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Such Holy Sins | +18

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Every student was paired off into groups of four. It wasn't a club that you signed up for. It wasn't a volunteery action. It was just how this isolated as fuck university worked. Rich kids and just as many poor ones to balance them out. Every race, gender and religion equal. Equal opportunity the headmaster said. They were in the middle of nowhere. Yet they were a town. This university had every branch under this sky. From farming to arts to politics. Yet she was stuck in a house with 3 guys, that did extra curricular activities as their job. ❗️ English is not my first or second language, I'm just trying. So please be nice when writing a review. Or don't keep reading if it will bother you. ‼️ This book is all smut and has no plot. Keep that in mind as well.

Erotica / Romance
Emery Ashes
4.7 22 reviews
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A bit more about this story


Thank you for considering this story.

I’m just going to put a small disclaimer before we go in.

It’s meant for people above 18. So if you are smawl go away.

For my regular readers:

I’m sorry it’s taking me so long. It’ll be here really soon.

Unlike before, I won't post every day, and I’m not gonna give out doubles this time. So don’t yell at me. You’ve been warned.

If you are a new reader:

Welcome to the madness (and sorry for what you will see?), I hope you stay here is enjoyable.

I write hardcore dark and kinky books, but this one is by far the tamest. And when I say kink I mean real BDSM stuff, not the typical spank or unsafe police cuffs. I sometimes explore risky activities but they are always done in a RACK way.

I have experience in the scene and try to keep things as real as possible when it comes to sensation, safety and consent. I don’t write about me or the past experience, it’s not a biography. I just go into the smut with creative and educated background.

I don’t put fake click bait, if you go in and aren’t happy with what you see I don’t take any responsibility.

All I ask from you is to go in with an open and none judgmental mind. Not everything is as it seems.

English is not my first language, I’m doing my best. So please take that into consideration when rating the story. Thank you and sorry if I make you cringe with any awkward sounding sentences.

A bit more about this story:

It was supposed to be a short but I kinda passed the short mark sometime ago. But it isn’t as long as my other stories.

You may have already seen the following. But just a reminder:

I'm writing this instead of paying for therapy.

Smut with little Plot.

There is a lot of smut, and no plot let's be honest.

Outdoorsy sex and that stuff and recording.

And the smut is kinky, per usual, but always consensual.

You can find the character profiles on my insta.

Smut 60%

Angst & Banter 20%

Fluff 15%

Plot 5%

If you have a question at any point feel free to DM me.

Please like the story, comment and rate it.

Thank you.


A love letter to the person that decided to copy Shelter in the Dark and anyone else that does things like this:

I recently found a big chunk of the characters and ideas from Shelter copied and converted into a different book. Different font same text. I didn’t talk to the person, since I don’t have the energy to argue with children or cause drama.. It’s more than obvious and posted 6 months after Shelter. So if you dear author are coming back to take inspiration from my stories, please go away. Thanks.

It hurts cause it has almost 2 million reads. So please, I’m begging you, don’t copy my work and be so obvious that even mutual readers can point it out. It’s not nice to steal someone else’s intellectual property. All of you are smart so just write original things, there’s no need to copy my work.

This is an original story with original characters, all of the rights belong to the author. Text Copyright

© Emery Ashes

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