In The Company of Killers

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When Calla gets wrapped up with five mysterious men her life turns upside down, but will it be for better or worse?

Queen Kassradite
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Chapter 1

How did this even happen? Why is this happening? I want to go home. I sat in a cool damp dark stony room watching as water dripped down from a broken pipe above.

1... I heard movement.

2... I heard voices.

3... They all sound masculine.

4... They’re getting closer.

5... There are four of them.

6... The door is unlocking.

7... They’re here.

I kept my eyes trained on the dripping water ignoring the males that entered the room.

“Why did he send all four of us for a little girl?” I still have energy.

A hand came into my view to grab my collar and chomped down on it hard, the person yelled pulled their hand back smacking me with their other hand. It was hard enough to draw blood which I spit at him,

A new voice speaks up, “That’s probably why he sent the four of us.”

“She’s feisty I like that.”

“Keep it in your pants, let’s go.” Each of my limbs was forcefully restrained and grabbed as I’m taken out of the stony room. I struggled and they each held onto me tighter.

I finally calmed down as I ran out of energy. I closed my eyes for the remainder of the trip. I felt my limbs being bonded once more as I’m forced to kneel. My eyes were still closed as I felt a presence in front of me.

“Open your eyes, Calla.” The voice commanded and it sent a shiver down my spine. I didn’t resist as my eyes fluttered open. Once I opened my eyes I was met with a mocha dark-skinned man. He had dark eyes, a black mustache, and a short beard, and his left ear had a Star Drop Hoop Earring, “Good morning.” His pearly white teeth shone through as he spoke.

“Holy fuck you are fine.” My words spilled without realizing and my eyes widened as I looked down to the floor in embarrassment as he picked my chin up to look at him.

He chuckled “Thank you, but that’s not why I brought you here.”

“You kidnapped me?”

“I didn’t. I had someone do it for me. Do you know why I brought you here?” I shook my head and my beads shook as I did so, “Yesterday you noticed something didn’t you?”

I shrugged, “I can’t even remember if I ate or not this week. Whatever I saw I probably forgot it.”

“You forgot that you saw a man being pushed to his death?” One of the voices asked in disbelief.

“I thought he jumped and said mood.” I shrugged, “I didn’t know him so I don’t care.”

“That was a little harsh.”

“Ay, I’m a college student. All I want is to graduate or die.” A pair of legs caught my attention as they walked past the corner of my eye.

It was another dark-skinned man but he was a little lighter, I’d say a dark expresso. He had tattoos all over his shoulders, chest, and six-pack walked into view he had black arched eyebrows, small dark brown eyes, a full beard, and the same Star Drop Hoop Earring in his right ear.

He’s fine too! Why do they have to be hot?!

The other man gave me a side glance before looking at the other man speaking in a language I didn’t understand but they looked at me and I shivered.

“I’ve decided to let you go.” The first dark skin spoke.

“What are your terms?”

“Smart Calla. Our terms are that the four of us give you something.”

“It depends.” Although hickeys from these two wouldn’t be so bad. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!

“Just little pieces of jewelry.”

“Can I see the others first?” He made a motion and I heard footsteps.

One male was wearing a white jacket with nothing underneath he wasn’t as muscly as the other two. He has short blond soft looking loose curls, brown eyebrows, hazel eyes, full lips, dark-tanned skin, a crystal skull, and the same star earring.

The other one had heterochromia eyes. The left was a shining blue and the right eye was dark brown. He had dark brown hair in a short curly afro, eyebrow slits on both eyebrows he had a medium tan, a diamond stud, and a star earring. He glared at me as he held his arm. Must’ve been the asshole that grabbed me and slapped me.

I caught the one who held my chin glaring at Mr. Two-tone. Must have done something he didn’t like. Good fuck him.

The only guy on the right has black locs put into two side ponytails with bangs, on some of his locs he had crystals and jewelry hanging down which covered his eyes somewhat, he had a silver nose ring, a little black mustache, the same star earring, and medium dark skin. He wore a tight white t-shirt.

“Blonde is Lucian. Next to Lucian is Quinn. The crystal head is Juniper. The one next to me is Caspian. I’m Lux.” I looked over everyone once more.

“You’ve met everyone. Now you’re getting our jewelry so you can finally leave.” Quinn hissed out. I stuck my tongue out in retaliation.

Lux chuckled, “Quinn is right, although he should be a little nicer.” he growled out the last part and Quinn’s eyes slightly widened and he looked away.

Caspian was the first one to approach me and he placed a crystal heart locket around my neck. I shivered against him as he did not from the cool metal of the necklace but from him, he pulled away slightly and Lucian was next.

“If I untie you do you promise not to bite me?” I nodded Lucian gently untied my wrists and I brought them up to rub them and Lucian softly spoke up once again, “Let me see.” I showed him my wrists. They were red and hurting he slipped a silver charm bracelet onto my wrist and then placed soft kisses on my wrist. They were red still, but they didn’t hurt anymore.

“Thank you.” He smiled as he backed away. Juniper took his place in front of me he gently took my left hand placing a silver opal moon and star ring on my thumb. The two-colored eye bastard was next he also surprisingly was gentle when dealing with my wrists. He slipped a silver bracelet on the bracelet three symbols were engraved the Ankh, Scarab, and lotus flower.

Lux was the last one to kneel in front of me and he placed a silver calla lily ring on my left middle finger, "There you go. When you open your eyes you'll be home." A powder was blown into my face and I closed my eyes once more.

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