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The Sex Slave: The First day

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Chapter 1

She sat in the dark of the thing they called a room. It was a cell and nothing more. The walls were dark. She tried staying in the corner when the lights were turned on. She knew then she was being looked at. Even in the condition she was in she knew men were watching her.

This was supposed to be her time to shine. She was pretty enough. That is what her captures said at least. Though she could not be the only female there she had never been able to see another. They were held separate from each other.

When the light was on it shined against the glass so even if she was pressed up against it, she could not see who or what was on the other side. She was told then what she had to do. The clients were looking over the goods. So far, she had been lucky enough not to be picked but she knew he day was coming.

The chains that held her to the floor were only long enough to stand in the middle of the room and move to the side of the cell. She had long been without clothes now. Almost since the beginning she had been placed here. The clothes were torn and tattered to begin with. She had no others to replace them. Even if she did, she knew it was pointless. The clients often would tell her to remove them in the beginning.

That is when the lights popped on again. She moved to the middle of the room. Some feeling had started in the pit of her stomach. She knew this time was going to be different.

“Thirty-two move a little closer.” The voice said on the other side of the glass partition. She did as she was told and took a few smaller steps to the glass. She could hear the murmurs on the other side but not what was being said. This was not how her life was supposed to be. She awaited her next instruction. “Hold your tits up.” She did as she was told again. She placed her hands under her breasts and then lifted them up. She knew how much weight she had lost by being here by the size they were now. Though not small they were the smallest she could remember. She had only enough food as she could make. Since she had not brought anything to the ones who controlled her she did not have that much. It was only enough to keep her alive. “Let them go. Now turn around and bend over.”

She again followed the instructions. She could remember a time where she would be fighting to be freed now she knew better. It was better to just do whatever they told her too. She might get a little more for her next meal if she did without complaint. As she bent over, she was told to touch her slit and open it slightly. She again thought of a time she would have found this degrading. It was. Though she did what she had too.

“Good.” The voice said and then the light went off. As soon as she could see again in the darkness she moved to her spot on the side of the room. She sat on the floor.

This was her amusement now. She wanted to bring down curses on all those who helped her end up like this. Her uncle who could do nothing right. Her father for dying. Every other and even herself. She had known what her uncle had talked about doing to her. That was when she looked all of it up. There was an underground network of places like this.

Her uncle was going to sell her to one of these places. She went with him as he tried to lie to her about where they were going. That was when she knew this would eb her life now.

She had to wait for someone to buy her.

The lights came on again and she heard the door open. As the heavy iron door opened slowly it screeched its metallic groan. She looked towards it and then she knew it was her time. The man whom she remembered from the first time she walked into the building walked in the cell he looked around and chuckled. “It looks like you are leaving us.”

“Okay.” She replied.

“Oh Reina. Do remember to do what your master wants you too. He got a huge discount on you, but I am sure he will want you to do things for him. You will not bring a bad name to me. Are we understood?” the man said as he looked at her still sitting on the floor.

It had been months since someone had called her by her name. She had begun to think it was completely gone. She had become so used to hearing the number that she had been called. She was almost in shock.

“Stand up.” The man said. “Though you will leave these chains behind you will trade them for these ones.”

He held up a pair of handcuffs. She thought it was odd. She was not going to run away. Then Reina knew the buyer or client was in the room with the two of them. “put them on and I will take her. This place is dark enough.”

The man walked over and placed the cuffs on her with her arms in back of her. She looked over to the man who was watching. He seemed to enjoy the cuffs on her but he watched with such intent on the chains that were being removed. “This one is good and broken. She will fit nearly anywhere as well.” The man who ran the place said as he also looked to the buyer for his approval.

“Good.” The buyer replied. “For now, I will have to teach her my rules and maybe her space will grow.”

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