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Swinger's Cruise

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Caitlin and Sean, who was now more anxious than ever, were mesmerized by the grandeur of the place as they stood in line to make their name tags before entering the room.

Sean quickly slapped his label on his shirt, but Caitlin, with her spaghetti-strapped top that barely covered her boobs, couldn’t decide where to stick it.

“Put it across your chest right above your cleavage, that way when everyone checks out your tits, they’ll know who you are.”

Caitlin smiled at her brother and pressed the label over the zipper of her cut-offs. Sean just shook his head.

Upon entering the room, the two of them were soon approached by another couple. She had golden hair that hung just beyond her shoulders and was dressed in a stunning royal blue evening gown whose neckline plunged almost to her navel, exposing a massive amount of cleavage that separated what appeared to be a pair of D-cups. Her partner was a very handsome business-like gentleman in his long-sleeved white shirt and black dress pants. He was clean shaven, and his short, black as coal hair was neatly combed and shimmered under the lights. Each of them had two drinks in their hands and they both offered one of them to Caitlin and Sean.

“I think after scanning the room, that we are probably some of the youngest couples here, don’t you agree? Oh, I’m sorry please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Beth, and this is my husband, Brian.”

They exchanged handshakes, then Caitlin offered, “Hi, I’m Caitlin and this is my bro…husband, Sean, and yes, I believe you might be right.”

“Have you guys participated in one of these cruises before?” Beth asked.

Sean couldn’t take his eyes from Beth’s boobs when he said, “No, we are first timers. How about you two?”

Brian chimed in, “I think this is our third time we’ve done something like this, but it’s only our second cruise.” He in turn never took his eyes off Caitlin and her outfit, his eyes darting between her very erect nipples and her zipper adorned name tag.

“So, when does everything get started?” Sean asked.

“This is supposed to just be a mingle and introduce yourselves type of get together, but we have found that there are so many people here that if you see someone that you are interested in, you should probably take the plunge and introduce yourself, because you may not run into them again. But it’s really left up to the individuals to do whatever they want to do. Sean, you look kind of anxious,” Brian said.

“Yeah, I guess maybe.”

Caitlin cuddled into Sean’s arm and said, “The truth of the matter is that my dear, sweet Sean and I kind of challenged each other to see which one of us can hook up with the most partners by the end of the cruise.”

Beth turned and looked at Brian, who in turn whispered something in her ear, and then said, “Maybe we can help you both out.”

Caitlin said, “How’s that?”

Beth put her arm around Caitlin’s shoulder and gave her a little squeeze, causing their boobs to smush against one another, exciting both Sean and Brian.

“Well, we would love to be your first ever conquests and start your trip off right.” Then Beth turned her attention to Sean and said, “I am going to walk out into the hallway, Sean, follow me out and I guarantee you the time of your life. If you don’t want a piece of this,” she said tapping her ass, “you’ll never know what you’re missing. But there will be no hard feelings, and maybe we will run into you again.”

“Hold on,” Sean cried, “not so fast, of course I’ll come with you.”

“I thought so.”

Caitlin looked at Brian with her dazzling green eyes, “That was pretty direct.”

“Yeah, she’s like that at these conventions. She doesn’t like to waste a minute.”

“Maybe she has the right idea. Can I interest you in a little recreation?”

“Tell you what I’d really like. I think I know where she’s headed, and if I’m right, I’d really like to watch your husband fuck my wife. If you would be willing to suck on my cock while I do that…well, that would just be an awesome start to my week. What’ya say?”

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind, but I guess I’ve got to start somewhere. You lead, I’ll follow.”

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