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He slammed my head against the wall and dragged me to the room. When he shut the door he didnt lock it. I squirmed and kicked as much as I could. "Let me go! Help! Someone please help anyone!" He slammed me down on the bed and the moment I tried to crawl away he grabbed my foot. I started sobbing. "Shut up you idiot" I couldn't...in fact I wouldn't. "You're making this harder than it needs to be you bitch!?" He slapped me and tied me to the bed with his belt I keep trying to get my hands undone when he unzipped his pants and the door flung open. "GET AWAY FROM HER YOU PERVERT" The voice..it was so familiar. Micheal stumbled back and pulled up his pants. He grinned and me and walked straight passed Erik. I got my hands undone and pulled my dress down. Thats my life..Yep...just wonderful...I really am pathertic.

Erotica / Drama
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Chapter 1


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Inappropriate language.

Sexual content and abuse





My alarm went off and as soon as I heard it, I snoozed my timer and laid there for a second. My mom came knocking on my door as she does everyday. I sat up and turned on my phone.

No notifications as normal. Who would want to talk to me anyway. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I felt extremely tired. Like always. My mom knocked once more and this time she tried opening the door. But it was locked like normal every night.

I took a shower and got dressed into my normal, baggy clothes and a hoodie. When I looked in the mirror I saw the scar I got from Micheal. It was a scar that ran down from my forehead to make me look like an idiot. I moved my hair in front and pulled my hood up.

When I checked the time it was already five forty nine. I hurried to my bag and grabbed my books.

I didn’t want to go to school I have never wanted to go to school. But for being an 18 year old girl I needed to, So I could get a better job than just working as the Climaze Pizza that was just down the road.

"Sweetie you really need to get up!"

I shook my head.

"Mom im awake would you calm down!?"

I threw my bag up and onto my shoulders and headed for my door. When I opened it my mom was standing there with a gift.

"Happy birthday!"

"Oh yeah thats today.." I muttered in a whisper. She handed me the gift and I put it in my room.

"Your not gonna open it" I looked at her

"Mom its six am I gotta go..thanks though? It came out more as a question then a reply.

¨Okay, sorry sweetie¨

¨yeah, yeah. Your fine mom¨

I pushed through her and went down stairs. When I got outside I saw a car ive never seen before. It was black and had a huge bow on it. I Looked at my parents who were standing behind me with the keys to it. I shook my head.

¨What do you think darling?¨

I gave my father a nod. He just looked at me.

¨Do you like it?¨ I nodded once more and opened my hand. He dropped the keys in the palm of my hand and I walked down to it.

Its not like I didn’t have a car. And its not like I needed one. I was perfectly fine with my bike. It worked just as well. I let out a sigh and my parents watched me get into the car.

¨Have a good day, birthday girl!¨ I nodded and started the engine. As soon as I started the engine I pressed the gas and I was gone


As soon as I found a parking spot I went to drive in it. Then I saw the red mustang that belonged to Micheal getting ready to pull into the same one as me and I stopped the car quickly knowing that if I didn’t I would get a punishment. I backed up and drove into another parking spot.

Micheal got out right when I was getting out. He had his crew of idiots but he called them his ¨Amigos¨ I shook my head and he saw me.

¨Oh lookey what we have here¨ He yelled out and pointed to me then pointed right in front of him. I stared at the floor. Hoping that it was just a part of my imagination.

¨Hey idiot get over here!?¨ I shook my head a very tiny bit and got back in my car. He walked over and knocked on the window. I looked at him and imedently locked the door. He shook his head and looked at me with a bit of anger. ¨Open the door you dumbass..¨ I looked down and scrambled through my keys. I couldn’t find the right one. So I checked my bag


I froze and he smirked and bent down then stood back up and held the keys to my car right in front of my face I felt sick. I hurried and grabbed the handle to the door to hold it closed and he put the key in the car. I held it and hard as I could but he was to strong the moment he reached for the handle I was already trying to get away from the door.

He opened it. And grabbed my wrist. My eyes widened and I tried pulling away.

¨Micheal please no, not today!¨

¨Shut up!?¨

He yanked me to him and slapped me.

¨You know the rules!?¨

¨Micheal please..! P-please!¨

He slapped me again this time on my right cheek. I blocked my face just in case he tried slapping me again. But he didnt I moved my arms to look at him, he was holding his lighter that he used to light up his cigarette.

click...click. It light up and he looked at me and grinned. I looked at him and he grabbed my wrist. I couldn’t move. He brought up my sleave and held the lighter close to my skin. I felt the heat and just stared at him.

¨P-please! Ill go home! I pr-promise!¨

¨Shut up, were just getting started.¨

He pushed the lighter close to my skin and I closed my eyes tightly. It hurt...So bad.

¨I-it h-hurts!¨

¨I dont care!?¨

He shoved it straight into my skin and I yelped in pain. My blood slowly ran down my arm. The smell of flesh made me sick. I started crying hard.

¨your pathetic.¨

I looked at him. He threw the lighter on my dash bored.

¨Keep it, as a memory¨ I stared at my dripping blood and he slammed the door. What a monster.. I got out of the car and walked into the school. My arm was swollen I walked to the bathrooms and ran it under cold water, It started to sting..


Someone walked in and saw the blood filled sink. They hurried over to me.

¨Oh my god what happened to you¨

I looked at the person.

Why would she care..

She doesnt even know who I am.

I hurried and looked away.

¨Let me help you¨ she turned the water in the middle and ran it over my arm.

¨Im Lisa..¨

I gave her a nod and grabbed a paper towel and put it on my burn. She gasped and pulled the paper towel off I looked at her.

¨D-dont touch me..¨ She moved her hand and I sighed

¨Sorry..¨ She muttered I grabbed another paper towel and put it on it, the burning sensation was back. My eyes filled with tears and I held my arm to my chest.

¨Who did that to you..¨

I looked down.

¨Why would you care, you dont even know me.¨

¨I care because thats what I do..¨

I looked at her and walked into a stall. She watched me with a worried look in her eyes. I shut the stall door and started crying.

¨Then go c-care about someone e-else..¨

I could tell she heard the pain in my voice when I heard her sigh and walk out of the bathroom. I think I totally made her day bad. but why does it matter. Why should other people have a good day when I cant. Its not fair. I dont find it fair!?

I sat in the stall for maybe and hour and a half when the teacher walked in, I opened the stall and pretended to wash my hands.

¨Wheres your hall pass, young lady?¨ I looked at her

¨I must of dropped it?..¨ She gave me a look and then saw my arm.

¨Oh my god you poor soul¨

Poor soul...im not dead...

She went to grab my arm but I flinched. She stopped quickly.

¨Lets get you to the nurse¨

I just stared with a blank expression on my face. She patted my back as she walked me to the nurse when I walked in she turned away to go back to her class room or the bathroom..I dont know...I also didnt really care. When the nurse saw me her face fell flat.

¨Oh hunny again..?¨

I gave her a nod and sat on the bed when she gave me some ointment I smiled a tiny bit.

¨Put this on it everyday until Friday¨

I nodded and took the medication from her she smiled and gave me a hall pass. I walked to my class room and every single eye either it was blue or brown or even green...they were all on me. I felt my body tremble. As I walked through the row of monkeys. Micheal held out hid foot and I fell. everyone started laughing and I slowly got up.

I was gonna cry..I dont think there is any way to stop it. I hurried to my seat and sat down. I put my head down and started sobbing. No one cared. Not a single soul.

When the bell rang I was the last one out of class and the first one to my next. I didn’t want to be humiliated.. Not again. I rushed to the seat in the back where the emo group would sit to throw a small fit. About how much they hated their lives. I closed my eyes and stared at the front of the class. Everyone was slowly gathering into the class room so they weren’t late.

Once the tardy bell rang and an unfamiliar face walked in. She had brown silky hair and she looked like one of those models for some kind of designer outfit. When she walked over and sat next to me I just felt really insecure.

¨Hey¨ she whispered. I looked at her.

¨U-uhm...hi?¨ I whispered back.

She gave me a smile.

¨Im Clara¨

I nodded

¨Who are you..?¨

I gave her a look..

¨Inko...?¨ It came out as a question.

She just stared at my blank blue eyes.

¨You look like you’ve been crying..? Is everything okay?¨

I nodded and moved my hair in front of my face.

¨So uhm..¨

¨Quiet down class!¨ The teacher spoke with passion.

I looked up to the front when Clara Passed a note to me.

I looked at it then opened it.

Clara: You wanna be friends?

Me: Friends..? With me?

I passed it back to her

Clara: Yeah why not?

Me:Cause im ugly..? You actually want to ruin your reputation if you wanna be my friend?

She crunched up the paper and threw it in the trash. I looked at her and she shook her head I just ignored her and looked to the front of the class. The teacher just kept blabbing on and on about how two wrongs dont make a right and Micheal. Like the monster he is keep making stupid jokes.

The teacher dont get paid enough to have to deal with a kid like Micheal but he can't do anything cause Micheal's dad technically owns the state. Sometimes I wonder why he doesn't just go to a private school. I mean hes rich. And he belongs to those snobs. But he would probably just get kicked out in five fucking seconds.

¨Inko the bell rang!¨

I snapped back into existence and saw Clara I think her name was, She smiled and handed me my bag I took it from her and pulled it onto my back. I pushed past her and walked to my locker.

¨What class do you have next¨

¨A class..¨

¨What do you do in that class¨


¨Whats the class about¨

I ignored her and grabbed my chemistry book out of my locker.

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