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His Filthy Consort

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Chapter Two

Prince Alaric

I had said that I wouldn't accept any sluts from my mother again, but she had insisted that I had to bed a couple of maids until I could knock one down with a royal heir. No matter how much I told her that the problem was with me, and not the girls, she was adamant that I had to fuck every single of them.

I couldn't understand her strategy, but it was fun and cool at first. Until I fell in love with the last maid she brought. Arielle was a tough nut to crack. A beautiful maiden, who I had happened to be the first to tear open. I had no idea she was a virgin when she was brought to me by madame, and I had only wanted to fulfill my mother's wish.

I could remember her soft cries in my ears as I tore my hymen open, and how she had dug her nails in my back when she couldn't take my thrusts anymore.

I didn't stop. No matter how much she cried, I couldn't stop. She was so tight and savory. Her taunt curls wrapped around me were everything I'd wished for and wanted in every female that madame had brought to me, and when I finally dwelled on it, it was a fantasy come to pass.

"Take my dick, bitch." I squeezed her breast with my two hands as I thrust hard into her in a fast rhythm.

"Please, master...please... I can't..." She whimpered under me, her luscious voice encouraging me to stroke harder.

"Please what? Tell me what you want." I yelled at her, and she gasped, looking at me with her slurry eyes. They were glossy from tears and barely opening, but it was the prettiest I've ever seen.

"Please, be... gentle." She moaned and for the first time, I had slowed down.

"Who did you say brought you here?" I asked the instant I noticed that a woman was sitting in bed. I had been expecting my mother to bring another maid after Arielle didn't get pregnant last month, but I didn't expect her to come tonight.


Her face was down as she sat on my bed, she looked meekly and obedient.

"My mother's Royal handmaiden?" I moved closer to her to see what she looked like. I was surprised that she didn't quite look like Arielle because my mother might try to please me.

"You are one of them, uh?" I laughed, before I raised my hand to grab her chin, and brought her face up to me. She was mesmerizing.

Her pair of blue eyes was the best one I've ever seen, and the amount of obedience in hers right now was getting me harder than I'd ever expected. I could feel her nipples brush against me as she gently pressed into me.

"Have you not been told to never look me in the eyes?" I had no words to describe my rapid reaction to her luscious body. I hate myself for feeling this way for another woman after Arielle, but it seems I'm just a prick like my mother believed. Else, why would she want me to bed every damn maid of her desire?

"I'm sorry, master." She turned to look away, exposing another skin to my eyes. Her pale neck gleaming and soft. This was a really nice maid you've got for me this time mother. Good riddance? Is that it?

I felt my chest tighten as I remembered the painful expression in Arielle's eyes when the royal doctor confirmed that she wasn't pregnant. She looked downcasted and lost. Even with me by her side, she looked like she had lost everything she ever had. Making me feel irrelevant.

"Sorry?" I laughed when I heard her submissive tiny voice again. Mother got a docile one this time. Unlike Arielle, whom I didn't have to tame myself for. Hm, she was attacking me in all forms. "In this room, when you apologize, you apologize with your cunt." I stated.

Her tiny waist wrapped around my hand, and I could feel her tensed up. Maybe she's not that tame after all.

"I will apologize anyhow you want me to, master," she begged to my surprise. Her voice was slowly getting to me, stroking my vigorous dominance. The urge to have her under me was overwhelming.

"Filthy whore." I had shoved her down on the bed, and her submissive eyes looked into mine before they slowly looked away, submitting her body to me without complaint.

"Do you look like men like that and expected not to be fucked like a bitch?" I grabbed her robe and tore it open. Her breasts I hadn't realized would be full were so enormous as they fell out before my eyes. I gulped inwardly.

The anger I felt toward my mother gradually reduced. I became mad at myself. I felt like every inch of the prick she thought I was.

Her nipples that had once rubbed against me were also naked to my eyes now. They were peaky and tiny. They look soft and punishable. I wonder what it would be like to have my tongue twirl around them. My eyes shifted lower and I saw how damp her underwear was. I watched as she attempted to rub her thighs together and I frowned.

I slapped her thighs open. "If you close your legs again, I will make sure to tie you up." I couldn't help but threaten because I hadn't expected to try to numb whatever ache she was feeling. She was really responsive, and I liked it.

"Look how wet you are," I murmured, slowly allowing her body to take over my senses because after all, my mother had had Arielle sent away. Where I would never be able to find her just as she wanted.

Looking at the luscious woman I hadn't bothered to ask her name, I decided to satisfy my burning attraction to her. It was the good intentions of the Queen to the throne after all. I moved closer to her to have her core nestled firmly on my aroused dick, and I groaned inwardly before wrapping one of her legs around my waist.

I dragged my hand around her wet panties before I flickered the sticky part.

A smirk crept up my face as I thought of how fast her body was responding to mine like a moth to fire. Shaking the thoughts out of my head, I gritted my teeth and removed my hand from her underwear. I wanted to restrain myself but when my eyes settled on my huge breasts, I couldn't resist the urge to slap each of them.

She groaned and I felt my dick tighten inside my trousers. "You like it, don't you?" I asked, and she nodded obediently.

"Yes, master. I like it." She admitted.

Just as I thought. A bitch.

The anger and the lust in me combined and slapped her breasts more, just to look at her face as she groaned and shivered under me. They were getting redder and my slap marks were getting more obvious on her breast, but her muffled groans of pleasure couldn't make me stop. I realized she was enjoying this as much as I was, yet she wasn't looking at me or begging me to make her take her.

"Look at me." I commanded, and she slowly turned her pretty face to me. Her teeth bit down her bottom lip as she stared at me. The rush of adrenaline made my dick push forward and stroke her core.

She gulped and then called out, "master..." her submissive dilated eyes were so arousing I didn't know when I grabbed her neck and pulled her face to me.

"When you are brought here, do you have an idea of what you are coming for?" I asked coldly as I thought of the extent my mother could go to get an heir since she wasn't convinced that I might be sterile.

As my father said, the royal line is important to the stability of the kingdom, and providing an heir was my first task.

"I can handle it," she let out, but I couldn't handle my anger anymore. I let go of her neck and looked at her body for a while before I unwrapped leg from my waist and moved away. "Get out" I retorted coldly and roughly pulled her from the bed.

Her huge eyes stared into mine in shock before she rushed to grab my legs. "Master, I'm sorry. Please, don't send me away." She clenched to me, rubbing her enormous breasts on me.

"Please don't send me away. Madame will have me beaten to death, please let me stay the night."

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