Bound By Desire ~ book two Black Moon Alphas

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I stared at my reflection, hand tenderly touching the bandage on my neck. I had been so sure that was the moment of death for me, the moment the Pythia had predicted, and I was a little uneasy about the prospect that if it wasn’t this time, I was going to die in another way at any moment.

The door opened and I glanced at Nykos standing in the doorway, watching me with an unreadable expression. He came up behind me and we stared at each other in the mirror.

“How are you feeling?” He asked and I sighed, not liking that my voice was still unable to be used and shook my hand in a so-so motion. He leant over me to pick up my brush and began running it through my still damp hair.

“You scared us, Lilith. We thought we had lost you.” I watched as he gently worked out a tangle, careful not to tug on my hair and cause any discomfort.

When he was finished, he turned me around to face him and cradled my face in his hands.

“I know why you did what you did, you earnt the respect of a lot of Lycans that day and earnt more hate from others. Our pack has increased, and we have more asking to apply.” He looked into my eyes, emotions swirling in them as he closed them, voice barely a whisper.

“You made us a promise, that promise was never to hurt us and your actions, no matter how noble, were stupid and life-threatening to not only yourself but also others and the livelihood of the pack.” I flinched at the harshness of his words as he held me firm.

“You are Alpha. You must learn how to be an Alpha and that means learning the politics required and acting in accordance with them. It also means that when violence is required, you do not risk the heart of our pack and you call on the men who swore to protect you an act as your sword and shield!” I shook my head in protest. He was mad at me because I didn’t let them fight in my place. I could understand the political reasons and he was right, I had messed up, but I would never send them to the slaughter.

He snarled at me as though he knew my thoughts.

“You are the centre of this pack, Lilith. Not me, not Archer or Cain and Helion. You. If you die, the pack dies. If one of us dies, the pack lives on and you dishonour us by not giving us the chance to do what we are meant to do – protect you.”

I tried to shove him away and wanted to scream in frustration. Why would he think that I saw them as expendible weapons that could be replaced? He smiled at me, a cold smile as he moved closer, caging me in against the bathroom counter.

“That frustration you feel, the emotions that are raging inside of you, we have all been feeling that for the last month as we waited for you to wake. I want to rage at you for being so stupid and getting yourself hurt, I want to praise you for standing up and protecting another wolf and I want to shake you for having us so worried.” He leant down and kissed my cheek, lingering close as he whispered.

“I want to punish you for causing us so much pain, princess and I am not the only one who feels this way.” He kissed my other cheek, eyes hungry and my body reacted to his, the blood bond connection heightening my awareness.

He ran his hand down to cup my core, hand firm as he gripped me, kissing me deeply.

“I am making a promise to you, babygirl. When your body is healed and you are strong enough, I am going to punish you slowly, make you beg me for mercy and then I will punish you some more.” He rocked his hand against my clit, and I gasped, body on fire as I steadied myself, holding onto his waist.

“Then, when I think you have begged me enough, I will finally show you just how worried you had me, just how much I desire you and I will claim you, over and over and over until you cannot walk without thinking about my cock deep inside you.” I moaned, eyes closed, and I reached for him.

I was hungry, desperate, and the passion rolling through me intensified, I felt a flood of heat and an echo of raw, primal growls in my mind. Gasping, I stared at Nykos in shock, and he gently rocked his hand against my pussy, the fabric of my pants causing more friction.

“Can you hear the desire of your men, babygirl? Hear how hungry they are for you? Can you feel that arousal flood your body?” It was the bond; I was sensing the others through the bond which meant they could sense my arousal too.

Nykos kissed the nape of my neck, hand moving faster, and I wanted to rip my clothes off and let him fuck me right there on the counter. He chuckled, moving away from me so suddenly that I stumbled forward a few steps and cried out at the loss of his touch.

“I am not the only one who plans on punishing you. You pissed off four men who love you and all of us are going to take it in turns to torment you with sweet, sweet pleasure.” I snarled, reaching for him.

Confidence and an inner strength appearing from somewhere deep inside me and I wanted to take that pleasure he promised. He gripped my hands, a wicked smile on his face.

“Oh no, my little fiery princess. You don’t get to decide when you have release. Your pleasure belongs to us and as payment for causing so much hurt, we are going to make you earn it.” I stared at him, body flooded with a mixture of insane arousal, frustration and love. They were going to deny me release, tease me, taunt me until I went insane.

Damn these bastards. Though I had to admit, the game was hot as hell and I wanted to play, but I was so worked up now, desperate for an orgasm. Maybe I could just do it myself. I smiled, yes. That would tide me over.

He turned to leave, pausing at the door.

“The pack will be waiting for in the common room for you.” He studied me smile and I saw the look of pure masculine satisfaction at my discomfort.

“And Lilith, if you so much as touch yourself without our permission, the punishment will only get worse.” He laughed as I narrowed my eyes at him, throwing my hands up in mock defeat.

I considered this new and exciting little game they had devised and glanced at my clothes. If they wanted to play a game, I wasn’t about to let them win easily.

I sorted through my clothes and chose the sexiest outfits I could find and pulled out my lingerie. I was going to need to get a little shopping done to add to my arsenal, but I had enough for now.

That would give me a good excuse to go into the town to see the stores under our care I mused, as I slid the thigh high stockings on and picked a pencil skirt that had a large split and would reveal glimpses of my thigh as I walked.

I chose a red lacy bra and a sheer white blouse, knowing full well that everything could be seen beneath before hurrying into the bathroom to apply the red lipstick I knew they loved so much. They wanted to play, then I would tempt them with the thing I knew they desired the most – me in all my sensual glory. Let the games begin.

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