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His Filthy Consort

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The Kinkier .... The Sexier 🔞🔞🔞🔞 Keisha, a 19-year-old orphan grew up having the wildest kink ever. Humiliation kink. This strange and unaccepted sexual orientation of hers was hidden by her as she served several rich and influential people with her housemaid services, and frequent nights on their beds. Her life changed when she was brought by the Queen of Raevarno, with the hope of providing an heir to the throne. Attracted to her new master, she found herself indulging in her kink. To her luck, Prince Alaric was just as she had lusted after. A sexy sadist, who can have her gut rearranged and humiliated... © 2022 Unusualdee

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter One


I was sitting on the bed just as I was instructed when I heard the sound of the door opening. I knew immediately it was my new master because I had been told that he would be back in the night for his sleep.

My order was to please him, and if I could manage to gain his favors and have a child for him, I might finally get to be a noble consort. It was every girl's dream in Raevarno to be bedded by The Prince and to have this child.

"Who did you say brought you here?" Prince Alaric's cold voice ran down my spine, I gently flinched before I replied.


I didn't dare raise my head to look at him. I had been warned that he was a callous man and that the only way to survive in this castle was to be obedient.

"My Royal mother's handmaid?" I heard his footsteps approaching before I gently nodded. Beads of sweat embed in my temple as I felt his shadow aligned in my vision. "You are one of them, uh?" He laughed, grabbing my chin, and forcefully making our eyes contact.

I swallowed hungrily when I saw his countenance. He was more attractive than I'd imagined. His firm chin was set in stone, his dark eyes were so sharp that they cut through my soul, leaving only the sizzling awareness of what he would be doing to my body soon after. He had an imposing hooked nose that just seemed to sit pretty on his attractive face. His lips were his best features, thin, firm, and yummy. They looked so delicious I wanted to sink myself while devouring them.

As an orphan who had to do lots of minor and questionable jobs for the rich society. I have had my share of lustful workers, both old, and young. But none of them was as attractive as the man that I was currently looking at.

"Have you not been told to never look me in the eyes?" He brought my face to him before he muttered in my ears. His hot breath fanned over my skin, making me tremble from expectation.

I knew what I was here for, it wasn't my first time. I am not proud of it, but I've come to enjoy it. Every bit of it.


Because I have a humiliation kink- I enjoyed being fucked and dragged around.

"I'm sorry, master." I quickly dropped my gaze, but the effect of his attractiveness was already sipping down my panties. Wetting my panties and making me delirious from irresistible cravings.

"Sorry?" He gave a throaty laugh at my words before he pulled my hair and roughly pulled my tiny body towards him. "In this room, when you apologize, you apologize with your cunt."

His words were loud and clear as they traveled onto my ears but as my body met with his, my brain went blank, and I felt my pussy clenched from expectations of what to come.

"I will apologize anyhow you want me to, master," I begged.

His stronghold on my head was affecting my senses yet I want him to be rougher. I've heard lots of tales about the only prince of Raevarno, and I've craved him ever since I learned that he was a masochist.

He was just the right man that I needed to satisfy my abomination kinks.

"Filthy whore." He yelled at me before he pushed me down before him. His face was enshrouded with anger. Aside from making eye contact with him, I couldn't recall what I had done that made him so mad.

"Do you look like at men like that and expected not to be fucked like a bitch?" Prince Alaric grabbed the red sexy nightmare I've been made to wear and tear it open, revealing my voluptuous breast to his sharp eyes.

Aside from him being angry, I could sense the arousal in his voice. I couldn't believe it. I had managed to arouse Prince Alaric. It was like a dream came through. This realization made me horny, and edgy. Moaning inwardly, I tried to rub my thighs together to reduce the ache growing beneath my core, but his sharp eyes caught my action, and he slapped my thighs open.

"If you close your legs again, I will make sure to tie you up." He threatened coldly, and I gulped in fright and arousal. I've never been tied up.

All my previous masters loved seeing me beg for their cocks. Especially the old brawny ones with little unsatisfying cocks.

"Look how wet you are." Prince Alaric murmured as he lifted one of my thighs and wrapped it around him. Bringing him closer to the V of my thighs. I felt my pussy clenched at the little contact, and I looked down to see him stroking my panties.

His lips were curled now curled in amusement but I was under torture. His torture, because I knew he had to know what he was doing to me. He couldn't just wrap my leg around him, teasing my entrance, and expect me to lay still right?

As if listening to my thoughts, he moved his hands away from my wet panties and brought them to my breasts. He gave each of them a slap that got them red in an instant. I groaned from the pain, and he laughed.

"You like it, don't you?" He asked, and I nodded obediently. He was right.

"Yes, master. I like it." I admitted.

As if waiting for confession, he slapped my tits more, and they got redder and swollen. I felt my nippl*s thicken from each slap and my other leg that wasn't tied around him was trembling greatly.

Soft groans were caught in my throat as I didn't dare to moan before he asked me to. I've learned that from my previous masters. None of them are masochists, but I still don't dare moan without their permission.

Prince Alaric looked at my face after several slaps on my br*asts. "Look at me." He commanded and I hesitated before I gradually raised my head to look at him. His sharp dark eyes shone with lust in the luminous room, it was as if I was the only one he could see.

I swallowed before a moan could escape my throat. "Master...." I called out, and he grabbed my neck, dragging me upward from the bed.

"When you are brought here, do you have an idea of what you are coming for?" He asked, and I couldn't help but get a bit terrified. Is he going to do more than I had thought?

His hand was on my neck, so instead of speaking, I nodded. Batting my long lashes at him to show my willingness. Even if I'm nervous that he might be rougher than I thought, I still felt my shameless body heating up to the thought of being used.

"I can handle it." I managed to let out, and he let go of my neck.

Prince Alaric looked at me for a while before he removed my leg from his waist, and moved away from me. "Get out" He asserted coldly and roughly pulled me off the bed before I could understand what was happening.

I looked at him, shocked and surprised by his words and actions. What have I done? Why is he sending me

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