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Behind Closed Doors (Gay Erotica)

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(🍆💦🍑 STEAMY GAY EROTICA 18+ 🔥😈) Damien White is an average guy in his late 20s, trying to live in the big city that never sleeps; New York. Living is hard when the rent grows and the bills start to gather more and more, and that calls for desperate measures. Everyone knew Damien as the cool, headstrong, laid-back straight guy with a dominant edge. None knows his true desires, and the curiosity that lays in the darkest corners of his mind. The financial problems make him turn to a Seeking Arrangement site for gay men. The only problem? Damien has never been with a guy before, but his curiosity fuels him to step into foreign territories, and through this journey he unlocks doors, finding true pleasure, great opportunities in life, and a chance at romance with people he never would have expected. Authors Note: When two hearts deeply connect, does it matter the gender or sex of these people? When two people find the strings of their hearts connected under the glowing willow tree, and their happiness is genuine, who is to judge them? Love is love in all shapes and forms, as long as their hearts beat for each other.

Erotica / Romance
C.B. Blackburn
5.0 2 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Self Satisfaction🍆💦


Life in the big city was a continuous challenge, filled with tons of obstacles at each corner and it was even harder when you had to struggle to live a decent life among these never-ending streets filled with chaotic traffic and the skyscrapers that felt like they towered over me, mocking me. My forehead rested on the cool glass of my window, as I sat on the windowsill inside the modest apartment. The rent was the best I could find in a short time, but as months flew by, it got harder and harder to pay the bills and rent, not to mention other necessities of life, such as food.

The half-eaten bowl of noodles didn’t look appealing anymore. Sighing, I ran my inked fingers through my dark blonde hair, swiping it back.

Working as a computer operator seemed like a good job at first, but now I considered it, seeing that the pay wasn’t as handsome as I expected. I wasn’t a snobby guy who craved luxury, but just the amount of decency to live by without having to struggle like a fish on dry land.

I was only 27 and had a full life ahead of me. At least I lived alone and had a job, but the satisfaction was far away from my reach. Getting up from the windowsill, I walked to the couch and laid down on it before I took the laptop from the coffee table. Opening it, I figured that looking for job opportunities wouldn’t hurt. It’s always better to have a Plan B or C up my sleeve in case the current job wouldn’t work out anymore.

Half an hour turned into hours and before I knew it, it was dark outside; the night falling over New York City. Huffing, I was ready to give up on searching for a new career path when an advertiser popped up. It was something in the adult industry related. I mentally cursed these porn ads that always came up out of nowhere. Before I could close the new window on my screen, I stopped with the cursor on the exit icon. It was advertising about a seeking arrangement site, only this one was exclusively for guys. I swallowed the lump that formed in the back of my throat, wondering if I should check this out or not.

It wouldn’t hurt to see, at least.

Clicking on it, I waited for the site to open up. I was no stranger to what this seeking arrangement was about; sugar daddies and sugar babies weren’t unknown titles, especially with how the internet evolved. Anyone could find information about this type of relationship. Now the tricky part was that this is only for guys. I’ve never had relationships with guys, nor have I ever kissed a guy. Everyone knew me as a straight guy. All heterosexual. The thing was that I kept my sexuality more to myself, and the truth was that the idea of being with a man, especially in that kind of intimacy, sounded rather appealing.

I chuckled at this prospect. All my friends knew me for being the headstrong, dominant, and too cool guy. Their words, not mine. I had quite the temper, although in time I learned to be more diplomatic and let my impulses aside. Seeing that most sugar daddies on here were looking for a more submissive guy, I could only picture how this would end. A complete mess.

Still, the idea of having someone take care of my financial problems and live without worry about it was highly tempting, but there came my male pride in being independent. Depending on a guy to sustain me financially crashed with this masculine ego. It was either pride or financial status.

Playing anxiously with the studded bracelets around my wrists, I stayed for a few minutes and analyzed this situation, until I found myself creating an account for this site. It wouldn’t hurt to try, plus I would gain money and some experience on the other side. The temptation to get behind closed doors with a guy has been eating at my nerves since I finished high school, but never once acted upon it, mostly because I felt ashamed, although I shouldn’t be. There was that fear of being judged. Keeping to myself has always saved me. It was like a shield of protection because the male world was full of savage alphas looking at every opportunity to display their dominance.

Creating the account, I uploaded a few pictures with me, without showing my face. I had to be careful and keep my identity secret. If I was gonna find a potential trusty partner here, he will see my face, but until then it was better to stay in the shadows. The picture on my profile was a shirtless one, displaying my inked torso and the full sleeves tattoos. The image was cut at the neck, where more ink coated my ivory skin. The next part was a description of me. I wrote the basics. First my looks: dark blonde hair in an undercut fashion, blue eyes, 6′1 tall with a middle muscular build, not overly bulky, the athletic type. I also added the tattoos, which covered my chest and a few on my abdomen, my whole arms and hands, neck and back, and a few tattoos on my thighs. Piercings? I had a few too: nipple piercings, a tongue piercing and the Prince Albert none knew about, save for a few girls who got to see and try it.

Personality? Now here I had to be cautious about what I wrote. My fingers began to type a few characteristics: laid-back, athletic, a little hot-tempered, loves intimacy and private life, good at listening to others, considerate, humble. I didn’t know what else to write down. If someone was truly interested, they will find out on the way.

Just as I finished pressing on the create account option, the doorbell of my apartment rang. Putting my laptop on the coffee table, I got up and walked toward the front door. Opening it, I saw the delivery guy with a package for me. After paying him, I closed the door and walked with the package in hand to the kitchen. Getting a knife, I started to cut the box and felt my spine tingle, excited at what was inside.

Speaking before of my inquisitiveness, I had ordered something one month ago. Opening the box, I swallowed hard as I took in the contents inside. Right there was a big realistic dildo, with balls and veins to make it look real. It even had a suction cup at the end, but what was truly captivating about it was the special option for this sex toy.

Never in my life would I have thought I would end up ordering an ejaculating dildo, but there was nothing wrong with experimenting in the safe coffins of my home. I glanced at the big bottle of artificial sperm, and the excitement grew, making my cock twitch in my black sweatpants.

A shower was calling for me, along with the opportunity to try out the new device I ordered.

Taking the dildo and the bottle of synthetic cum, I headed towards the bathroom, setting the stuff on the porcelain counter of the bathroom sink. I began to undress, leaving my sweatpants, socks, and T-shirt on the floor.

Next, I popped the bottle of fake sperm, squeezing the white content into the syringe, which is connected by a thin tube to the dildo. After I was done, I stepped into the shower, attaching the suction cup of the toy to the tiles and the syringe on the shelf of the shower. My hand grasped the knob of the faucet, turning the water on. A sigh left my lips as the spray of water hit my skin, the tense muscles relaxing and the whole world turned off.

Grabbing the shower gel and sponge, I began to wash, the scent of fresh pine and mint invading my senses. My hands ran down my body, shower foam covering the many tattoos that decorated my skin. I couldn’t believe that the simplest of things in life could bring so much enjoyment. Opening my eyes, I glanced behind me, seeing the intimidating length that awaited me, and instantly the muscles of my anus tensed. I’ve never done this before, maybe once or twice playing around with my fingers while showering, but the realistic cock was on a new, different level.

I scooted backward, rubbing myself on the fake cock. The texture was so smooth and it had certain flexibility, making it seem more realistic. My cock twitched, starting to harden more and more while I rubbed the soft dildo between my asscheeks until the bulbous tip brushed over my entrance.

Oh, fuck... I truly am doing this?

There was no backing down. If I chicken out now, the curiosity would only intensify. Grabbing at the base of the dildo, I started to slowly press the tip inside, my teeth gritted as I felt the puckered hole stretch, trying to make room for the girth that would soon fill me up to the base. I gasped as the crown of the silicone got inside, followed by the first inch. There was slight discomfort, but along was the scorching arousal that slowly boiled in my abdomen. Swallowing my anxiety, I lowered myself more on it, the muscles inside me stretching until my ass was pressed against the tiles of the wall.

My eyes snapped open, and I took in a deep inhale of oxygen, not realizing I held my breath. Gazing down, my length was rock hard, twitching each time the ring of muscles around the fake cock flexed. I couldn’t believe I actually did it. A cock was inside me! Well, a fake one, but still... and the size wasn’t anything modest.

Slowly, I moved my hips, feeling how the smooth and veiny surface of the length dragged over my walls, the sensation so real, I wondered if this is what it would feel if another man fucked me. The thought of having a man’s cock inside me had me grip my balls, squeezing my testicles as groans rumbled from my throat. The cascade of the shower cooling off my heated skin, continuing to pull the length out, until only the tip was inside, then lowered myself back on it. The slight discomfort vanished, replaced by beautiful euphoria, and the sound of my buttcheeks slapping against the wet tiles echoed through the bathroom along with the water running.

My hand moved up and down my length, stroking it in tandem with my thrusts, feeling how each delicate detail of the toy stimulated the nerve-endings of my muscles.

“Fuck, I cannot believe I went for years without knowing how good this feels.” I thought as I pushed my hips faster onto the beige-colored dildo, trying to find the perfect angle and I did for the first time in my life, I felt what electric pleasure feels like when the tip of the fake cock hit my prostate. My groans got louder, aiming for that spot, over and over pounding the oversensitive gland, feeling myself swimming closer to the edge of cumming.

My blue eyes snapped to the syringe on the shelf of the shower, pre-cum leaking in thick droplets out from the slit on my tip, anticipation coursing through my guts as I grasped the pumping device of the toy with a trembling hand. The movements of my hand on my length got sloppier, losing rhythm. I was close to the finish line. It’s now or never.

Pressing on the plunger of the syringe, I watched as the fake sperm was pushed out of the barrel, traveling with speed through the thin tube. My hips instantly moved back, pushing the dildo inside my ass to the hilt, pressing insistently against my prostate. Then the best feeling ever hit me like tons of sparks. I felt an alien-like pleasure in both my prostate and cock, my balls tightening as the floods of sticky cum kissed the deepest part of my body, where none, even myself until now, has touched.

High-pitched moans left me, my back arching, and my head was thrown back as the knot in my gut snapped, and the biggest relief sensation washed over me; jolt after jolt of cum leaving my cock, painting the glass wall of the shower, as if I was an artist, and my essence was the only type of paint available.

“Motherfucker...” I breathed out, pumping my cock while I continued to grind my ass on the cock, keeping it inside, loving the sensation of being filled like this.

I could only imagine what the real deal feels like.

After a few minutes of savoring the finishing, I slowly pulled myself off the dildo, groaning as the fullness vanished, then the sounds of wet farting followed, watching how the synthetic cum dripped from between my legs. This was probably the most powerful orgasm I had in the past three or four years.

After finishing taking the shower, I dried my body and hair with a towel, putting on a pair of clean gray sweatpants, I got the laptop from the coffee table and walked towards my bedroom, laying down on it.

Checking to see if someone messaged me on that seeking arrangement site, a few popped into the inbox, but reading them, I mentally scowled. Most were dead giveaways that they weren’t looking for something serious, others displayed red flags from miles away.

An exasperated sigh left my lips. Well, at least I tried. Closing my laptop and setting it on the nightstand, I turned off the lights and went to sleep, for tomorrow I had to wake up earlier for work.

Maybe I should look for a serious job.

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