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Snow White

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Sexual Awakening

“I believe we are to be married.” He said to the girl, startling her and causing her to step back from the well. His voice still echoed in the stone well.

“Who are you?” Snow White asked. Before her was a man she’d never seen before. He appeared to be about ten years older than her, had paler skin that she, green eyes and straight brown hair. And no matter what she did, he seemed to want to be near her.

“I am your future husband.” He smiled, stepping toward her. Snow White scurried to the other side of the well, her shock causing her to forget one of her nipples fell out of her dress.

“But I do not know of you.” She said.

“I know of you.” He stepped toward her again. “Snow White.”

“You know my name?” Her eyes lit up, maybe there was truth to his words.

“Why of course I do. I’ve always heard of you. Have they not mentioned me to you?” The Prince questioned. If anyone were to be her husband, she wished it to be him. For he was handsome, and easy to set eyes on. Before she could answer, Snow White was called by her mother.

“Snow!” Her mother called from one of the balconies of the castle. “Snow White! Come inside this instant!”

“Coming mother!” She answered, running toward her. As she ran, this time, she felt the breeze on her small breast. Quickly she covered it, then made her way inside the castle.

“Was it the Prince you were speaking to?” Asked the Queen.

“Why, yes. He claims he is to be my husband.” Snow White answered giddily, she was excited to look forward to marriage. However, the Queen was not enthused. She did not wish Snow White to marry, she did not wish for her to live at all. For if she married, she would eventually live to be the fairest of them all.

“You will not marry.” Said the Queen.

“I agree.” The King entered the room. “You shan’t marry.”

“And why do you disagree with the prospect of marriage?” Asked the Queen. The King, of course had his own reasons. Snow White had become splendidly beautiful, and he foresaw her only becoming more fair. And therefore, he figured when she was ripe, he could take Snow White as his mistress.

Of course, he did not inform the Queen of this plan, but she was onto him. The Queen was a cunning woman, and she foresaw her husband’s interest in her daughter. And so it gave her all the more reason to wish to rid of Snow White.

“You will not marry. And that is final.” The Queen told Snow White, then quickly she left the room at once. Now, all that was left in the room was The King and his stepdaughter, Snow White.

“You are beautiful, aren’t you?” He questioned. Snow White’s big brown eyes looked up at him, unaware of what he meant exactly.

“Thank you.” She answered as the King neared her. He placed a hand on her cheek and kissed her forehead, then her nose. He lingered before her lips, and for once in her life, Snow White felt something. She desired the touch of a man, the touch of the King. And so she kissed him.

They kissed deeply, and suddenly the King pushed Snow White against a credenza. Clumsily, she opened her legs under her dress and allowed him to stand in between them, she wished nothing more but to grind herself against him. However, she couldn’t have imagined what would happen next.

Meanwhile, the Queen went downstairs to figure how she was going to rid of Snow White. She looked to her rope, and then claimed it would be far too hard to get her hung. She looked to her poison, but she would be far too beautiful in her casket. So she settled on her dagger, where she could cause the most damage.

Upstairs, Snow White enjoyed kissing her stepfather. However, when he revealed to her his hard erection, it startled her. She had yet to see anything such as that, especially at that size. After letting out a scream, she left the room.

Meanwhile, the Queen began making her way up the spiraling castle stairs in the hopes of finishing off the girl.

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