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Snatches of Time vi- (thunderous)

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Snatches of Time (THUNDEROUS), is about the victim of a crime lord who has suppressed the memories that made her who she is now, thanks in part to her thoughtful superior. But not every lost memory stays in the past, does it…

Erotica / Action
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1.1 Thunderous

He was timid toward me at first, thinking of troubles past, or maybe afraid to take another step into anyone’s arms.

I’d call it wary, but it was more like dipping your toe repeatedly in the water to make sure it hadn’t changed temperature, and not at all like he was worried of anything I’d do. I could never blame him.

Trust was hard thing to come by, in our business.

And so I gave him the smiles of a loyal friend, and showered him with kind words he had never had the pleasure of hearing, drawing out the ancient sounds in his name which he’d later call a melody.

Joaquin. “Key” because he just had a way with doors.

I passed the time shooting the shit with him and his crew, and wiping down surfaces out of nervous habit when alone. I was simply Maria, and it was fine by me. I cleaned and did my share of the rest of the chores, and no one paid me any mind unless they wanted their appendage gone. The hell if I let them touch me.

But it was more difficult than I realized, this holding back business. To actually want to touch someone else and not be able to do so. But if everyone else could do it, so could I.

I’d run to the store, to the park, trying to get away from my thoughts, only to find myself staring at whatever door was ours for the time. Every time I saw him, my hands tried to wander away from me. And every time they were halfway to sample of his textures, I’d draw them back, scolding myself for feeling anything at all. I was a nobody. A captured stranger in this land, to boot, assigned to his side for fear I’d escape anyone else.

Someone expendable, but useful alive.

He had implied no better, though he’d been adopted long before he knew me, and it was easy company from then on. There was always another someone around, a party to be had, and it was just as well. Less distractions. I’d rather have that, than nothing all over again.

A cool touch of fingers on my shoulder brought me back to the penthouse pool. He quickly removed them, but the imprints remained in my mind.

I had stared off again, a growing habit. He decided to push his luck with this suite, seeing as how we helped switch over its ownership, and I just felt so free to stare into the stars up here. Tonight, he’d arranged to finally be alone, under the excuse that we’d clean and sweep. Which, we had. He wasn’t in the habit of lying.

“You a'ight?” The tilt in his head was barely there, but his eyes were concerned.

“Just thinking,” I shrugged it off.

Ripple waves bounced my breasts up and down as I kicked off into a backstroke. The way he stared gave me nice a head start.

He quickly looked away, trying to out-swim me.

Pfft. Amateur.

We circled the area like we were possessed, passing each other up until his back protested. A couple mistakes had been made, but hey, he was alive.

I circled back as he groaned at the stars, pushing him towards the edge. Once he was able to sit, I helped loosen his back.

The whole time, I felt my face burn. I didn’t touch people.

But my hands had gone to do what I’d do for my own legs sometimes, and every push of muscle had me almost closing my eyes as my hard nipples sent painful prickles across my skin.

What had I done to myself, now?

But he didn’t complain, in fact he helped me by quietly stretching it out. I bit my lip and focused on breathing.

By the time he could stretch on his own, I had made up some excuse about grabbing the ointment, and fled indoors.

I rubbed my nipples though my wet swimsuit to try to ease the pain, and was almost to a point where I could stop, when I heard the door slide open.

I whirled around without thinking, all guilty and shit.

His eyes went to my hands, then my face which I’m sure was all kinds of red, but he’d walked in, and I didn’t stop, only slowed down. I bit my lip again, unsure if I could rub this one away.

“Um…” he started, lowering the towel for his hair when I made circles around them. Water dripped down between them.

“You’re rubbing your tits now… For me? Or… Are you cold?”

Great idea! “Both…?”

He took in a breath, nodding decisively before eating up the distance between us. “I can help with that.”

It was one thing to know he’d go through with his word, and an entirely different feeling to actually see him stalking up. I could hardly breathe, just so I wouldn’t do something to fuck it up.

He draped the towel over my still-dripping hair and I reflexively moved to squeeze dry.

An involuntary sound broke out of my mouth as his palms finally swept down to rub my chest, and I leaned into it, eyes closing with a more conscious hum.

Then he covered one nub with his hot mouth through the material and my eyes popped open. My insides jerked with a soft gasp from my lips.

My hands slicked his hair out of his face as he teased my sensitive nubs back and forth over the bikini with soft little hums of enjoyment. Like he’d been waiting to do it, but didn’t want me to know.

The towel tumbled to my feet when he pushed aside the barrier between our skins. Framing my goosebumped weights of flesh with a sliding finger on each side. Enjoying the reveal.

Then he lowered his head once more.

My sex fluttered with each swipe and pull of his tongue, first one then the other, then he rolled my breasts so he could tease them both, and I could only take so much lip and tooth and tongue before I yanked his mouth up to mine.

“Key… I want you...” I whispered between kisses.

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