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By heart_reveals All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance


She was a proud nymphomaniac who loved to challenge herself in every way possible so this is how she ended up experiencing a night of ecstasy, amusement, a lot of teasing and pleasure by scoring as many guys as she could in one night.


Lust and Love

They shared one letter out of four but people repeatedly confused them with each other. It was quite simple and bare to be honest.

One is defined as strong sexual desire and the other leaned more towards a strong feeling of affection, when thoughts immersed you into doing things that you would never do for a particular someone because it makes their lips curve up into a breath-taking smile.

She knew she liked sex, preferred the feeling of desire washing over her as she intently gazed at her next victim, dark, sultry eyes clashing with hers as she could feel herself dampen with desire, her inner beast rattling around inside its cage, warning to release her or there would be consequences, pupils dilating and hands curled into tight fists.

She thrived on entering her own little paradise, head thrown back with little care, eyes squeezed shut as her fingernails bit crescent moon shapes on his taunt back muscles, her back arching with pleasure as she reached her peak for a couple of seconds before everything crashed back alive.

She was more than happy to admit that she was a proud nymphomaniac who lived on her sexual desires, never one to be afraid to admit the her urges that often took over over her body, always brushed off nasty glares directed at her way when people found out her little secret and instead suited her attention on how to land the next guy who was momentarily going to complete her.

Her sexual life was no-one’s business but hers so why should she allow other people -- mere strangers have the power to make her feel like scum, like she was not even worth the dirt on the heel of someone’s shoe? Who were passers-by to decide they were going to input their unwanted opinion just because they though they had freedom of speech and believed she was on the wrong path?

Like she said, they were no-one. No-one and nothing to her so she resolved herself to nudge her head in defiance and hold their gazes as they stared on because if people weren’t going to stand up for themselves and what they decide to spend their free time then how were people’s perceptions going to change?

She was going to stand her ground and set an example.

In the words of Mohammed Ali, ‘I hated every minute of training, but I said, “suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.“’

She hated the stares, the whispering behind her back, the dirty looks given in her direction but she was going to be strong, fierce and stand up for herself and every woman out there because even though she despised the glares she was given, she wasn’t going to back down because she could almost sniff the sweet smell of victory of the day people would applaud her for believing in herself and her rights.

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