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Running from the bad boys

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Chapter 2

Tayla's P.O.V

Sat in the coffee shop, I re- read the text message off my mum's mobile phone she had given me.

Don't be surprised if he turns out to be a asshole, it read.

When it came to men, I never expected much anymore.

The bell on the coffee shop door rang and in marched a tall man with dark hair brushed back in a wave with greying hairs at the side.

He wore grey trousers and a white chef's coat that was undone at the collar and black heavy shoes.

He walked confidently over to the counter and gave the young serving girl a smile.

"My usual please, Zoey," he purred.

Zoey blushed and hurried to prepare his coffee.

I stood up from my chair and made my way over to him.

This was it!

The first time I had seen this man in eighteen years.

"Ryan Goodman?" I asked.

He turned and his green eyes met mine and it was like looking in a mirror apart from our gender differences.

"Fuck!" he whispered.

"Do you know who I am?" I asked.

He licked his lips before nodding.


I felt tears sting my eyes.

"I need your help," I told him.

"Here is your coffee," came Zoey's voice.

Suddenly Ryan wrapped me in a hug and I started to cry, uncontrollably.

"Oh honey? What's happened?" I heard him say, his voice rumbling in his chest.

"Can we talk?" I asked.

He pulled from me and smiled.

"Of course we can. You have no idea how long I have waited for you to find me?"

He grabbed his coffee and he followed me to the table I had been sat at.

He took the chair opposite me and waited while I wiped my face.

"I'm homeless and I have no money and I can't ask my mother for anymore help as she is struggling herself," I cried.

Ryan moved his hand and he took mine, the heat on his skin made it feel comforting.

"I will help you. What every you need, baby," he said, softly.

I felt like crying more.

"Why did you leave us?" I asked.

"Your mother was too much to handle and she kept using you as a weapon against me."

He lowered his head.

"Helen accused me of cheating whenever I did my tv shows when I was away from home and she never believed me that I wasn't. She threatened to run away with you all the time and I could see this was effecting your upbringing."

"Why did you not fight for parental rights or access to me?"

"Your mother threatened to kill herself if I did and I did not want her death to be my fault and then you hold that against me?"

I lowered my head.

"I wanted to wait until you were an adult and could make your own decisions about me. I really want a relationship with you Tayla," he said.

"You do?" I asked.

He nodded, his eyes looking wet.

"Mum said you have another family now?"

" I re -married a woman called Maria and we have a son together called Jason but Maria knows all about you and wants to meet you too."


Ryan nodded.

Tears were pouring down my face and I felt over whelmed with emotions.

"Don't cry, baby," he said softly.

"I really fucked things up," I wept.

In an instant, his arms were around me again and he held me against him as I just cried and cried.

Once I was able to talk, I explained about Ben and then how I moved away to start a new life.

I told him about Walker and Hayden and then about Dominic and how I thought he was a bad guy and then how we have to have sex so I didn't end up dead by a rival gang.

Once I stopped talking, Ryan drained his coffee and looked utterly shocked.

"I'm not sure..." he started slowly, looking in my eyes.

"On which...man I want to kill first," he said, seriously.

I laughed at his confession and felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

"You don't judge me for my unique relationship with two men?"

"To be honest I'm not keen on any man fuck...I mean seeing my baby girl let alone two or three but if that is what made you happy and you were not being hurt...I don't condemn."

I gave him a warm smile.

"I do have a sudden urge to go man hunting with my steak knives!"

Again, I laughed and he smiled at me.

"You are absolutely beautiful Tayla. I am so proud of you. I can't believe I made something so perfect," he said.

Blushing, I fidgeted in my seat.

A mobile phone went off in his pocket and he pulled it out.

"Jack?" he answered.

"Yes. No. Actually no. You are going to have to do dinner service tonight? No I'm not sick," he said, looking at me.

"Something far more important has come up that's why."

Ryan insisted I came back to his home to meet Maria and he drove me in his BMW to a lovely home outside town that looked expensive.

He called Maria ahead and by the time we pulled up she was waiting for us outside the front door.

Maria was a small women with red hair and big brown eyes.

She smiled as she came toward me and wrapped me in a hug.

"It's wonderful to finally meet you, Tayla," she greeted.

"It's lovely to meet you," I returned.

Ryan kissed her on the cheek and she smiled at him, lovingly.

"She is your image and absolutely stunning," she told him.

Ryan smiled back at his wife and then at me.

"What can I say? It all my sexy DNA," he teased.

Maria swatted him on the arm and he grabbed her in a hug and spun her around making her giggle.

Their affection made me think of Walker and Hayden and I felt my chest ache.

"Come into the house," said Maria, touching my arm.

I followed them both in and they led me into a dinning room.

Maria disappeared for a moment and then came out with a large jug of something pink and glasses.

She poured us all a glass and then sat next to Ryan.

He told her everything that had happened to me right up to meeting him in the coffee house and she listened intently.

"Of course we can help her? You can now use the money you have been saving for the past eighteen years for her," she said to Ryan.

Ryan smiled and looked sheepish at me.

"I know money won't make up for eighteen years of distance but I wanted to be able offer you something if you ever wanted to find me?" he explained.

"And you can have it even if you did not want a relationship with me?"

I smiled.

My mobile off my mum started to ring and I saw it was Jess.

I had given her my mums number just in case of an emergency.

"Excuse me," I said, standing up and walking away a bit.

"Jess?" I answered.

"Tayla? I have to tell you something?"

"Go ahead."

"Last night, Walker came into my room and asked me where you were."

"What did you tell him?"

"I said you had gone to your mum's. Are you there now?"


"Thank god! I thought he was going to shoot me."

"Walker?" I asked, shocked.

"Yeah. He shot my wall twice near my head!"


"So he is looking for me?" I asked.

"Yes. He seems pretty pissed, Tayla," she warned me.

"I'm so sorry he did that to you," I told her.

"It's okay as long as you are safe. Where are you?"

"I can't tell you. I think it's best that I don't but I am safe," I told her.

I did not want Walker to come after my dad now I had found him.

"Tayla? I think he will visit your mum and if she knows where you are..." she said.


He could trace me here form my mum.

"It's okay. I plan to move on soon so he won't find me,"

Walker must be furious and had obviously found out about what Dominic and I had done.

Now he was looking for me?

"I got to go. Take care Jess and call if it's important."

I ended the call just as Ryan came up to me.

"I need a place to hide for a while until things die down?" I told him.

"Not a problem," he told me with a smile.

"I also need you to pretend that we have not met if anyone comes asking about me too?"

He wore

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