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Teenager Vinx Robernero is attempting to make his way through his final high school year. Although he is well-liked and loved by his peers, his life as the Don's son is challenging him and his capacity to grow into the man he wants to be. His situation is made much more difficult when his father is killed, and he learns that the girl he is holding captive in the casino is broken and was kidnapped when she was a young child. What will Vinx do with the girl now that he has to take over the Societa Oscura? Sarah Adams: Who is she?

Erotica / Romance
Ivy White
Age Rating:

Fuck off!

"Get in here boy!"

Looking down at the stack of money that lays on the palm of my hand, I raise my head and squint my eyes staring at the wall. Biting the skin on the inside of my right cheek, I sigh and stand up.

"What!" I shout shoving the money down the back of the sofa.

"What?" I shout again. Is this man taking the fucking piss? What does he want? Every time I sit down inside this stupid house, that man shouts for me to go to him. What does he want to moan at me for now? I feel as if I cannot do anything right in that man's eyes!

Shaking my head, I walk through to the kitchen where my dad leans up against the grey kitchen counter top.

"Did you just raise your voice to me?" My dad asks me and I shrug my shoulders. Well, he's not exactly wrong is he? Nope.

"Yeah, what's the issue?" I ask him as he crosses his arms over his chest. Grabbing the comb off the kitchen side, he brushes his black hair back and smirks. Why would he even consider brushing his hair in the kitchen? I don't get him at times. Go to the fucking bathroom and do it there, me and mum have to cook inside this kitchen. I guess that I'm ordering in tonight then.

"Vinny are you ready or not?" His main man Kieran shouts walking through the house towards the kitchen. I glance over my shoulder but he doesn't come into my peripheral view.

"Where's mum?" I ask my dad. I've only just entered through the door. The second that I sat down, my dad called me through to the kitchen. My guess is that he plans to go out and kill somebody tonight because he's got a black shirt on and no tie. He only wears white tops and black cargo pants when he's meeting up with people. Recently, him and the other men have started wearing black shirts. He did say that his next plan of action was to get full black suits and long trench coats but for the time being, they're sticking with black leather jackets, black jeans and black shirts. They do look rather smart but when I look down at his white dirty trainers, I don't see how anyone can take him seriously. Still, my dad is a very scary man and nobody wants to get on his bad side ever, myself included.

"Kieran," my dad smirks at his man as he enters the room with Max.

"Can he stick with you?" Kieran asks me and I shrug my shoulders. Fuck would I know! I suppose that he can but I have a party to get to and he is not going looking like that. He's wearing a hawaian shirt filled with pineapples and trees. His white jeans look ridiculous. It's either black or black, none of that bollox; it's as simple as that. I look Max up and down before I turn to my dad with wide eyes. Is he seriously taking the piss or what?

"Well?" My dad smiles. He knows what I’m thinking and he’s putting me on the spot. Way to go Dad! Does he take me for a fool? That kid is wearing clothes that I want to fucking burn. I hate patterns and brown leather shoes. Jesus Christ, something needs to be done about this. I won’t be seen dead next to him in public. Never in a million fucking years.

"Sure," I walk through to the living room and grab my black leather jacket from the sofa. Throwing it on, I turn around and nearly bump into Max who grins at me.

"What?" I ask him abruptly and he slides his hands inside his balloon pants which gets me thinking.

"Let's go and buy you a new rig out. Your not going anywhere with me looking like that." I tell him. Sliding my hand down the back of the sofa, I grab the stack of cash and shove it inside my jacket pocket before I shoulder bardge him out of the way and walk out of the house.

“Vinx I need you to go to the casino later on tonight. That bitch showed up ten minutes ago and I have to meet with a friend.” My dad shouts to me. Walking back over to the front door, I lean up against the wall.

“The one who walked with two stacks of cash last week?” I ask him and he grunts.

“Yeah that one. I think shes underage. The lads on security told me that her identification looks real but I believe it's fake. She has blonde hair and wears jeans. Simply put son, she looks out of place. I won't let the casino fall through because she’s good at cheating. Your grandfather didn’t open that casino for it to fall through a couple of years later.”

“Sure,” I shout back and slam the door behind Max as he steps out of the way.

My dad keeps telling me about this woman. She’s showed up at the casino multiple times now and always walks away with thousands in cash. We believe that she’s cheating the games and reading Elia’s movements. She could be past posting or pinching but the cameras are set up in the wrong position so I’m going to go and check it out for myself and if she does try to get money, she will be sadly mistaken. She’s not getting anymore from my family.

Sliding inside my black G wagon, I start it up and Max tries to open the passenger door.

"Pull the fucking handle!" I shout squinting my eyes. Max sighs and pulls at the door but it doesn’t budge. He’s a waste of oxygen! Opening my door again, I walk around to his side of the car and drag the door open. Max slides inside the jeep and I slam the door, hard.

Climbing back in my seat, I point at him.

“You’re starting the gym tomorrow. You need muscle.” Max grins at me strapping himself in.

“My dad did tell me to be patient with you. Your anger issues are worse than I expected.” Max tells me. Good story, good story.

“Shut up!” I drive out through the single metal fence that my mum left open. Speaking of my mum, she pulls up as I’m leaving. Winding down my window by the button, I lay my arm on the door card.

“Are you out for the night?” My mum asks. She’s checking her lipstick in her hand held mirror. I nod my head and Max leans across the car.

“Hello Mrs Robernero.” He smiles and my mums mouth drops open.

“Is that you Max?” My mum asks him and I nod my head rolling my eyes. Yes it sure is!

“Can you leave the door open for me please mum. Dad needs me to go to the casino to check that woman out but I have a party to get to as well.”

“Of course I can babe. Be quiet when you get back because I have a hair appointment in the morning.”

“Hair appointment...again?” My mum lives at the hairdressers. One day she will wake up and find that she has no hair left. I wouldn’t mind but her black hair looks nice right now and I know that her hairdresser Jenny will cut it even shorter. Her hair is in a bob but with her red lipstick and freshly brightened teeth, she’s truly a beautiful woman.

“No pain and patience, zero beauty baby. Well, can you move out of the way? I can’t get in.” Nodding my head, I chuckle and drive away from the house.

Pulling up outside a clothing store, I leave the jeep with its wheels on the kerb and open Maxes door. Entering the store, I look around while we wait for the owner to appear. Max slides the most hideous shirts to the side searching through them and I turn around to find a black suit with a black shirt. Walking over to it, I look at the suit closely, feeling the fabric. I like that. It would look and feel nice on but I don’t have enough cash for it right now. I can only get Max something to wear and right now, that’s worth more than that suit in my opinion.

“Hello gentlemen. What can I get you?” The owner appears after a couple of minutes and I turn around to face him with a casual smile.

“My friend here needs black jeans and a black top with some black trainers like the ones I’m currently wearing. Do you have what I’m wearing?” I ask him and he stares at me for a couple of minutes. Is he actually going to speak or just stand there staring?

“The full outfit?” The owner asks me and I nod.

“I can look for you. Is your friend sure he wants to wear the same as you? I mean, he has his own sense of style.” He asks me. I really don’t care! Staring into his brown eyes, I feel my top lip twitch and he brushes back his brown hair. The man is in his forties, I would say.

“No I don’t want to-“ Max approaches me and the owner of the store. I whack him where the sun doesn’t shine. Shut the fuck up!

“Get them. I’m the one paying here!” I drag the money from my jeans and show it to him. I don't have much money, two hundred thousand dollars to be exact. Still, that doesn't get you much where I shop and no I won't go to the cheap, tacky markets next to the cathedral.

“That’s assault!” The owner tells me and I don’t say another word. Walking to the door, I leave without purchasing anything and make my way to the next store. That man can fuck off!

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