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Made For Devil

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He loved her at first sight, But she didn’t feel the same, she hated him. A 15-year-old boy, DESHAN ALVEREZ DEVILLE, suddenly became what he dreads most in life, what he loathed most, VAMPIREs. He became a vampire king overnight, then looked back and saw that the life he had been living was all lies but he still loved it. But now he believes he is nothing but a nightmare. 300 years later he becomes the most powerful and dreadful king everyone fears. He was once afraid of death, but death can’t even gaze him in the eye anymore. He feels nothing for anyone or anything, anymore. Nothing tastes right to him, nothing seems to catch his scrutiny. He was just living for existing sake. Until he met HER. A twenty-four-year-old female AVA GRAY cherishes her job and has Ambitious pursuits she believes she has nothing to worry about in the world because she has a black belt in taekwondo She does not believe in the supernatural, mysteries, or anything beyond life, she was a normal lady whose life was going on well just like any typical woman of her age. Until she met HIM. AND EVERYTHING CHANGED. Deshan tried Everything he could to make Ava love him back. And when she finally does, he feels like a king for the first time. But being the Nightmare he thought he was, he feared the worst when the thought of losing her came to his mind.

Erotica / Fantasy
Age Rating:

The Prophecy

It was the full red moon today, the day which the people of Menali found disastrous. Everyone in town is anxious and afraid about what's to come.

The people are always terrified of the full red moon because it brings out the beastly and monstrous side of the blood-sucking creatures called vampires.

The town has been dominated by a particular Vampire clan for centuries.

The humans ran Helter and Skelter to save themselves from thirsty vampires who are ready to suck anything that has blood in it.

Deshan is a boy of 15 years old trying to strive for himself and his family, he is the only son in the family of four ,his father died of cancer when he was 8 years of age.

His small town where he and his family resided had been invaded by Vampires and there was nothing anyone could do about it . Deshan tried everything in his power to keep his family safe from the blood suckers but everything was all in vain when four hefty thirsty vamps knocked their door down and entered their home forcefully.

."Mom, listen to me, okay? don't be scared ... I just need you to run with Sam and Amanda okay? I'll meet you out front ,I just need to divert them okay? you'll be fine" Deshan said shakily, while trying to persuade his mom to go without him.

"what? No! I can't leave with your sisters like that, we have to go together” she said while holding on to the hem of his cloth.

"Look Mom! I know you don't really listen to me, but this is not the right time to argue, can you just listen to me for once? you need to leave now!" he tried again while tears were brewing in his eyes.

He and his family can't die here, they must not die in the hands of these ravenous beasts; he thought to himself.

"No! it's either we go together or we get eaten together "Deshan's mom protested again.

" fine! go ahead and I'll follow ,I promise uhn '' Deshan said when he realized the arguments will not do them any good and all he wanted was for them to be safe.

His mom nodded and went through the backdoor with his sisters only to meet another set of angry vampires, before she and her daughters could run back to deshan they were grabbed and bitten by the blood suckers.

Deshan heard them scream and immediately his spirit left his body, fear gripped him and he was sweating profusely.

He ran towards where he had heard the scream only to find their lifeless bodies on the ground, looking pale as if every blood in them had been drowned, his whole body went numb and he screamed in horror but no sound was coming out of his mouth.

"M.....Mo..mom?,"he shook his mom's lifeless body but there was nothing.

"mom?,s..Sam?,a...am..Amanda??,guys? Please say something, C’mon you can't do this to me! You can't leave me like this, Please, you can't leave me yet " he said through sobs and screams.

He was devastated, he knew inside of him that what was going on was real ..but he still couldn't believe it, he couldn't believe they were dead !? Just like That

He tried to shake awake as if he couldn't believe what was happening at that moment, he just knelt there and cried while nudging his head against them.

He tried to keep crying but the tears won't flow anymore So he just kept on screaming.

After about an hour of mourning his family ,he decided to give himself to the vampires and just die with his family because he had no other reasons to live, he was devastated, angry and confused at everything. At that moment he wanted to just die.

He ran as fast as his legs would carry him deep into the forest knowing fully well his wish would be granted there, he kept on running deeper and deeper till his legs grew weaker and weaker.

"Hey ! bloodsuckers, I’m here now! a free meal for your mother f**king self !" he said through sobs and screams.

He kept on yelling till he couldn't anymore.

He kept on sobbing and rambling but he just couldn't get over the pain he was feeling, he kept on rambling till he heard a voice that startled him.

" Damn you were screaming and you wouldn't let me have a good nap, do you have a death wish?!" The white haired Vampire said with So much power emitting from his voice which made Deshan tremble.

"w..w..who a..are you? Are you one of those monsters and are you here to e..eat me also? “Deshan stuttered as he take double steps towards him

" yuck! Why would I eat you? I bet your blood is gonna taste lame" the white haired Vampire said as he tilted back his head to take a better look at Deshan.

" YOU! I've been looking for you all day the white-haired added as he took slow steps towards him.

"Excuse me? Who on Earth are you? I have no time for all this, if you came to kill me just get over with it, I hate having conversations with the likes of you" Deshan said with the bit of boldness he has left in him.

" Don't be rude kiddo, my name is Hunter, I just want to make friends with you, moreover didn't your mom or dad tell you you'll be meeting a vampire with a white hair? Deshan?" Hunter asked with a straight face.

Deshan was terrified to death the moment his name left hunters' mouths. One minute he wanted to die by their hands and the other minute he did not want to die. He was feeling vengeful at that moment he wanted to kill the vampire in front of him and feed him to the dogs.

" Just shut your trash already you don't know anything about me or my family, and how the f**k do you even know my name?"

"I TOLD YOU TO STOP BEING RUDE!, aren’t you afraid of me?" Hunter yelled while his ocean blue eyes turned into a darker shade of black.

"Why should I be? you guys killed my family!" Deshan sobbed while the image of his dead family flashes through his head. He hated what he was feeling at that moment.

"what are you even talking about, who killed your family"? Hunter asked.

" Those blood suckers bit them and killed them!" Deshan yelled and tears dropped freely from his eyes . He knelt down and clutched his chest tightly like it was hurting.

Hunter watched him sternly and let him cry to his heart's content.

"Are you done? do you want to know why I'm here talking to you? “Hunter said with a straight face, even though he pitied the little boy but didn't want to act like it.

Deshan nodded his head to signify yes while wiping off his face with the Hem of his shirt.

"Like I said earlier I'm hunter and I'm from the 5th generation of true blood vampires “he stated.

"So?" Deshan asked while looking at him with bewilderment.

"So, didn't your adoptive parents tell you anything about being a true, royal blood before they died?".

" No?. Adoptive parents? Royal vampire? Wait what??" Deshan asked after what Hunter said sank into his brain.

"You heard me right, you are the next seating king of all Vampires" Hunter said without any care in the world.

Deshan stood for a minute staring at Hunter before he burst out laughing despite his sorrowful and pitiful state.

" Can you stop being absurd, Mr. Hunter, I'm trying to mourn my family here!" he said with tears brewing in his eyes.

"Okay, so, you don't believe me? huh,well listen carefully to this because I don't repeat myself twice kiddo. your birth Father, the late king Athan Alverez, he was a very powerful man he can annihilate a whole town with just the snap of his finger. Your uncle, king Orthodox of the second clan, wants to have all the council and commands to himself, he wanted your father's kingdom. So he declared war on us and schemed to kill your father. Your mother queen Merylyn gave birth to you on a war day, so he thought of protecting you from the calamity that was brewing .he called his most trusted servant which was a human and gave you to them to nurture you till you get older, they are the ones you called parents. And the reason why you've not gotten thirsty for blood is that the most powerful witch in the continent placed a spell on you, and once I bit you the spell will become undone and it can't be done again." Hunter said in one sentence without getting short of breath.

Deshan looked at Hunter as if he had a cuckoo in his head before laughing again harder than before. He laughed like a psychopath hearing he was the nicest man on earth.

" Did you run away from a circus? Or you're a storyteller?, you really sounded like one right now " he said in-between his laughter.

"Now what the hell do you find funny!" Hunter yelled while getting impatient with him.

" Soo you expect me to believe all that?, mister, People like you killed my family, people like you disgusts me and there is no way I can be a part of you! I will rather die than become you!!" Deshan replied spitefully.

Hunter:: do you have a mental disorder or something?, you can't run from your destiny, no matter what you do ,you will become our king! And if you're going to die before you become king, fine by me! Because even if you're dead or alive! I WILL STILL TURN YOU! That's my job! That's what I'm leaving for! To turn you into A vampire!.

" Just listen to yourself dude you can't just walk up to me and tell me I'm a freaking blood sucker it's not done that way! Don't you see? I am just a normal boy who goes to Melanie High, can’t you see?! The people in town are terrified of you guys, I am terrified! I don't want to believe anything coming from you! Because it's not true, I can't be a vampire! That is not possible! "he yelled while getting himself into a denial state, he did not want to believe what the white-haired was talking about at that moment. He does not want to.

Hunter looked at him coldly.

"I just have three things to tell you. First, I'm not a dude. I am 563 years old and You're a fifteen-year-old kid, secondly; you should be terrified of yourself! Once you're turned, you're going to be much worse and more powerful than any of them. They will all bow to you! Including me! And thirdly, I don't need permission from you before I turn you. You don't give me orders now! I am just going to do what I'm asked to anyway!. And it's final.

" Please don't do this, I am just fifteen years old, just like you said please!" Deshan pleaded, he had lost all hope.

" I don't wish to have this conversation any longer, your highness," Hunter said.

Before Deshan could reply or protest any longer he was knocked out by Hunter.

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