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Kane and Steele

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Aurora Devon has lost the only man she has ever loved in a tragic accident two years ago. To drown out the pain she keeps herself occupied by working a mediocre job during the day and fucking Steele Anderson at night or whenever convenient, the community's handsome protector of the law. Kane Masters is a mysterious passer entering the small unwelcoming town of Clyde Banks with an agenda. He has no intentions of staying, no intentions of forming any attachments. He's there for one purpose only, or so he thought. Neither Kane or Aurora wants to want one another but a lustful attraction ensues. With Steele wanting and needing more than Aurora can give and Kane being able to give Aurora exactly what she wants and needs, situations shift, jealousy arises, and secrets become unleashed.

Erotica / Romance
Mariah Sinclair
4.9 10 reviews
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Chapter 1


My hands are pressed against the rock sheet wall above my head, my dress bunched up to my waist as Steele pummels his large manhood in and out of my clasping tissues. All of my body rattles back and forth, up in the air with each plunging strike. The man can fuck, I give him that.

I bask in the pleasures, moaning and panting, Steele gripping my waist tighter with his rough masculine hands to get better leverage while he forces himself even deeper, even harder, into me.

“Fuck Aurora, you’re so damn beautiful. You’re going to be mine one day.” He grunts with another harsh slam, trying to use his body to reiterate his statement. The power of his thrust lifting my feet off the floor, he’s so fucking resilient and determined to make me his, but shit I’m not complaining, it feels delicious.

I buck my behind and hips on him when I come back down, grinding myself on his manliness in response. Letting him know that I can give it back just as hard as he gives it.

“You naughty little girl,” he cackles, releasing one hand from my waist to take it to my hair as he tugs my head back so he can look into my eyes, making sure I can see his amused expression.

I smile at him with the most devious of grins, my neck tilted all the way back to see Steele’s handsome face staring at me. “Remind me again how bad I really am.” I caox him wanting more of what he is giving, even though I know a part him is expressing his true emotions to me, that he truly loves me, wants me, wants something more than I’m capable of giving back. I know it’s fucked up that I’ll never give him what he truly desires, that I take what I want, but I told him from the start this was all he was going to get. Steele knew what he was getting into. He’s never going to change me, no matter what he thinks. He’s a fuck, he’s a friend, he has my love, but he will never have me in love with him and I’ve made that clear from the beginning.

Once more, he sees my resistance as just another challenge. Steele releases my hair, now taking a breast through the top opening of my apparel, his fingers firmly grasping rigidly around the skin, brushing by my highly aroused, puckered nipple. His other hand that sits on my waist squeezes with a violent abrasiveness and then he pulls me down on him with a quick, fast jerk so my ass smacks down onto his pelvis with a loud clattering thud.

“Holy fuck Steele, do it again!” I scream out, arching my ass out to him, acknowledging I love, and want more of it. My center is whimpering in an aching need, my spot is being hit, numerous times, only needing to be hit once more just right to be complete.

Steele complies, flying my body in the air with lightning strength and speed. He pries into my depths, insanely pushing his throbbing muscle deep into my core with all his vengeance until all of me is falling apart in intervals. I keep my hands to the wall, pushing inwards, holding on for dear life. This man really does have some serious skills that leave my body lost in utter stupidity.

I feel his explosion take release in the condom with all of me responding equally in its own welcoming satisfaction. I jilt, convulsing, spasming, every section of my body shuddering in a volcanic quake.

Sweat beads down from his forehead onto my back, ” Stay with me tonight Aurora. Spend the night at my place and stop working that shit job. God knows you don’t need the money,” he pleads, his fingers easing up on my skin while he still stays situated inside of me.

I’m drained from our fucking session. I’ve lowered my hands some, lowered my head some, lowered my ass a little, all in exhaustion but still remain in my spot.

I turn my head to look over at him and shimmy myself forward so I can remove hm from me, ” I’ve got work, Steele and you know I like working. See you later.” I’m fully removed, my dress falling back down to my knees, I walk off and take myself to the bathroom to shower, shutting the door behind me. I let Steele find his way out.


I’m driving to work trying to forget about Steele, trying to forget about the guilt I feel, the guilt I shouldn’t feel since I warned him from the start. I want to love him, want to really be with him, but I can’t force my heart to do the impossible...be in love again.

Steele is gorgeous, a flawless physique, muscular, tall, dark, and handsome, everything a woman should want and more. He’s a cop, an officer of the law, a fucking law-abiding citizen to the tee, yet I can’t seem to find myself wanting any part of him except the eight inches that sits in between his legs. It’s not my fault though, it’s Jason’s, he ruined me. He was my perfect man, he was everything and now that he’s gone no man will ever be able to take his place.

“Oh shit!” I scream out slamming on my brakes, but not before I barrel into the pickup truck that sits before me at the red light. A red light I’ve clearly overlooked because I let my mind wander off. Whenever I reminisce over Jason, even in the smallest of thought, I lose all focus and the unbearable loss and pain begins to slither its way back into my soul.

The impact is only slight, me feeling nothing but shock and worry. I hope I didn’t hurt anyone. I jump out of my car and race to the driver’s side of the truck. Before I make it to the door, it opens, someone stepping out. He’s tall, taller than Steele, handsomer than Steele. I think I might be in more trouble than I bargained for.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I’ll pay for everything. Are you okay?” I frantically ask the mysterious stranger. I say this because this is a small town. I know everyone. Clyde Banks is in the middle of nowhere, with the population in the low 1000s. Why anyone who wasn’t born and raised here would want to come to this reclusive community is beyond me. If you’re not from here, you are seen as an outsider and quickly shun away, unaccepted, seen only as a threat. The people around here have grown accustomed to their ways and fear change, they fear anything and anyone unfamiliar, taking it as a threat. I never mind new faces, but I’m only one person.

Shutting the truck door behind him, he ruffles his fingers through his shaggy tousled chocolate locks. His head does a bobbing twist and then his face meets mine, sharp, intense, eyes beam into mine like lasers, locking in like a heat-seeking missile and I quickly feel myself soil just a little on my cotton panties. He’s scary, mysterious, but beautiful, and an indescribable mixture of dark and sexy swirled into one. “That little car of yours probably took a beating ramming into this beast. I’m more worried about you. How are you doing?” He lifts his thick arm, patting the side of his door, his biceps pulsing at the seams of his t-shirt with no space to be found between his skin and the fabric.

His focus never breaks from mine. A seriousness laced across his face. I don’t know this man, but immediately I can sense the sincerity in his concern. I already feel a closeness I shouldn’t among the raw sexuality that emanates out of him. I crack a small grin, shaking my head in reassurance, “I’m 100% okay. Do you want my insurance information or could we just work out a payment?”

“Like I said, I doubt that tiny thing of yours even put a ding in my truck, but there is something I do need you might be able to help me with. I’m new in town and I’m looking for a place to stay. Do you know anywhere available?”

“I’ve actually got an apartment at my place that you can rent out.” Did I really just fucking offer him to stay feet away from me at my own home? A perfect stranger who almost made me cum at the sight of his desirable form, a man who’s name I don’t even know?

“That would be great.” He smiles in content.

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