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Snow White

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An erotic spin on the classic fairytale. Snow has no choice but to leave her castle when she finds that her mother wants to rid of her. She goes out into the woods, where she is taken in by the Seven Elves. When her Prince Charming gets a hold of her, Snow finds that things will never be the same again.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Snow White arose from the soapy water of her wooden bathtub. Warm water ran down her silky, dark brown skin. Her afro hair was wet, and beads of water dropped from her curls.

Her stepfather, the King, noticed a change in her. She was freshly 18, and has bloomed into a beautiful woman. With her bathroom door left ajar, he watched as she stepped out of the tub. Grabbing a towel, she ran it along her breasts, down her stomach, and between her legs.

His blue eyes looked hungrily at his stepdaughter. Until his wife, her mother, appeared. She walked toward him in the corridor, and he quickly made sure to shut the bathroom door. Snow White covered her breasts shyly as she heard the thud of the hard, wooden doors.

Outside, her mother approached her stepfather. “Is it my daughter you’ve found yourself looking at again?”

He tried desperately to hide the hard-on in his pants. He could hardly find the words, they both knew exactly what he was doing.

“When I married you after her father’s death, I didn’t intend for you to drool over her.” Said the Queen. Instead of being a concerned mother like one would think, her issue with the King Consort was not his spying on Snow. But his attraction to her, for the Queen felt immense jealousy knowing her husband desired her daughter.

Snow even resembled the Queen, however, she was growing into herself. And that meant only one thing; her beauty would only grow by the day. The jealous Queen ran off to her room. Inside, she shut the doors, causing a dark shadowy cast to come upon the room.

The Queen was gorgeous in her own right. Her face was beautifully symmetrical, her skin dark and luscious, and her dark eyes inviting and desirable. If Snow White was of fresh, innocence, then the Queen was the fruit of all knowing desires.

Removing her grown, she set it on the bench before her bed. Then she removed her dress, revealing her voluptuous body. As she walked, one foot went in front of the other, almost like a cat. As each foot tapped on the wooden floors, her large breasts shook with her movement, as well as her round ass.

Once in front of the mirror, she took a good look at her face. Her seductive, sleepy eyes crept down to the reflection of her breasts, and turned to look at her waist. Then she faced the mirror head on, placing her hands on her hips. “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all.”

A face appeared upon the mirror. He looked at the salacious queen. “My Queen, it is you who is the fairest of them all.”

“Why, of course.” She smiled, lightly touching her soft, afro hair.

“However, Snow White’s beauty will soon be comparable to yours.” The Mirror added.

“Comparable to mine?” The Queen hissed. “Is there such a thing?”

“It appears so, she did come from you, and you, my Queen, are the fairest of them all.” The Mirror snapped cleverly.

“I did not wish to have a daughter, only a son.” The Queen commented. “And before we could try for one, her father went and got himself killed in the war.”

“It was his King’s duty.” The Mirror pointed out. “And you have now married one of the most wealthiest of men.”

The Queen neared the Mirror. “Tell me, great mirror, does my second husband have eyes for my daughter?”

“It appears so.” The Mirror answered. “But you have nothing to worry about, so long as you do not make her seem forbidden.”

“Forbidden?” The Queen repeated. “Of course she is forbidden. She wishes to take my husband.”

“She knows nothing of taking anyone’s husband. The child is far too innocent to concern herself with such prospects. She simply has acquired beauty by chance, and now those of all sexes appear to notice.” Said the Mirror.

“I wish for her to be gone.” Said the Queen. “To rid of her. What shall I do to achieve that?”

“You are smart, but not wise. If you rid of her, you will harm yourself. But if you bless her, you will be blessed.” The Mirror answered. “But I know you have far too much hatred in your heart. You may act however you may choose, but beware of the consequences.”

“I am the Regnant of this Kingdom.” The Queen answered. “I have no consequences.”

Snow White wore a simple dress around the palace, one of browns that matched her complexion. As rid of embellishments her dress was, she still appeared to be the most beautiful girl around.

The staff of the palace always looked upon her as she passed. In her hand was her bucket, which she allowed to sway beside her. The metal creaked as she rocked it back and forth. Snow White stopped before a well, and then placed her bucket on the hook. Her dainty hands gripped the lever, and there she turned the bucket downward into the well.

She looked down into the well as she watched the bucket become engulfed by water. And as she leaned down, her dress fell, revealing her small, puffy nipple. The staff of the palace looked in awe at her, and her innocence that caused her not to notice how sexually flustered she made those around her.

And then, stood before her was no other than a Prince of the palace across the way.

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