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BOOK TWO-MUST READ BOOK ONE-HIS MINX-FIRST. Dominic Knight is the lover of nymphomaniac escort Clarissa Phillips. He is obsessed with her, everything she is, is everything he needs. He is also the head of the Knight Empire. A family well known in the high class social circles. And his family will do anything to protect their pristine image. Dating an escort who sleeps with all his associates and enemies? Goes against everything they stand for. But he doesn't care and will protect her because she is his and he will do whatever he has to, to keep playing the game with her on his team.

Erotica / Romance
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“Yes! Oh, yes! Fuck me! Harder!” Clarissa screamed out, the headboard to her room, banging against his office wall. He smirked, leaning back in his chair, listening to her scream. She was faking it. He knew every scream she had and the guy she was fucking, was not getting her there. Dominic stared at the wall, watching it vibrate with the bed on the other side of it, bringing his fingers to his lips as he waited. They still smelled of her pussy, so sweet and delicious, his favorite taste. It made his cock throb in his slacks and he adjusted himself, knowing he had to be patient. She was going to need him after she got done with the joker of a client she was pretending for. He could already hear the frustration in her voice. It made his stomach tight with desire at the idea of beating out yet another potential threat to his relationship with her.

She was his.

No matter how many clients she fucked, he would always own her body because he knew exactly what she needed and now he would always own her mind because it was him she thought of whenever she left the apartment. He made sure of it. He tapped his fingers against his desk as his computer pinged with an incoming call. He checked the ID then answered it.

“Dan.” He answered his brother and he grinned.

“Dom. You’re look as brooding and intense as usual. Clarissa fucking a client?” He assumed and he was the only one he let read him. He nodded once and Dan laughed. “She’ll be done soon then brother. When are you coming for a visit? I wouldn’t mind a visit from that girl of yours. This whole fatherhood thing has got me needing some serious relief.” He chuckled and Dom had to admit, fatherhood sounded terrible. Dan complained non-stop about no sleep and money. He was rich as fuck, his restaurants the most successful in America. Not that he spent any of it, Dan had never cared about the number in his accounts, that’s why Dom handled it for him. It still didn’t make it any easier to hear about the struggles of being a parent. Dom didn’t have any interest in letting that happen to him, unless Clarissa changed her mind on ‘never, ever, ever having a parasite inside her’, then that door was firmly shut to him. And he didn’t give a fuck.

“I’ll bring her around next week.” Dom said, listening out for the sounds of her orgasm but gumpy in the other room, didn’t get her there. That had him smirking, she was going to be desperate and all over him. And she was going to be pissed. She hated not getting her fix which worked well because he loved giving it to her.

“Thanks, listen I was going to check in with you on something.” He said and Dom turned to the screen at the somber tone.


“Mason bought an apartment in your building. I was wondering if you knew?”

Dom clenched his jaw at the mention of the brother he would gladly disown. He had hurt her, his minx had been scared of him and he was determined to find out why but until then, he didn’t want them around each other, especially not running into each other in the lobby every fucking day. She was his and Mason sounded like he was getting ready to start something he wouldn’t be able to finish.

“I didn’t.” Dom snapped, then grabbed his phone and typed out a message to his private investigator.

DOM: Mason is up to something. Find out what it is.

He sent, then looked up as Clarissa came in. Her cheeks were flushed, her dress getting stripped from her body as she kicked off her heels, a scowl marring her beautiful features. She was a fucking stunner. Sexy as sin. Long limbs, glowing, flawless skin, perfect breasts made to fit in his hands, a stomach that was taut and had the stamina of a bitch in heat. And then there were the full lips, and challenging eyes. His perfect girl and she was walking towards him with murder in them. She growled, irritated as she pulled her lacy panties off, climbing onto his lap.

“I’m on a call, Minx.” He said and she glared over her shoulder, not caring that she was naked. Normally he would have hung up anyway but he wanted her even more frustrated, even more ready for what only he could give her. She relaxed a little when she saw it was Dan. He grinned at her.

“Hey baby girl.” He winked and she smirked.

“Hey Dan, I’ll call you back.” She said then shut the laptop and turned her anger on him. Thank fuck. She yanked at his shirt, undoing his buttons.

“Fucking asshole. Fucking shrimp dick, pump and dump mother fucker.” She swore like a sailor and he knew that the more swear words she used, the harder he was going to be able to fuck her. His dick was already pulsing at the idea of it.

“Client not up to standard, Minx?” He asked, kissing along her jaw as she yanked his belt from the loops, whipping it out and snapping it in front of him. He smirked as she held it out for him. He knew what she wanted and stood up. She shoved his shit out of the way and sat on his desk, waiting for him to take control. And he was going to make her wait even longer.

“He came as soon as I put my mouth on him so I sat around, being sexy, playing the game, listening to him whine and then that fucker finally got hard again, I climbed on top and he doesn’t even get me off? Like are you kidding? I waited a whole fucking hour!” She snarled, her fists curling against the edge of his desk. He pulled her off it, turned her around and shoved her head down on the desk. Dom slid his pants down then pushed his hard cock along her folds. She sighed, waiting for him to slide into her but he wanted to see how far he could push her.

He bent over her, kissing along her shoulder, keeping her pinned before he slid the belt under her neck. He put it through the loop then yanked. Her head came back, her back arching , her ass fitting his cock perfectly between her cheeks. He tightened the belt around her neck and kissed along her ear, her face, her back, his fingers brushing against her pussy making her shiver.

“And you want to get off, don’t you Minx?” He asked and she fidgeted impatiently. He grabbed her hands and held them behind her back, admiring the way her ass moved against him, trying to find some friction.

“Yes!” She snapped and he chuckled.

“What if I want to see you wait? See you beg?” He taunted and she glared at him, trying to turn her head and aim it at him but the belt was too tight. He brushed her folds again and she whimpered.

“Stallion.” She whined and tried to buck against his hands. He smacked her ass, and she gasped, his print showing up on the flesh. He smirked then rubbed over the mark.

“Patience, Minx.” He said, taking the time to run his cock against her folds that were now slick with want for him and that’s exactly what he wanted from her. He didn’t want the juices she made for another guy, he wanted to beat him, to show her who could give her body what it needed when others failed. He never failed.

Dom spread her cheeks, spitting on her asshole, spreading it, dipping his thumb in before yanking it back out and slapping the red mark again. She cried out, pushing back into him, rubbing his cock against her. He gripped her hips to stop her.

“Put your fucking cock in me and get me off or I will find someone who-” He slammed inside her, stealing her words, replacing the thought with the sounds of moaning.

He pumped into her, strokes of pure ecstasy shooting inside him, making him hot and damp with sweat. She was his, no one one else’s. His.

He filled her so fast and hard, her mouth hung open, intermittent screams and gasps falling from her darkening lips as she tried to breathe passed the belt he held tight on her throat. She was so fucking good, her pussy clutching him like it was starving, and he made sure it only ever craved him.

Dom built her up, keeping her wound tight, moving inside her, his entire body filled with an intense need to cum. He chased the high, fucking her into the desk, his hips pistoning in to her, shoving hers into the wood. She’d have bruises there tomorrow but she never cared when he left his marks on her. Not like she did when a client did it. He liked those differences. He groaned as she clamped her pussy down on his dick, pushing her ass back against his thrusts, pushing him in deeper.

“Fuck yes, Minx. So fucking good.” He ground out through a tight jaw as she arched even further back, the angle making him hit against that spot that made her voice go high with every scream. He smirked and rammed himself home, her orgasm shattering through her, her eyes fluttering, almost rolling back as he released his grip on the belt.

She sucked in a sharp breath of oxygen and he knew it would make her release more intense. She clenched her fists in his paperwork on the desk, shuddering against him, her thighs shaking as he brought his hand down on her ass. She yelped breathlessly, crying out again as he forced her into another orgasm. He loved watching her do that, lose control, try to fight him, take back control when he claimed her body so hard but when they fucked, he owned her and that thought had his own release coming hard through him. He grunted as the pleasure rolled through him, making him still against her, his cum filling her up with throbs of his cock. He leaned over her sweating back and kissed it, running his fingers along her throat, rubbing the marks from the belt.

“Thank fuck.” She breathed then stood up, trembling as she put weight on her legs. He noticed, as he did with everything about her and picked her up, sitting her on the desk.


She nodded then looked down between her legs, his cum seeping out.

“I’m getting cum on your desk.” She chuckled and he shrugged. He didn’t care as long as it was his.

“Better clean it up then, Minx.” He teased but she was always challenging him and he should have thought it through. She scooped his cum up from the desk and sucked it from her finger, giving him a sly smirk before climbing off the desk.

“I have a dinner to get to.” She said then grabbed her dress and shoes, leaving him there, naked and still hard for her. It was a regular occurrence. As much as he wanted her and needed to sate her, she needed to leave him wanting. It was the game they played. He pulled on his pants then went to hunt her down.

She was showering and he was going to sneak up behind her when his phone rung and she looked over her shoulder.

“You think I don’t know when your big ass body is creeping?” She laughed and he shook his head, answering the call. It was his PI.

“Mason bought an apartment in your building. As far as we can tell, that’s all he’s done.”

“Check his phone records and browsing history.” Dom ordered , his voice low so Clarissa wouldn’t hear him over the shower.

“We did, sir. He’s clean.”

“Keep me updated.” Dom hung up as she stepped out of the shower and got dressed in another gorgeous dress for another guy who wouldn’t satisfy her. Or maybe he would but she’d still come begging him for his cock later and that had him smiling.

“You’re beautiful.” He said, kissing her.

“I know. Now get dressed, I have a client who likes being watched and when I told her I had just the guy, she got very excited.” Clarissa smirked and my cock twitched.


She looked over her shoulder with a nod and cheeky smile, “Hurry up. She said if you’re a good boy, you can play too.” Clarissa teased and he had the quickest shower of his life, not caring that this little minx had him wrapped around her finger because it’s exactly where he wanted to be. He would give everything he had to stay being her Stallion.

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