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Ben has been resisting hitting on Alex since the day she joined the precinct as a rookie, but caves before going on an undercover assignment and now all he can think about is her touch, putting the case and his life in jeopardy.

Erotica / Action
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Ben folded the newspaper he was reading and looked at Alex on the other side of the couch. She was reading a book, had her hair up in a messy bun at the back of her head, she was wearing a loose fitting slate grey tank top with a hot pink sports bra underneath and a pair or navy leggings that came down to just below her knees.

He loved when she was dressed like that. On her way to the gym, or better yet, on her way back when she was sweaty and tired and her muscles ached and all he wanted to do was soothe her. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, until she begged him for relief.

Her feet were tucked under his thighs and his legs were stretched out on the coffee table in front of him. Every so often she would wiggle her toes as if to remind him that she was still there.

He reached over, covered one ankle with his hand and pulled her foot onto his lap where he began to massage it slowly. She lowered her book to rest on her chest and looked at him with a crooked smile. God he loved that smile. That smile was on the edge of mischief and he knew it meant trouble. The best kind of trouble.

“Finished your paper?” she asked with one jerk of her eyebrows.


“’bout time!” She tossed her book to the floor and crawled up the couch to straddle his legs so she could kiss him. “Thought you were going to be reading that damned thing all day!”

She squirmed her hips against him and he smiled as she kissed him again. Her hands started to unbutton his shirt and she kissed the top of his chest. He reached out and pulled off her hair tie, then brushed his fingers through her hair. His hands moved down her back and cupped her ass to hold her against his growing erection.

There was a very real danger that he was going to come in his jeans and he wanted to be balls deep in her tight wet, throbbing pussy when that happened. With her breasts crushed against his chest, her mouth open, panting, moaning against his ear, her hands gripping his shoulders and his gripping her ass.

She rocked back and forth on his hips and he felt his cock throb against the cleft of her leg then she leaned up and licked his cheek, his jaw and his chin then without warning stuck her tongue in his mouth, causing Ben to sit up and start coughing.

He woke with a large Alsatian dog sitting on his chest, panting happily, his tongue lolling out of his mouth after clearly licking Ben’s face.

“God dammit…” he pushed the dog of and sat up fully as he wiped his face free of the dog drool with the back of his hands. He stood up and walked across the cell to the small sink and rinsed his face with what little water he could get from the tap.

It was a small cell with only two bunks, a sink barely big enough to fit in both of his hands and a toilet with no privacy. Ben wasn’t too worried about the bathroom facilities though when he hadn’t eaten anything in 2 days and was living off drips from the tap that came out less than spectacularly clean. There was a series of small windows near the ceiling. Four in total, each about three inches square.

He looked over at the other bunk and saw Gareth was still sleeping. He went over to check his injuries. The stab wound on his leg had stopped bleeding but still needed to be cleaned and treated. But no more blood seeping meant his artery wasn’t cut and the blood had started to clot. He could do with getting some clean bandages. Well, any bandages, Ben decided as he pulled the strapping he had made out of a piece of his shirt back into place.

Ben’s lips were sore, chapped and cut. His shoulder that had been dislocated was marginally better after he slammed it into the wall to put it back into place and the two little fingers on his left hand were broken and held together with another piece of the shirt he had ripped. He looked down at himself. His uniform shirt hung on his body in rags. Both sleeves gone and a strip from the bottom to his midriff ripped off to be used for a bandage for Gareth’s leg. He sat back onto his own bunk again and the dog rested its head on his lap.

“Hey buddy…” he reached out and rubbed the dog’s head. “Not long now.” The dog whimpered. “I know buddy, I’m hungry too.”

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