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The Mistress (18+ Erotica)

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18+ I'm not responsible for any shit that happens to any of the viewers, (CONTAINS: GIRL X GIRL, SEX)

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Chapter 1

“Morning, already” I muttered. When I got up I wanted the world to swallow me whole. I grabbed my bag and headed to the library. I had recently lost my library card and needed to get a new one. When I got there no one other than Abby was standing there. The hottest girl in the whole world. I walked over to her and she smiled

“If it isnt the one and only Willow Tinsmith”

I smiled.

“Nice to see you again too”

She nodded.

“Anything I could do for you today?”

“Well I recently lost my library card and I need to get a new one?”

“What was the ID number on it?”


She smiled. “Will do, It will arrive on Tuesday!”

I smiled.

“Thanks,” I muttered and stared at her for a second, she was so fucking pretty it made my stomach fill with butterfly’s.

“So, what are you doing this Wednesday”

I snapped back into existence.

“Uhm, nothing!”

“Can I come over, I need help with my, uhm assignment”

I nodded alot not even realizing. She giggled and rang the bell.


I couldnt help it. She was so pretty. Wait what..Why am I thinking that, I’m not gay. I started walking away and she ran over to me.

“Y-you forgot this?”

She was out of air I looked at her and slowly took my book. She smiled a very weak smile.

“Thank you!”

She nodded and ran back. I watched her run. Her ass bouncing step by step. My heart started to race. I froze and my face flushed up. What am I thinking!? I slapped myself and walked home deep in my thoughts. I ran inside and straight to my room.

When I got in I shut the door and locked it. I put my books down and grabbed my calendar. I marked Wednesday off and put it back. I closed my eyes and went through the process of thinking. ’I wonder what she could possibly want to do after we study...Maybe she would lean in...kiss my chapped lips. And...And'

Without realizing my hand slid down my pants and started to touch myself in a very unfriendly manner. I bit my lip. “Fuck~” I moaned out. When my mom knocked on my door I flinched.

“Sweetie? Are you home already?”

I pulled my hands out of my pants annoyed that my mom had ruined my moment of pleasure. I sat up.

“Yeah? You act like I was going to the mall.”

“Oh sweetie it’s not that, I just wanted to have a chat with your father, if you know what I mean..”

I got up and opened my door with a spray bottle and a towel when she saw me she was confused. I pushed her hand off the door knob and sprayed it off then wiped it and slammed the door in her face, after spraying her face with the spray bottle. She laughed. And laughed. And laughed. I sighed and sat on my bed.

A notification popped up. I smiled when It read Abby.

“Hey” The text message read. I smiled. OH. MY. GOD. SHE’S. TEXTING. ME.

“EKKKKK” I covered my mouth and looked at my door. My mom was still out there.


I giggled.

“I’m fine mom”

“Oooo- is someone talking to a boy~?” she teased I sighed.

“No mom, i’m not”

I sighed and clicked on the notification..

“Hey!” I smiled.

“Hi, What are you doing?” I replied.

“Sitting on my bed.” She replied.

“Same!” I replied

“Wanna come hang out?” She replied

“Uh, yeah! Ill be over in five minutes.” I replied and smiled turning a bit pink. I got up and changed into a cute bra and undies and I put on a white sweater with some ripped jeans then I brushed my hair out and put some lip gloss on.

I rushed to my shoes and shoved my feet in them. after about 2 minutes of trying to get my foot into the converse I hurried to my books and grabbed them. I rushed to the front door after almost falling down the stairs. My mom watched me in confusion I opened the door and ran out to my car.

I put my books in the passenger seat and started up the car. As soon and I did I was off. When I rolled up to her house she came out. I moved my books behind the passenger seat and she got in.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see!"

I pressed the gas and we were off she looked up then at me.

"Open the roof!"

I pressed the button and it opened she imedently stood up and put her head out. I laughed and sped up. I turned up the radio which was playing last Friday night. We both started singing and dancing. It was fun. So fun that when I dropped her off at her house and 9pm I walked her to the door and she smiled at me.

"Thank you, for the amazing night.."

I smiled and she moved over to me. She placed her hands on my waist and moved closer to me to the point where my lips were almost touching. I was gonna lose myself if she didn't kiss me right now. She pressed her lips against mine and closed her eyes.

I kissed her back and wrapped my arms around her neck. She pulled my body closer and the door flung open. Her dad froze in shock. She imedently pushed me away and looked at him.

"D-dad its not what it looks like!"

I stared at them and slowly started walking away.

"You kissed my daughter."

He looked at me.

"Leave, you gay freak!?"

I hurried and waved to her then ran to my car. When she looked at the car she paused for a second. When I opened the door she ran straight for it. When she got in her dad started running down to the car. I started the engine and pressed on the gas as fast as I could. She looked at me and placed her hand over mine.

My heart felt like it was gonna jump out of my chest. We pulled up to my house and she looked at me.

"T-thank you"

I smiled.

"You're uhm..welcome."

She stared at me for a second then moved closer. I shut off the car and she kissed me I kissed her back and after a minute or two I was on her lap with my hands in her hair. She bit my lip softly while pulling back.

"I've liked you forver" She said in a soft voice.

That can't be true. She's dated so many men I don't have enough fingers to count. She started feeling my body from my chest to my thighs, I turned pink. Her hands where soft. When she went to put her hand on my shirt I imdently opened the door and got off her lap. She looked at me.

"U-uhm lets go inside, my parents should be home soon so we need to sneak you in!" I made an excuse, I new they weren't gonna be home until tomorrow night but I couldn't, I didn't, I was nervous. She got put and walked up to the door with me, with that I grabbed the key in and opened the door the moment I opened it she pushed me inside and against the wall.

I turned bright pink and stared at her for a moment. She slid her hand up my shirt and I looked the other way with my eyes shut tightly.

"You can't avoid me..."

I bit my lip and she rubbed my boobs through my bra. I gave out a tiny moan to let her know I was enjoying it. She took off my shirt to show my white bra. I looked at her.

"M-my parents tho!"

She looked at me.

"Wheres your room?"

I pointed up the stairs and she picked me up and walked straight up the stairs and into my room. When she put me on the bed and backed up a bit. She climbed over and pulled my pants off. I was wet, and when I say wet I mean you could see it through my undies. She smiled.

"You're so wet...just for your mistress~"

I covered my face and she moved my hands and started rubbing my thighs. I closed my eyes tightly. She placed kisses on both my inner thighs and then pulled my underwear down and kissed my clit.

"Shit..." I managed. My clit pulsed as she kissed it again and my body was sent through a shock. I was enjoying it. She shoved her tongue in me. "Ahh.." She moved her tongue in and out while rubbing my clit with her thumb. I gripped her hair.

She keep doing it.

"I'm g-gonna c-CUM!!"

The pleasure was sent through my body when she licked every single part of my cum up. She then climbed up and kissed me. I kissed her back still tasting myself on her tongue. I felt her slide her fingers in me and move them in and out. I had never been touched this way and was enjoying it so much.

"Do you have any vibrators?"

She got off me and started going through things when she found the drawer full of sex toys. I turned red.

"Oo~" she said grabbed my dildo and one of my small vibrators.

I sat up a tiny bit and she walked over to me. When she shoved the dildo in me I moaned loudly and grabbed onto the sheets. She grinned and turned on the vibrator as high as it could go and then held it to my clit. As she moved the dildo in and out of me I felt my body pulse again this time in full pleasure.

I moaned loudly and she smirked and the face of mine I couldn't help myself. I let out a moan..."Addy!" I moaned loudly and covered my mouth.

"Yes darling?"

"I-It feels so good!"

"I know darling"

She sped up the dildo..in....out......in......out.......in........out...I moaned loudly.

"Mistress! Yes! faster!"

She sped it up and I came hard. My legs shook and my drool was everywhere.

"Awe you're such a mess for your mistress.."

I grabbed her and pulled her down. Five seconds later we were asleep.


When I awoke I realized I was still naked and the door wasn't locked.


She went to open the door and I pushed Addy off the bed and covered myself up. Addy Laid there silently when she saw that my mom was in the room.

"Me and your dad have work, you need to get up for school."

I nodded and she shut my door, I sighed and Addy got up and looked a me.

I hurried and put my shit away and put clothes on she smiled. I walked over to her and she pulled my body close.

"Will you be mine..?"

I nodded and she kissed me. I smiled and kissed back.


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