Pure Woman

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When Stewart experiments with alternative techniques to improve himself in exotic lands, he finds himself slowly converted. His body shifts over time into a perfect body; however, "perfect" is not what he originally imagined. For others, it's exactly what they want. A "pure woman". During his transformation from flimsy to fit to fat to female, Stewart transforms into the sexual machine that is Natalie, the pure woman.

Erotica / Fantasy
Jane Thin
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Sophia is feeling my muscles.

She’s so wet.

She's slick and noisy as I slide in and out of her.

I feel like I’m close. I hope I’m close. I’ve been having some difficulty performing recently and I want this to go smooth.

The fact that I’m worried in the middle of sex is not helping my situation.

I’ve got to get out of my own head!

Be in the moment!

Just like Aziz always says, “Now is when we prep for future, but be in moment! Everything is about being in the moment.”

This. Has. Important. Nuance.

Be in the moment.

Me, inside Sophia.

“Oh Stew! Yes, just like that!” she says as she pants with each of my thrusts. I know she wants me deeper, but I’m pushing as deep into her as I can. I feel I used to be able to go deeper.

I hope dick’s don’t get shorter. I never had a large one to begin with, but I feel my dick’s not like it used to be.

I’m not what I used to be.

Sophia is rubbing my massive upper arms and shoulders as we make love. She appreciates my muscular form almost as much as I do. I don’t think she ever would have noticed me at the bar otherwise.

Then she says the words I fear, “Oh, God. I’m close. Cum with me! Oh God, now! Now! Oh God, cum, baby!”

She screams. I’d love to say that I love her passion, but her groan is grating. She sounds like some put a mic on a sick bird. I just want it to be over. And, I know I won’t be there with her. As much as she wants me to. As much as I want to.

Goddammit! Cumming shouldn’t be this hard!

Her shrieking stops and she’s pants while I continue to push into her. Part of me feels so close and the other part...

What’s wrong with me?

“Didn’t you cum, baby?” Sophia says as I continue to push in and out of her wet hole. She’s not with me.

“Not yet,” I say, trying to sound like I’m closer than I am.

“Hold on. Hold on! Hold—” she says as he pushes against my large chest. “I’m too sensitive now. But, if you pull out, I’ll make my baby cum.”

I’m feeling so disabled and pitiful by the way she says her words, but I slide out and feel my cock dripping with her wetness. It feels colder when the room fan rotates in the right direction and blows between my legs.

“Lie down, baby,” Sophia says in her slight Spanish accent and adjusts to settle beside me.

She’s feeling the muscles on my chest and my shoulders and works her way down by thick abs.

“I love your body, baby,” she says as she gets nearer to my stiff cock. I’m hoping she gets there sooner than later because I’m afraid I might lose my erection entirely.

I’m proud of my body as well. I didn’t come to Varna, Bulgaria looking like this. I was always scrawny and meek. I never expected I could look like this.

My friend and coach, Aziz, has shown me the path to this great body between the right food and exercise and devotion.

I can’t wait to show my friends back home, but Aziz urged me to hold off any communication for another few months. When I first started, it was only a few months, but it’s always anywhere from four weeks to three months still to go. It’s been almost a year.

I began serving as a bouncer at a bar. Again, not a role I ever thought I would have. Luckily, I’m only intended to look impressive. I don’t think I could win in a fight or altercation beyond the few minor skirmishes I’ve managed.

In the meantime, I can see that I need to find something or move on soon because my funds are getting low.

Being with Sophia is not helping. She’s an attractive dark-haired woman, but she likes to eat and drink well. She has high expectations for me.

“Hey!” I say when her hand slides lower and pushes against the entrance to my asshole.

“It’ll feel good, babe! I promise,” she says. She sounding like she’s sorry for me and that makes me even more uncomfortable.

I just want her to rub my cock before I go flacid.

She continues to tease around the entrance to my hole while I shift and say, “No” a few more times.

When her head goes down on my cock, I find it harder to resist. I think about all of her fluids coating my dick and how she’s sucking them all now. I question her cleanliness, but her mouth feels fantastic.

Even her finger is beginning to get me excited in a different way. When I stop resisting, I feel her finger push a little further. Instinct tightens my hole, but I relax as I feel the magic of her tongue and lips on my cock.

And then her finger is inside me. I want to feel disgusted and maybe violated, but I feel myself losing control. All my worries are fading away into a joyful bliss. Ignorant bliss. I’m loving it.

I’m feeling some sensation from her finger—or maybe even fingers. I can’t tell. I feel more relaxed and something bubbling up in my groin that I can’t describe.

She releases me for a moment to say, “Oh, yes, baby! There it is!” Then she resumes sliding my cock in and out of her lips.

I feel like I’m coming, but without the orgasm. Or, maybe I feel the orgasm without coming. I don’t understand. Something is building from all the pressures inside and outside my body.

I don’t understand what’s happening, but I’m loving every second.

It’s at the point that I wish I could feel this way forever that I feel the internal explosion, followed by an external explosion. The latter is anticlimatic as I revel in the first.

I wonder, is the first the type of orgasm that women feel?

Because that was amazing!

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