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"Doll, you will be tired if you play with us like this", the elder tells worried. "he is right, you can't play with both teams the same time", younger twin tells glancing at his brother. "No, I can and I will play with both of you", the little girl declares with a huge tired grin on her face making their heart swoon. But she never knew that she will regret saying it when she grow up into a beautiful woman

Erotica / Romance
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Marco and Mario were excited, excited that their mother gave them few euro's so that they could be able to buy Ice cream which they wanted to eat so badly. They have seen kids eating it with their parents near park usually and whenever they asked their mother said that it’s not good for their health and they can’t eat it because if they get sick they have to eat medicines, which marco didn’t like at all.

Being thirteen years the twins knew that their financial status is not as good as it used to be once and they never complained their mother by demanding for more.

“Marco, after eating ice cream let’s play in the park with others, it’s always us, am bored”, whines Mario making Marco nod his head as excited as his brother.

“Come on, madre wants us home after an hour, lets hurry up”, Mario tells pulling his brother towards the ice cream stall in front of the park.

“Two Ice creams please”, Marco requests happily giving the seller two euros.

The seller looks at him then the cash he placed on the counter Judgementally.

“did you steal this money from somewhere?”, the seller asks suspiciously seeing their dirty clothes which weren’t washed for days.

“no we did not steal sir our mother gave us this”, Mario tells smiling at the seller proudly.

The seller rolls his eyes at them as he asks them again, “which flavour?”.

Twins looks confused and glance at each other before questioning the seller.

“what do you mean by flavour?”, the seller huffs annoyed and looks behind the twins as he see a long line forming he gets angry on them.

“here, you both beggars don’t even know flavour and came to buy ice creams”, the seller scoffs as he gives them dirty looks before shoving a single cup with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

“But…but sir we asked for two”, innocent Mario asks the seller as Marco kept his head down offended because the seller called them beggars.

They never begged in their life for anything. They slept with empty stomach but never complained. Just because they are poor people can’t call them beggars, Marco thought while looking at his worn out shoes from which his toes are peeking.

“That’s what you get in two fucking euros now fuck off you piece of shit”, the seller yells at them making the brothers flinch.

“it’s okay brother, we can share”, Marco whispers to his brother pulling him far from the line.

They both were walking in the park to find a empty bench to eat their ice cream peacefully. Marco kicks the stones in his way walking with his head down as be complains to his brother.

“I didn’t like how he spoke”, he tells making Mario smile at him sadly.

“don’t feel bad Marco, didn’t you see how long was the line, he was busy so he got mad”, the elder twin calms his brother down.

As he was walking while seeing Marco he didn’t see a girl in his way and ran into her making ice cream fall all over her frock.

“oh my god!”, the girl's eyes widened in horror seeing the ice cream fall on her cream frock.

Twins were as horrified as her, not because their ice cream fell but because the frock seemed costly that they can’t even imagine it’s price. If the girl asks for compensation they won’t be able to pay it back.

“Am sorry, I didn’t see”, Mario tells quickly.

“We are sorry, we can clean it for you”, Marco tells panicked.

The girl who is one or two years younger than the twins glares at them and calls for her elder brother.

“look, Elijah, what these two idiots did”, she complains to her brother.

Elijah who is more taller and built up than twins looks deadly mad and shoves Mario back making him hit the ground.

“Mario!”, Marco gasps as he tries to lift his brother from the ground.

“We said sorry”, Marco screams at Elijah who kicks him in stomach making him cry in pain.

“do you even know how costly that dress was?”, Elijah scoffs as he kicks Mario who tried to cover his younger brother.

“please we said sorry”, Mario cries as he groans in pain.

“How would you even know you piece of shit”, Elijah laughs at them spitting at them before taking his sister's hand.

“Come one Anna, let’s go from here”, Elijah tells dragging a smirking anna from there who mumbles “filthy beggars”, enough loud for twins to hear and leave from their so that they could play with their friends.

“Marco, get up brother”, Mario tells pulling him so that he can stand on his legs.

“Why do every one call us beggars?”, Marco cries holding Mario tightly.

“don’t cry Marco, it was my fault though”, Mario tells softly wiping his own tears after wiping his brother’s.

“why did you step in between when you know you would get hurt?”, Mario scolds his brother.

“Nothing hurts me more than seeing you get hurt”, Marco tells looking down making Mario smile.

Mario locks his twin's head in his arm playfully walking towards the empty bench making him laugh.

A/N: so how was the first chapter?
My poor babies didn't get to taste ice cream 🥺 don't worry I will make it worth, you will taste the better ice cream from the best.

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