CASH - A Dark Stepbrother Romance - Excerpt

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Cash Whitlock. Stepbrother. Hot as sin. Control freak. Possessive. And there's only one thing he wants: his stepsister Stormy Knight. The one girl he's never been able to have. Until now. He'll stop at nothing to get her. Once Stormy is his, he'll ignite a passion in her that only he can. With a dark past looming over Cash, the only way he knows how to block it out is by having complete control in and out of the bedroom. And Stormy Knight is all too willing to give it to him.

Erotica / Romance
Lulu Waters
4.6 21 reviews
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Chapter 1

*Please note that this version is an EXCERPT/SAMPLE. It literally says it in the TITLE. Please stop reading and leaving authors shitty reviews because you can't pay attention. *
I apologize if I sound bitchy, but I've literally had shitty reviews left and nasty messages sent to me nonstop because they missed the fact that it says "Excerpt" in 3 different places!!*

*This story is dark, possessive, and very spicy.
*Voted TOP-FAVORITE on Kindle Vella.
*Reached TOP-10 on Radish Fiction.

Trigger Warnings... Come on, it’s a Lulu Waters book, do I even need to list them all?
If you’re new around here, know that ALL of my work has anywhere from 3-50 trigger warnings. Deal with it or don’t. ;)

Happy reading.

I hope you enjoy the hell out of CASH. He’s... something else. Fair warning.


My stepbrother is a whore. I’m pretty sure this is the twentieth chick he’s brought home without our parents knowing. And who gets to listen to them screw all night? Yeah, that would be me.

Our rooms are right next door, and the walls can’t be any thinner. I can actually hear them as if I were in the room with them. Her panting, her sighs, her little moans. His groaning, his grunting, his little promises.

It’s disgusting. I hate him. He’s going to keep me up for the third night this week because he can’t keep his dick in his pants. I wonder if his father knows he raised a complete douchebag of a son. The guy is a total idiot, yet he’s the most popular guy at school. Every girl wants him, and every guy wants to be him. He’s your typical cliché bad boy, and he knows it.

The worst part is knowing I’m not blind to his charms. Before our parents met, I was one of those girls who wanted to be with him. Just once. But a bad boy like Cash Whitlock isn’t about to be with someone like me. We’re complete opposites in every way. He enjoys partying, sleeping around, skipping school, and living life how he sees fit. I’ve never been to a party, I’ve only been with one guy – my boyfriend – no slut here, good grades are my life, and I follow all the rules.

He infuriates me. The guy literally gets away with all of it, and our parents don’t bat an eye. I’m expected to be perfect and earn the full-ride scholarship within my reach. Cash will probably go to college just because he can. And he won’t have to pay a dime.

“Oh, Cash, that’s so good.”

I grab my pillow and smash it over my ears. Her moaning out his name is going to make me sick. But it’s not the moaning itself that makes me want to throw up, it’s the fact that I’m physically attracted to Cash, and I can’t have him. Ever. He’s my stepbrother now and that means he’s completely off limits. I have to believe that anyway.

The pillow doesn’t block out her moans or his headboard tapping against the wall. If anything, it’s louder and I can’t sleep! He’s such an inconsiderate prick! Other people live here, asshole!

I try to block it out -- I really do, but I can’t. Tap. Tap. Tap. Harder. Louder. Moans. Pants.

“Oh, come on!”

Ripping my blanket back, I slip out of bed and stomp out into the hallway. If I can’t sleep, he can’t fuck. We don’t get along well and he’s about to see the wrath of his stepsister. I’ve had enough.

I grab for his door handle, realizing it’s locked. Now I’m even more pissed. Standing back, I bring my foot up and kick next to the handle. The door whips open and slams against his wall.

He’s got her in some weird, twisted position as he fucks her unapologetically. Her hands grip the headboard and her body rocks against him. I can’t pull my eyes away. I’ve watched porn and seen things online but seeing it in person is so much better. Wyatt doesn’t fuck me like this. Ever.

My chest flushes and I can’t ignore the throbbing between my legs. Why do I have to be so attracted to him?!

“Get the fuck out!” Cash barks.

“No! She needs to get the fuck out. I’m trying to sleep! Or should I just go wake up the parental units?”

He lets out a growl as he lifts her from his dick. My eyes are glued to the size and girth of him, mouthwatering when I see how shiny the condom is. I squeeze my legs together but try to keep my strength and anger on full display. I can’t let Cash know how much he affects me. I can’t.

“Way to kill the mood, Stormy,” he snaps. Standing from the bed, I watch his cock bob freely and he’s not ashamed of his nakedness at all. My cheeks are on fire.

“Well, if you didn’t fuck a new chick every other day, I wouldn’t be this angry. I have some very important tests tomorrow, Cash.”

He rolls his eyes, pulling off the condom before he tugs on a pair of briefs. I can’t pull my gaze away from the tight muscles lining his stomach, the V-muscle disappearing behind the silky black material. The unknown girl tugs on her clothes, throwing daggers at me. I don’t recognize her at all. Where does he find all these girls? Is there a Sluts-R-Us around that I don’t know about?

The tattoos on his chest move as he breathes heavily, glaring over at me. He’s obviously irked that I interrupted his fuck-fest, but I don’t care. This is getting ridiculous. He might be eighteen already, but that doesn’t make him an adult. He can do whatever the hell he pleases next year in college — where I’ll be far away from him — but until then, he can fuck right off.

“Who the hell is this, Cash?” The nameless girl asks, pinning me with her glare.

I want to tell her that I’ll be her worst nightmare if she doesn’t get the fuck out of here, but I don’t. She doesn’t mean a thing to me. I just want them to stop so I can sleep. They can go fuck somewhere else, just not here.

“My ridiculous stepsister who’s pissed me off.”

I fist my hands in my eyes, pout my lips, and pretend I’m crying. “Oh, poor, baby. You can’t keep screwing some random girl? Blue balls make you angry? Oh, boo hoo!”

He pins me with his hot glare next, clearly not finding humor in my joke. Jeez, calm down, big guy. My cheeks blush at my own words. He is big. Very big, in fact. I may not have seen many dicks in real life, but I’ve seen enough online to know Cash is working with some good equipment. No wonder why he’s a god at school. Jerk!

Cash walks over and opens his window, helping the slut-butt leave quietly. I have half the urge to scream and wake our parents, but I’m not that big of a jerk. I really just want to sleep.

His messy light-colored hair is unruly and all I can picture is the chick’s fingers tugging and pulling as he screws her. Gah! I don’t want to think about that!

“Happy? She’s gone, now fuck off,” Cash snaps as he closes his bedroom window.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I glare at him. “Yes, actually, I am happy. Now I can get some fucking sleep. You’re such a jerk, Cash.”

I spin on my heels and storm from his room, but before I can reach the hallway, he grabs my arm and spins me. My head wobbles and I’m breathless when he knocks me against the wall, startling me. What the hell is he doing?!

He traps me between him and the wall, pressing his hot nakedness against me. I can’t ignore the way he makes my body buzz, but I refuse to show him. Moving my eyes to the tattoos lining his chest and one arm, I gulp. I’ve tried to hide my attraction to Cash Whitlock for years, but if he keeps looking at me like this, I might lose it.

The thin nose ring catches my attention when he cocks his head, glaring into my eyes with his gunmetal gray orbs. I’m never this close to him, so I’ve missed the dark rings around his eyes and how they seem to pulsate when he’s angry. Some of his unruly hair falls into his face and my instincts kick in, wiping it from his brow.

A low growl rumbles in his chest. “You owe me an orgasm, Stormy.”

I swallow hard, feeling the ache between my legs throb harder. Part of me wants to allow him to use my body for his release, while the other part of me is scolding me for even thinking that way. Cash Whitlock is my stepbrother, completely off limits to me.

“Go jerk off in the shower like a normal teenager,” I whisper.

Thinking of him standing naked in the shower while he strokes and tugs on his cock stirs something deep inside me. My nipples are hard as pebbles, pressing against the thin material of my sleep shirt, praying he doesn’t notice.

A smirk lifts his lips, revealing perfect teeth while his eyes slide down my neck. He presses harder against me, my hard nipples brushing against his chest, and I moan.

He caresses his hand up my side, brushing his thumb across my nipple. “Sounds and feels like you might want to help me out after all, sis.

Ew. That grosses me out and I push him away. He totally just ruined the moment between us. What am I even thinking? I’m flushed, panting, and ready to combust, and I have no idea why I’m feeling this way right now. I just caught him fucking a random girl and my body betrays me like this?

“Good night, Cash,” I growl and spin on my heel, finally leaving his bedroom without another hitch.

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