

Chapter One: “The Winter Lady,”

This Laredo curse brought a dark chilling Age that spread across the barren land, as an obsidian crystal sky covered the Snow Winter family’s Lotos kingdom. The father was a horrible tyrant who only loved his two daughters and his older son. Winter, however, was always being neglected like an outcast rather than a part of that noble family. Yet, he would treat my siblings Koan, Ruby and Clara like gems. Her full name is Winter Crest.

She was the youngest daughter of Grace Crest, who suffered emotional abandonment from her father and sexual torment from her brother. She felt despair with no safe space and had no one to protect her.

They all gathered together except Winter, in the hallway for a family meal, while Clara spouted idle gossip about Winter. The older daughter took pleasure in spreading hateful rumours throughout the kingdom, with no remorse.

As Winter entered the room, their voices lowered amongst themselves, casting an awkward atmosphere instantly. A few of them looked around, avoiding eye contact.

The dining room, door opened with a squeaking pick tone, as a maid emerged welcoming them into the dining room, expressing soundly, that your meal is served.

Winter ignored them by keeping her gaze on the floor, wandering towards the carved wooden chair in the far corner and sitting down. Clara and Rudy sat in the middle of the table alongside Koan, they picked up their spoons and focused on the meal.

Koan, who enjoyed seeing Winter suffer love, picks on Winter for reason and torments her with his vulgar words, continuing something with no regard for how Winter felt.

Koan, her brother, discretely declares in a harsh cold distance tone. “What are you staring at, you evil bitch? It was your fault for the incident. What happened when you were 12 and penetrated all the villages and people? Winter, you are cursed from when you were born. I bet it was your fault that our mother died.”

An evil grin spread across his face, pissing Winter off, though the word felt like a dagger cutting her to the core.

She lowered her head as her face flushed with anger. Her long straight white, bang’s dangled over her eyes. Winter’s rage surged in her stomach. All Clara and Ruby could see was Winters’ mouth quivering while she chanted words for a magic spell in the quietest voice.

Her brother gasped with agony, let go of his golden patterned cup.

Koan felt like his left hand burst up into flames, which left a printed snowflake pattern burned into his flesh with a red blood scar.

Winter’s face shows a smile, that was filled with a cunning satisfaction and amusement.

Koan fumed, glaring at Winter, grasping the other cup with his right hand

He threw the cup, staining Winter’s white beautiful snow dress, which was an important gift from her departed mother. She scowls at him with a sense of vengeance.

Winter rushed toward him, giving Koan a furious slapping across the face, which sounded like an exploding spark from a backyard fire. Ruby Clara and her father witnessed his facial marks across his face.

Winter held a cold, heartless, and emotionless persona. Their father, ordered Winter to stop arguing with her Koan, or he would order the guards to restrain her.

She gave him an evil yet cunning look and strolled towards the door in a defiante mood.

Winter harshly spoke with a cruel tone , “You are always like this, Father; you never acknowledge that Koan is at fault. He has stained my beautiful dress given to me by my departed mother. I have long for the slightest care to be shown towards me, but I am like an abandoned dog that is left to lick its own wounds.

Winter left the room, slamming the door behind her, leaving her tired maid still serving the food. Larttie didn’t agree with the way they behaved toward Winter. She never followed their rules to show Winter disrespect or no regard.

Ruby and Clara were talked about the incident. All his whispers made Laritte think

“Winters sisters make me sick. Winter tries hard to fit in, but everyone keeps being horrible to her. Even her father, even her brother, made me sick to my stomach.”

The only ones who understood Winter was her maid and the butler, who retired last year.

Her butler had been with Winter since she was a child. Winter’s mother, Grace Crest, trusted them to take good care of her as if Winter was their own.

Laritte was annoyed. Turning toward the door to leave the dining hall to check on Winter. winter father stared at Larttie, noticing that she was trying to leave. He didn’t want that bitch to know her father’s plans; he stood up to block the door. Winter’s father said,

“where are you heading? We have not left the table yet. You have a job to do?”

Larttie’s face turned toward him. She responded, I have to check on Winter, your daughter, whom you treat dreadfully. Do you have any idea that Winter wishes she was never been born? You still continue to treat your other children with respect and starve Winter of any warmth. Knowing all the rumors are false, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.” Larttie didn’t care as she spoke her mind, pissed off at the event that happened . Winter’s father face angered, so much that he grabbed her hair, telling Koan, Ruby and Clara to leave. They looked at each other departed the massive dining hall, except for Winter’s father and Larttie. Winter’s father looked back at her; with a cold, heartless look, he tones in rage.

“How dare you speak to your master in that disrespectful tone, bitch? I will ensure your suffering surpasses that of my daughter.”

Winter’s father’s grip was so tight that it caused Larttie to anxiety and start cried in pain. Outside, down the hallway, Winter could hear Larttie call from her door.

Winter rose from her bed. Unaware that she had cut right her leg with the dagger her brother left inside the dresser, she collapsed , falling to the floor.

Winter screamed in pain. She placed her hands on the side of the bedstand, lifting herself with all her strength, putting pressure on her left leg, enabling her to stand. Winter felt pins and needles running down her leg, which made it more difficult for her to move around. Despite her wounds, she manoeuvred towards the door opening it.

Winter struggled to walk out of her bedroom to the hallway as she saw her stepbrother standing outside the dining room, Winter gritting her teeth in annoyance. Koan ran towards Winter, grabbed her arm, lifted her chin, kissed her, and opened his mouth, placing his tongue inside Winter’s mouth.

She slammed her mouth shut and bead her teeth into Koan’s tongue, causing him to scream as blood flowed from his mouth. Koan stepped back as he covered his mouth with his right hand and muffled the pain.

Winter’s stepbrother sneered at her. Winter’s eyes were cold, like pebbles at the bottom of a frozen lake. Koan was pissed and conjured up the strength to heal his tongue with his healing magic.

Koan gripped her neck , making it difficult for her to breathe. Winter struggled to get away from him, noticing a devilish cunning smile on his face, knowing Koan had no intention of letting her go.

Winter sensed blacking out, yet she remind herself that she had to take Laritte away from her father. This is a significant matter. Her mind searched her memory, trying to find the right spell to use on Koan hand to break free.

As she felt , a magical radiance emerged from within her in winter, causing blue flames to surround the hallway and forcing him to release his grip. Winter coughed, controllably able to breathe from her chest.

Koan was , now in a foul mood, tried again to grab her. He could act, but a blast straight down the hallway knocked him out. She checked her surroundings, searching for someone’s presence. Tala is her other half appeared out of nowhere and disappeared. Winter walked down the long hallway to the dining-room door Winter , blasting it down to see her father standing against Larttie with his hands on her hair, pulling it with force. Winter magic flashed a cumbersome red light around herself, lifting her father off the ground. Winter smiled, which made the ground shake.

Plates were smashing off the tables , sounding like a volcano about to erupt.

A hand contacted with her shoulder. Kian, her personal butler, said, “Stop it, Winter? Your mother wouldn’t like you to do this to your father.”

Winter became more composed and calm as she lowered her father onto the ground and let him go. She gave him a wicked glance before heading to check on Larttie. Winter turned to Kian, her butler, and he smiled, realizing he couldn’t bear the thought of Winter becoming a murderer.

Winter assisted Laritte to her room as she placed her palm on her aching head in continual anguish. both arranged their room, shutting the door behind her. Winter assisted Larttie in getting into bed. As she went to the dresser, she dipped her hand in a water basin and ringing out the handkerchief. Winter walked toward Larttie as she used the cloth to wipe the watery sweat from her brow.

Winter looked at her leg, irritated by what had transpired. fully recovered.

Winter wasn’t expecting her leg to heal so soon, which astonished her.

She started playing in the park when she was 13 and continued for a long time. Winter was in her twenties. she considered creating her kingdom, which would boost Winter confidence she had to hold off.

Winter was still worried about something. She had to remain vigilant to discover what her father had planned.

She had overheard every servant speaking. Ghosts had meddled with their brains to instill fear and unwavering love.

Of course, her horrifying her two sisters and her father lacked the confidence to address her. only Koan, her stepbrother, would be the sole person who would.

Winter couldn’t help but think about him. She was aware of how he handled her. Winter appeared fragile.

She held herself responsible for allowing the initial injury to occur.

Larttie was like her second mom, who raised her when Grace Crest, her biological mom died when she was around ten. Winter was helpless with her power alone when she was young ; she wouldn’t be able to protect her, all the time because her brother would provide, transportation while she was out most of the time on errands.

Being more aware of her surroundings would help her, locate her family.

She took Larttie with her so that she could monitor her. It was pretty strange that people kept coming, on to check on them in the evening.

Larttie and Winter slept beside her as she drifted into a deep sleep, convinced that her father was trying to spy on her.

Winter’s father’s maid whispered to her daughter to tell the king his daughter was asleep

Nodding, she made her way down the corridor to his chancery before she knocked on the door.

He invited her inside. She said,

Sir, I wanted to pass along the message that your daughter and her maid are fast asleep. The door has been spelled by winter.

Her father noticed his daughter was becoming much more powerful.

He grinned. He had a harsh and terrible expression on his face.

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