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A nobleman's affair: Curiosity kill's the cat.

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Carran was the second son of a very influential noble family. He was both loved and envied by all genders for his explicit beauty and his exceptional talent and skills. But he was a very curious lad. He wanted to try everything that attracted his curious mind. And in one of his actions, he crossed a line that he shouldn't have done. Now, a few years later, this haunted him. He wanted to forget everything and lived as if it was all water under the bridge. But the past reappeared, and the more he avoided his past, the more it became complicated. Can he face the pros and cons of his past self, if his past comes back to bite him back deeper than before?

Erotica / Fantasy
Veronica Spencer
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Runner


Just keep running.

Don’t stop running!

Those words haunted Carran every time he closed his eyes. He would find himself tearing up and drenched in a cold sweat whenever he would dream about his regrets.

He felt a quiet and unpleasant feeling when he tried to close his eyes again. Whenever Carran would remember “that” tragic day, those nightmares wouldn’t let him have a good night’s rest.

He would toss and turn in his sleep, and he would sometimes feel that his bed was empty, as if he was never there.

“Are you having trouble sleeping again?”

A sudden familiar tone pierces Carran’s eardrums and reverberates throughout Carran’s body. He turned his head and saw the silhouette of another person beside him. His body was half-covered by a quilt and his upper body was naked.

The person beside him was still half dazed as he was awoken by Carran’s movements. He was rubbing his eyes when Carran jolted out of bed. Altos V’lomier was dumbfounded at Carran’s actions towards him. He tried to reach for Carran’s hand, but Carran swatted his hand away and said “Who gave you permission to sleep on my bed?”

Altos was speechless; this was not what he was expecting from Carran. Although this really made Altos upset, he didn’t show it on his face. Instead, he casually smiled at Carran and said,” Do I need anyone’s permission to sleep with you?...you were the one who begged me, no?”

Carran’s facial expression turned indifferent while rubbing his temple. He opened one of the lamp lights near him. Altos could clearly see Carran’s naked physique.

Carran’s body was well toned, and one could see that he trained his body a lot. to the point where all of his scars from his training and fights could be seen.

Carran didn’t say a word to Altos and just sat on the edge of the bed while trying to remember what happened at the banquet. He could barely remember bits or pieces of what transpired before he blacked out.

Carran was sure that he was talking to someone before he lost consciousness. But he couldn’t see that person’s face, or to be precise, his face was blurred out, and why did he seek Altos V’lomier of all people?

Despite Carran’s rough appearance, he was a gentleman who abode by the law. He was respected in both the military and in politics. He was the second son of the very influential Archduke Wrighthart, the only nephew of the Premevia Emperor. Carran was favored by his uncle and loved by many for his exceptional talent for strategic planning and his undying loyalty to his nation.

Everyone admires Carran’s beauty, and he was one of the sought-after husbands of noble families. Every noblewoman would grab all the opportunities to get acquainted with him.

But what made him more exceptional was his talent for attracting not just the opposite sex but the same sex as well. Everyone is on edge about whether he would choose a woman or a man to be his lover.

He wasn’t open about his sexuality either. He didn’t hide this either. Rather than be closed-minded, he would just be frivolous about it and be proud of it.

This was his greatest flaw and weakness. But whether he liked men or women, it didn’t hinder his judgment and his royal duties.

That is why he was still questioning himself---why, of all people, would he seek Altos V’lomier? the very person he despised the most.

Even though this wasn’t Carran’s first time sleeping with Altos, he still hates the idea of him sleeping with this person. For Carran, he was just a liability that he couldn’t afford. After all, Altos was his maternal cousin.

And Altos was the heir to the house V’lomier, one of Wrighthart’s most trusted vessels. This was one of the reasons why he was close to Altos in the first place. At a young age, Carran was explicitly curious about his identity, and he was most fascinated by one’s reproductive system.

For a child of his age, he was curious about all things; how the world revolves, and how things are created, especially how two people reproduce. This made him more curious and, at the same time, he wanted to test this new sensation.

Although they were both males, Carran experimented with Altos. This led to a more sensual and intimate relationship between them.

After tasting each other’s sweet honey, Carran understood that it was quite addictive and didn’t wish to go any further than what they did.

So he told Altos to forget everything they did and move on. But Altos was different. He loved what they did and didn’t want to end things with Carran. For Altos, Carran was like a drug that he couldn’t stop. This was the cause of their falling out with each other.

Soon, Carran was admitted to the royal academy of Luxian. He wanted to get away from Altos, so he decided to study in a foreign country away from him.

Altos was brokenhearted about his decision, and soon he left Premevia as well, to forget him.

Even though they were far apart, Altos V’lomier still keeps tabs on Carran’s life. He would often send his henchmen to survey Carran, and they would report his whereabouts and his daily life to him.

Without knowing about Alto’s schemes, Carran lives his life in solace and comfort within the walls of the academy.

To Altos, this was the only way he could be with his dearest Carran. Even if Carran would hate him, it wouldn’t matter as long as he could be with Carran.

While Carran was still in a state of confusion, Altos wrapped his thin arms around Carran’s waistline. and caressed his bareback. He pouted behind Carran’s back and said, “Do you hate me that much, that you keep sulking?”

His words sent chills down Carran’s spine. He didn’t want this to continue, but how could he fix what was already broken? Between them.

In the first place, he was the one who crossed the line, so he can’t blame Altos all the time. Carran always knows Altos as a sly fox, but he doesn’t have the heart to actually disregard Altos.

Carran tried to shake him off of him. He was a little tad stronger for someone who had been meek all his life. “What do you think?” Carran said.

Altos pressed himself against Carran’s back even more. He wanted to smell his scent more. He didn’t say anything to Carran. It was quite awkward.

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