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Swinger's Cruise

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Sister and brother pretend to be married in order to join a couples only sex cruise. Join in the excitement of their weeklong fuck fest.

Erotica / Romance
marsha rice
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Sean was laying on his bed immersed in his video game when Caitlin burst into his room.

“So, Sean, favorite brother of mine, how’d you like to get laid?”

Sean briefly looked at her out the corner of his eye and turned his attention back to the game. “What’s wrong with you? Get out.”

“Just listen for a minute, would ya?” she pleaded.

Sean set his controller down and snapped, “I wouldn’t touch you if you were the last female on the planet. Even the thought of having sex with you makes me want to puke my guts out.”

“Yeah, well don’t worry, I wouldn’t let you either. You’re sick, you know that? I’m talking about a swinger’s cruise.”

“What the hell?”

“Look. Read this.” Caitlin handed Sean a copy of the USA Today article Swingers Set Sail on Cruises for Fantastic Voyages. “It’s all about nonmonogamous people on a cruise together, who exchange partners for fun and games. They have playrooms, clothing optional areas, almost anything goes. They might even have orgies.”

“But it says here it’s for couples only. Why you telling me?”

“That’s why I’m telling you. Look, ever since you and Siobhan broke up, all you do is sit around and play your stupid video games. Dude…you need to go out and get yourself laid.”

“Mind your own goddamn business and leave me alone.” Sean picked up his controller and went back to playing his game.

Caitlin interjected again. “You still don’t get it. You and I could go as a couple. Our last name’s the same, they’d probably just assume that we were married.”

“I am not coupling up with you, for anything.”

“You know, sometimes you can be such a dick. The whole idea is to swap partners. We, as a couple, would swap with another couple. You and I would never happen. We would of course have to share a cabin, but only to change clothes and for sleeping, if we do any. Look at it this way, everybody else on board will be there for the same reason. For every girl that you’ll be scoping out, they’ll all be looking to get lucky too. What’ya think? We could even make it a contest to see which one of us gets laid the most.”

“Not fair, all you have to do is spread your legs and you can get laid.”

“Maybe, but remember, so will all of the other girls too.”

The steward took their reservation card and read their names. “Welcome aboard Mr. and Mrs. Farrell, thank you for sailing with us. Your cabin is on the Ivory Deck, room 812. I hope you have a pleasant voyage.”

As Caitlin and Sean made their way across the concourse, Sean got all googly-eyed at the boatload of beautiful women that were already on board. Caitlin grabbed him by the arm and led him through the open doors and onto the elevator.

He leaned in and whispered in Caitlin’s ear, “Are all these people here for the same reason as us?”

“Yes,” she said, “This is an exclusive cruise, sponsored by the ‘Happy Together Society’. Every chick you see, except me of course, is a possible bedmate for you. What’ya think about that, favorite brother of mine?”

“Shit, I’m getting excited just thinking about it.”

Caitlin tapped the keycard against the door lock, and they entered their room, but before she put the card away, she tapped it against Sean’s bulging zipper, “You are a little too obvious with your excitement.”

With a blast of the ship’s horn, they headed for open waters. The captain’s voice crackled over the loudspeaker announcing the evening’s casual meet and greet in the Grand Ballroom.

Caitlin stood in front of the mirror adjusting her shimmering green top, making sure that her nipples were covered. She didn’t want to show off too much too soon, a little cleavage and side boob should be enough for now, accented by her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, and her favorite pair of cutoff jeans that showed off the bottom of her ass cheeks.

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