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I left Oprah High for my safety and joined Alchemist thinking that I could have a fresh new start only for my past to haunt me. I shouldn’t have killed her. My best friend who changed to become my enemy. She was his sister and he attends my new school. His touch can break me, his words can kill me and one look can wound me. He’s the one with all of the cards and I’m playing his game following his rules. My grandfather sat down with me when I was a teenager. “Ness, you will grow up to be a young woman with the determination to succeed,” he told me. I didnt understand what he meant by that statement until I crossed paths with a skilful, dangerous and very persistent assassin who wanted to kill me. Vixen. I made a plan. To become one myself and try to take him down but my plan didn’t go the way that I wanted it to. No, it fell a part along with my hidden location and reputation. The assassin became my protector, planner, secret and most importantly, my keeper.

Erotica / Romance
Ivy White
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I want to welcome you to my latest story. I will be spending all of my time focusing on this one book until it's completed.

Prologue – 5 years earlier


“You know, I shouldn’t be riding son, but I can’t watch you speed off out of town again. Your mother is losing her god damn mind.”

My dad. The man who just about managed to keep the Lunatics together until he fell off his bike and snapped his leg. There was that much damage, he needed to get a cage surgically screwed into his leg. He’s right, he shouldn’t be riding but he wants me to stay around town. This place doesn’t feel like home to me anymore which is why I want to go. As you can tell, he’s not happy with my choices, being a lucrative lunatic himself, a reckless bastard with no fears to drag him down. He’s careless and my mum cannot stand the fact that I’ve followed in his footsteps. For ten years my dad has been a Road gunner, not the same term used by other motorcycle clubs across the world, my dad is the man who gets the final say in all that goes on with my brothers. They aren’t my blood brothers but they are my friends who I class as brothers. They will always have my back, family not so much. I can’t remember the last time that I spoke to my cousins who moved to Australia. Packing their bags, they left us all behind and yes granted I am doing what they did, but I will always return to see my sister, mum and dad. Always.

“That’s mum for ya’. Listen dad, I have to do this. I hate it here.” I shake my head.

“Champ, I didn’t want you to lead a life like this. Fair enough, it doesn’t feel like home but running off with those bunny boys will only land you in a whole world full of trouble. You nearly died last year when you collided with that truck in Texas, then you told me that you were shot at by a rival gang. You couldn’t even tell me who they were so how are you supposed to know who you’re running from when shit hits the fan?”

He stares off in the distance not paying much attention to his surroundings. The roads are empty but the tarmac that we cruise down is twisty and unpredictable, filled with potholes that could throw any man over the handle bars of his bike.

Pinching the bridge of my nose, my elbows steering my bike from left to right, I sigh.

“I’m still alive, aren’t I? My life isn’t here anymore. I’m not the same kid I was a year back. I’m more alert than ever before and I know how to use a gun. You need to trust that I will come back in one piece.”

My dad grumbles shaking his head from side to side. He seems to think that I have enemies around every street corner. I don’t. I relax back with my feet up talking to the boys outside my caravan in Newton. What’s the issue? I have my own home that sits in the middle of nowhere. I don’t like people or neighbours. Still, he refuses to let me live my life the way that I want to and the way that I see my life in a year’s time is nowhere near what it is now. I’m not the same as my uncles or my little sister. They love to live a life where they feel comfortable. I want freedom with a life fuelled by adrenaline.

“When should I expect to see you next my boy? Your unpredictable.” My dad gives me a side eye and I shrug my shoulders. Smirking, I look off in the distance.

“Always.” Laughing, I wink and pull back the right handle bar throttling my bike forwards and speeding off. My dad shakes his head and I glance over my shoulder flying down the freeway.

He should expect me always. Waving my hand in the air, I chuckle. I know that he will be mumbling underneath his breath but I’m going off to be a man who follows freedom. Not sorry but I can’t be who he wants for me to be. He shouts behind me bringing his bike to a stop. I keep on going.

“One day soon we will be united.”

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