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VERY EXPLICIT 18+ ENEMIES TO LOVERS Mature Content-ROMANCE--EXPLICIT SITUATIONS(SEX/ABUSE/BULLYING/Substance abuse) **** Blaze and Sapphire might be from two totally different worlds, but when one is dared to destroy the other just for the hell of it, they are both catapulted into a whirlwind of chaos. Between lust and loathing, desire and disdain, the two start to realize they might be playing with fire. The hotter they get, the faster they start to burn out. Dirty little secrets come to the surface, enemies become friends and friends become enemies and sinners become saints. High school hormones raging, the two hate to love each other and love to hate each other, but what happens when it's suddenly them against the world?

Erotica / Romance
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Destroy Her


“Creeper alert,” Jesse snickered from behind her.

She didn’t bat an eye, “No dick alert.”

She continued on through the lunch line as if nothing happened.

I had to give it to her. She didn’t take shit from anyone.

Grabbing her tray, she paid for her food, glancing over her shoulder at us. We locked eyes and she quickly turned away, heading in the direction of her other freak friends.

“I’d hit that,” Jordan said, “I mean, I’d try it on for size.”

I just shook my head, “You are a man whore. ”

Jordan scoffed, looking at me dryly, “Says the guy who’s hit everything in town. Speaking of, don’t look now. ”

I did look, though.

Shit, it was Erica Burke, my ex.

“Hi!” She stepped behind me in line, as I was drawing my hoodie up, “I said hello.”

“The fuck do you want, Erica?” I asked, not turning around.

Jordan and Jesse snickered as we made our way through the line and up to the food counter. They hated Erica probably even more than I did. She’s the one who tried tricking me into getting her knocked up, but thanks to circulating rumors, I found out quick as shit and let that bitch go.

“Blaze, I think you need to accept my apology. I was wrong,” she said softly.

Oh, I’d heard that before.

Rolling my eyes, I turned to look at her. She was still hot, preppy. Her hair was in a ponytail that day and her big brown eyes peered into mine, “I said I didn’t care. Stop stalking me.”

She huffed, “I could have had any guy in this school and I chose you!”

That was it for me.

“Then do what you do best and go fuck another guy!” I wasn’t quiet. I yelled. I yelled it so loudly that her tears came almost immediately. Fucking typical. She’d cry if I breathed wrong. I knew I shouldn’t have toyed with a girl like Erica, but I was not in my right mind. I was thinking with everything but my brain. Worst seven months of my life!

Jesse and Jordan were seated at our usual table as we all watched her run from the cafeteria. The room was silent with a few murmurs here and there.

She and I locked eyes again. Although she smirked, I couldn’t tell whether or not she was dismissive of my actions or Erica’s. But also, why would I give a fuck what Sapphire Soper thought about me? I was Blaze Baxter, for Christ’s sake. Hell, I didn’t need to be a jock or rich to own this school, but the rich part helped.


“He’s such a tool,” Melissa shook her head, looking down at her half eaten sandwich, “I mean, Erica’s not any better, but damn!”

I nodded, “They eat their own, sis.”

“I’d like to be eaten by Blaze Baxter,” Lourdes piped up, giggling.

“He’s so hot!” Melissa fanned herself, “Just put out the flames! I need a cold shower. That dark hair, not too long, not too short! How it flows into his face when he hasn’t combed it back. And his brown eyes! Girl, I’m a blue eyed lover, but his eyes are like these dark caramel dots that could steal my soul!”

“Have you seen him in gym class?” Lourdes pretended to faint, holding up a dramatic hand to her forehead and tilting her head back, “Ripped as fuck! I’d love to run my tongue all over that smooth chest of his! ”

“I didn’t know you two were into douche bags,” I sneered, putting my ebony hair up in a scrunchie.

Melissa and Lourdes giggled. They were boy crazy and I didn’t blame them. However, my crushes came from the novels I read. If those dreamy fictitious characters ever popped out, I’d probably jump their bones without question. I was lost in my fantasy world.

I was about to plunge face first into a slice of pizza when he caught my eye. Why was Blaze looking at me like he wanted to rip me to shreds, rip my clothes off or both? I averted his gaze And they called me the creeper!


“Wonder what she looks like naked,” I coughed, making considerable eye contact with Sapphire. Why was she looking at me?

“Prom’s coming up. Ask her out. Chicks dig proms,” Jesse laughed, stuffing his face with a cookie, “You could seriously try to get with her man. Try her on for size. Record it!”

“What the fuck?” Jordan snorted, “You sick sadist!”

“Those chicks don’t do prom, man!” I downed my juice, “Unless it involves some Carrie pig blood shit! Or ritualistic sacrifices! And I only recorded me and Erica.” I kept that shit to myself though, then I destroyed it because even the thought of her made me cringe.

Rob chugged his milk, “Destroy the bitch.”

“That’s getting so old,” I laughed, “How many am I on now? Four?”

So, yeah we weren’t the best boyfriends or nicest guys in town, but who didn’t like a piece of ass? I was too young for this commitment bullshit.

“Weren’t you and Sapphire friends?” Jesse asked me.

I looked back at Sapphire “Spooks” Soper. We weren’t really friends. Our moms were friends until Dad won the lottery and moved us across town and then her mother went upstate to a mental hospital and Dad divorced my mom to find a trophy wife. Life was chaos.

“Nah,” I shook my head, “You can’t count kid shit, man.”


“Come on, stupid lock!”

Once again, I’d been blessed with a bottom locker and once again, the lock sucked ass.

Graduation was closing in and so was prom and I didn’t give a fuck about prom. I wanted to graduate and move on with my life if I could.

I could hear a familiar voice a few lockers down from mine. Blaze, stalking another hot chick.

God damn him and his womanizing ways. His dark brown hair was shaggy that day due to his advanced knowledge that he could be totally bald and still be hot as hell. He probably didn’t even bother running a comb through it. He’d wear a brown paper sack and chicks would cum all over themselves for him.

Then there was me. Sure, he was good looking, but I knew more about him than anyone and he’d seemed to have forgotten all about that. We’d been friends so long ago.

Suddenly, my head was clonked by someone’s lock..

“Ouch!” I raised my hands to my forehead where the lock had landed while the person above me apologized profusely for the accident.

I heard Blaze chuckle, ushering the girl away.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, massaging my forehead.

He knelt down beside me, “Got your head in the clouds, Sapphire?”


“Admit it. You were checking me out.”

I laughed, nervously, “I guess I’d have to have multiple head injuries to check you out. You’re not worth my time, Baxter.” I finally got my locker open, shoving my books inside.

He stood up and was hovering over me. I felt so small compared to him. My God what a Zeus. I trembled but I wasn’t sure if it was from excitement or terror. I vaguely remembered us being the same height at one time and now, here he was, towering over me.

The tardy bell rang for class and I cursed.

“What are you on about?” He tilted his head to the side, “We’re seniors. We’re not going to get in trouble for being late.”

His chocolate orbs burned into my blue eyes as if he could see through my soul. He gently pushed me back against the lockers, placing a hand on either side of my head on the lockers.

I huffed, frustrated that he was talking to me in the first place, and that I’d be late, “Bye, Blaze.”

He caught my arm, pressing me up against the lockers again,“Come on, Sapphire. Hang out with me.”

He eyed me curiously and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Jordan and Jesse lingering, “We could go somewhere quiet.”

Suddenly, someone cleared their throat. It was the assistant principal, Mr. Layton.

“Shouldn’t you all be in class?” He tapped his watch. Jordan and Jesse had bolted in the opposite direction and I slithered out of Blaze’s grip.

He couldn’t be touched though and he knew it. Layton may have gotten me out of that, but he couldn’t tell Blaze Baxter what to do. I didn’t stick around to find out what happened tho.

Blaze was right though. I wasn’t even reprimanded when I got to class.


“Ditching again?“Jordan asked me already knowing the answer.

I lit up a cigarette as I walked to my car in the back lot of our school, “Bro, I don’t give a fuck about this place. Besides, I’m going to that party over on Hillside tomorrow night. You’d better be there.” I pointed to him as he continued walking with me.

“Shit! I forgot all about it!” He frowned, “I’m grounded from using the car. Come pick me up.”

We made it to my Impala, “How the fuck can you get grounded from your own car? You’re 18!”

I got inside before he could answer. He got into the passenger’s side as I started the car, music blaring. Jordan didn’t care. He produced a blunt from his pocket.

“Yes?” He winked at me.

“You know me so well,” I laughed as he lit the blunt

“I gotta get through this fucking math class without ripping my face off,” he said between tokes, “And my dad makes the car payments so I can’t fuck up, but apparently not taking my bitch stepsister to get her hair done is my downfall.”

“You got screwed because you didn’t take Jackie to get her hair done? Man, your dad is whipped! Your stepmom’s hot, though. I’d hit that,” I told him taking my turn to smoke, “You’ll be so mad if Jackie looks like her when she’s older!”

“Fat chance! Bitch looks just like her lumberjack dad!”

I choked so hard, laughing uncontrollably.

“Oh hey hey look! Creeper!” He pointed passed my face, almost hitting me. I pushed him away and caught sight of Sapphire.

“So?” I passed the blunt back.

“Go try to pick her up,” he prodded, “Tell her about the party at Franky’s tomorrow night.”


“I want to see her naked,” he grunted, “It’s always those weirdo bitches who look the best. They just cover it up!” He took the last drag of the small blunt, putting the rest out in my ashtray.

“You need help, Jordan,” I laughed, “Get to class so I can get the hell outta here. I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

“Peace!“He gave me a high five and exited the car. I pulled out and onto the main road, catching sight of Sapphire. She was walking with her head down. Typical.

I revved up the engine, creeping alongside her.


She turned to look at me, but picked up her pace when she realized it was indeed, me.


Oh God. What the hell did he want?

He kept calling at me from the open passenger window and I kept ignoring him. He eventually got angry and laid down on the horn until I stopped .

“Can I help you?” I asked, glaring at him.

He smiled at me, “Need a ride?”

“You checking me out?” I taunted, “No thanks!” I waved him on, but he kept slithering along beside me.

“There’s a party tomorrow night at Franky’s!” He was saying. I knew about the party. I didn’t give a shit about the party, “You should come! Bring your friends!”

I wasn’t going to be tricked into some hazing, teasing bullshit so I just gave him a thumbs up.

“Well, see ya around, Spooks!” He peeled out, burning rubber.

I saw my ride coming down the road in the opposite direction, swerving. Dad was drunk again and driving.

I guess Blaze noticed it, too because he lingered at the stop sign. I could smell the weed from his car so no matter who I got a ride from, I’d be praying for my life.

“Get in, Sapph!” My father yelled at me as if I wasn’t already crossing the street, “Who were you talking to?”

“Just a classmate,” I answered him.

“A whore just like your mother,” he slurred.

I wasn’t hurt by his words. My sisters and I had heard worse from him most of our lives.

“Yes, Dad,” I shouldn’t have replied at all, but the sting from his backhand sent a shock wave through my body.

“Let me out!” I demanded.

He sped up, running the next stop sign. Good, because there was a cop. My father was a drunken, abusive dumb ass.

And what’s this? I held my cheek, looking out the window as that damn Impala drove by. I locked eyes with him, still holding my face.

Was that concern or curiosity? It didn’t matter. The whole school knew about my family.


Jesus Christ! Did she just get slapped in the face? For what?

I slowed down a little as the cop pulled them over. Who is the old man? Probably her dad. Oh great, looks like he’s going downtown. Welp, at least she can drive. I remembered her being there at the DMV the day I took my test.

I had pulled in to a nearby parking lot to observe this arrest. Better than prime time! He looked familiar to me but thank fuck she didn’t look like him. Jesus, he looked rough.

She caught me though. I could tell she was embarrassed, but she didn’t break her gaze. That was interesting. Most girls evaded my eyes if they were nervous or embarrassed and the ones who were heavily slutty batted their eyelashes at me as if they were twitching in Morse code.

I wouldn’t have said I had an ego if I hadn’t been given one, but I was no fucking angel. I didn’t know how to be good. I guess it turned me on, but who knows? Everyone’s got skeletons in their closet. Too bad this bitch has a dad who’s dancing in the streets with his.

Sapphire was associated with my little sister, Star. They were actually working on their senor project together. Yes, my little sister who was in the same grade as me because my birthday landed in October and she’d skipped a grade. Shit, I didn’t give a fuck about that either as long as I passed with a forgivable grade.

I kinda hoped she was at that party now.


Heavenly hash, why was he still staring at us? There was absolutely no discretion in his actions. The buffoon had made a hard U-turn just to watch my dad get arrested. Classy.

Well, I guess it was classier than my situation. My dad didn’t even apologize to me when he handed me the keys

“Don’t fuck up my car!” He’d sputtered before being handcuffed and pushed into the squad car.

I felt defeated, but I could not WOULD not show that to Blaze Baxter! I turned up my nose and drove off. When I got around the corner, my tears flowed like waterfalls.


I’m sure she didn’t tell them he’d assaulted her. I’d seen it but of course it wasn’t my place. Or was it?

Eh, not my problem. I had to see that bitch too many times the last few weeks and all because my sister Star wanted to have a new best friend.

I did know that Sapphire had seen our brother, Fox, the last few months. I never wanted to acknowledge that she was around him because I had to acknowledge that my big brother, the man I looked up to for so long was a junkie and a pimp. And not even a good pimp, like a small time hustler. She was associated with him because she cared about him. More than I could say about my father. I didn’t tell anyone about the time I found Spooks giving my brother CPR because he’d OD’d on something or when she met me at the hospital after taking him in for a seizure or even when Fox told me that she was his angel who tried to talk him into rehab. She didn’t pry or ask me questions, but I was too embarrassed by him to even thank her.

Ever since Fox started his shit, he’d lived on the South side of town, the area where Spooks and her friends lived. It pissed me off that he’d want that over what he had here. I wanted to treat her like shit. I was being treated like shit….


When I entered the apartment, it was quiet. I found a note from my sister, Emerald, telling me she’d taken our nieces and nephews out for dinner.

I decided not to bother her with what happened with Dad. She’d find out sooner or later when he made his phone call to her. Considering how drunk he was, he’d probably sleep off the booze before getting bailed out anyway.

The apartment was small. Too small for so many people. Emerald seemed to think I needed to take care of my nieces and nephews while going to school, working and getting the hell beat out of me by my father. The kids mother, my sister Ruby, was in and out of rehab and their father was in California. He didn’t know anything that was going on and I intended to keep it that way. I couldn’t risk breaking up my family. He loved the kids, but the court had ordered him not to see them because at the same he wasn’t the best dad or person for that matter. Ruby had a good lawyer and he was served the papers while he was sitting in jail for a DUI.

My mother was upstate in a mental hospital. Life was just peachy.

I couldn’t seem to think of anything except for Blaze Baxter and that annoyed me. I’d fall down at his feet if given the chance, but then I loathed myself and my hormones for that.

I washed up a few dishes and got the kids clothes out for bed. Emerald came through the door in a rage. She’d no kids with her.

“Dad’s in jail! I dropped the kids off at Opal’s!” She called to me as I emerged from the back bedrooms. Opal was our eldest sister.

“I know he’s in jail,” She saw the bruise on my face and her expression softened.

“I am not bailing him out until tomorrow,” She told me, “I’ll grab some stuff for the kids and make Opal take them for the weekend. She can take them to school and daycare on Monday. You have a life so live it.”

I sighed. I was trying to.

“How was school?” She asked, grabbing a soda from the fridge.

“It was boring. There’s a party tomorrow at Hillside.”

“Hillside? Were you invited?”

“Sort of...”

“You should go!”


My phone went off. A text message from Blaze’s sister, Star. She was also inviting me to the party. Hell, at least I’d have a reason to go besides HIM.

“I’ll go with you. I know college kids will be there,” Emerald’s eyes danced. She was only a few years older than me.

The best thing about it was Star’s invite. It made me look less desperate. For some reason, Blaze Baxter had a strange hold over me and that was startling.


“Can I catch a ride with you to Franky’s party?” Star was asking me as I emerged from the shower. Fucking little sisters. She had a car, but she didn’t like to drive. Who doesn’t like to have that freedom?

“No,” I didn’t bother drying my hair so I shook the wetness off onto her. She scoffed and pushed me away, “Watch it, Star.”

“Come on, Blaze!” She followed me into my room, still pouting.

“I have to pick up Jordan,” I told her, laying on my bed, hands behind my head, “Can’t you get someone else?”

“No and I asked Sapphire to meet me there,” she twirled her hair like she always did to get people to do something for her.

“Sapphire?” I rubbed my chin, “Why?”

“I like her,” she told me, honestly, “I think y’all are dicks to her.”

“She can hold her own,” I told her, lighting up a smoke, “Fine. I’ll take you.Now get out.”

She thanked me but slammed my door as hard as she could behind her.

Star was doing my dirty work for me and didn’t even know it.

I would soon have Spooks Soper eating out of my hands and doing whatever I told her to do and then?

Well, I’d destroy her.

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