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Deliberation - The Henderson's Children - Book 2

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I'm the wild child, the boundary pusher... the one that doesn't belong. I have a family as big as a football team, but I'm the only one that holds no genetic value. Life is hard when you constantly wait for the day that the people you love finally disown you. And I think that day might be coming because I'm Pregnant, despite using protection to prevent it. Now I don't know what to do, because despite myself I'm falling in love with someone I haven't even met yet... Deliberstion is a related content book for my series - The Discovering Us Series. This consists of : Violet, Redemption, Perseverance Beatitude, Perpetuity. There is another related content book set before Deliberation called My Forbidden Love which should be read before Deliberation. My Forbidden Love and Deliberation are two parts of a duet.

Erotica / Romance
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Deliberation is the second book in The Henderson's Children which is the third sequel to The Discovering Us Series.

I strongly recommend reading the bonus christmas book between Delieration and Introspection.

The Henderson's Children is a series in its own right but follows along the children of the Henderson's who have their own series called The Discovering Us Series which can be read before The Hendeson's Children.

The Discovering Us Series comprises five main content books and a follow-on duet.

The series follows Violet’s journey through abduction, abuse and the after-effects that such turmoil can cause and falling in love unconventionally.

There are strong trigger warnings due to the depictions of abuse, rape, pregnancy loss and miscarriage.

This book also contains scenes similar to the nature of consensual BDSM-style sex. It outlines a polyamorous relationship between the main characters.

Please consider the trigger warnings before reading the series. Please note that the book is merely fiction; as such, not all scenarios are true to what would happen in the real world.

The Discovering Us Series compromises of and should be read as follows:





And Perpetuity.

After the main content books, there is a follow-on series sequel related to the main series, but it can be read as a duet if you want to avoid reading the series.

The Henderson's Children compromises and should be read as follows:

My Forbidden Love,



**Bonus Book - Christmas With The Henderson's**

Book Four Coming Soon,

Book Five Coming Soon.

Between Deliberation and Introspection there is a bonus book called Christmas With The Henderson's which has vital information that is carried forth in Introspection.

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