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In a future where hookers are legal, with corporate sponsors: a plague is released- that turns the infected into sexual zombies. Can Bonnie and her friends find a cure before the world succumbs?

Erotica / Horror
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Y Things Are

When Bonnie was a kid she loved Halloween as much as any other kid. As a teen she was stuck escorting the younger children of the family, while her parents stayed home, claiming they had done their turn. When she hit the age that others started attending drunken parties filled with skimpy outfits she chose to stay home and hand out candy instead. She liked watching all the kids’ beaming with their excited faces, and calling out the costumes.

This year however her cousin’s boss had asked her to be an extra bouncer at his club. He carefully explained, “The crazies like to come out on Halloween, like being in a costume keeps them from getting into trouble for their actions.” He actually smiled and nudged her shoulder with his fist while adding, “It’s nothing a tough gal like you can’t handle. Besides last year I hired a guy to guard the dressing room, he took a few bribes, and the girls were not happy with the results. They trust you, and insist that if I’m going be open for Halloween I’ve got to secure your employment.”

Bonnie had debated making him pay triple the usual pay, but decided time and a half would be enough compensation. She’d ended up posing as a bouncer in the past, at closing time, when he was short hands and one of the girls needed walking to the car. They liked that her size and demeanor caused others to think that she is a guy, and they never have to worry about her hitting on them, because she is straight. Besides, she figured; at least if she’s officially working for him she’ll get paid for her time.

Kevin was quick to agree that she wouldn’t have to wear a revealing costume, since showing off her body wouldn’t be part of the job. All in all how could she refuse?

This is why Bonnie is driving her scooter down the street, while dressed like a vampire, and thinking about her cousin Beth.

Bonnie and Beth couldn’t be more opposite if they tried. Beth is barely five feet tall, while Bonnie is just shy of six feet tall. If you really knew Bonnie you would describe her as laid back, Beth on the other hand is more likely to be called feisty. Beth is always looking for a fight; meanwhile Bonnie tends to look for other solutions, before resorting to violence. However she firmly believes there is a time and place for physical defense, or attack if the situation calls for it. Bonnie can best be described as having a football players build, and has been mistaken for a man on more than one occasion. Beth is barely more than skin and bones with a decent rack, and long hair.

Other than gender and bloodline the women only have three things in common: they both have blue eyes, golden brown hair, and are constantly carded for looking younger than they are.( Beth thinks it’s funny while Bonnie finds it irritating.)

Bonnie is seven months older than Beth. Whether this closeness in age is what caused these two different people to be close friends over the years is debatable. Some say if they weren’t related they would never be friends, but regardless of why, they are extremely close.

When Bonnie found out her cousin had become a stripper, her first response was not joy. After some soul searching she decided that as long as her cousin was happy, and not messing her life up with drugs, she should support her.

As Bonnie drives past a well-known “working woman’s” corner she observes the interesting neon green makeup the three ladies are wearing. It kind of looks like a cross between spider webs and lightning bolts everywhere the eye can see. (Which is plenty on these ladies)

She chuckles quietly to herself, thinking of all the women out there tonight, dressed like hookers, who will probably end up giving it away for free instead. Then a strange thought occurred to her. Why would three very differently shaped women, with different costumes on, be wearing such similar makeup underneath? That’s an odd thing to do when you want to stand out from each other. After all that’s why companies tried to have a variety available at their corners. She mentally shook her head at the strangeness as she turned the corner and drove down the block to the Legs and Thangs Strip Club.

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