The Huntsman

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Lycans/Mates 18+ Ruby meets a fierce huntsman deep in the woods one fateful night. Elijah is dark, mysterious and soon becomes everything she wants in a man. He’s protective, a provider and he sets her on fire with passion. It isn’t until Ruby stumbles upon a horrifying sight in her own home that her life is forever changed, lines are crossed and a battle is waged against her. Will Eli save her or destroy her? Dark Romance. Explicit sexual scenes. Violence throughout.

Erotica / Fantasy
M L Smith
4.8 36 reviews
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Her heart was beating heavily in her chest as she saw the basket laying on its side where she’d dropped it. The blade reflected off the moonlight where it must have spilled free earlier.

Maybe luck was on her side after all.

Ruby was leaning down to pick up the blade when she was crashed into from behind. A startled yelp left her as she fell forward, only for Elijah to twist, taking the brunt of the fall until she was straddling his waist, her skirts draping over his lower stomach.

Elijah stilled as the blade pressed into his chest, his eyes narrowing at the weapon. Ruby’s hands trembled enough along the hilt that she nicked his skin, her mouth drying when crimson blood bubbled up before sliding down the side of his body.

Ruby’s breathing was heavy when she met his piercing green gaze, expecting to see his hatred. Not a lust that made his eyes gleam sensually in the moonlight. The wind bit at her breasts, reminding her that half of her gown was completely undone and she was straddling a naked Lycan with his thick cock prodding her clit while her knife dug into his skin.

And he liked it.

“Do it,” Elijah rasped. “Sink that blade into my heart, Ruby. You’ll have all the headstart you need to get away. My brother is far enough behind that you can easily escape while I’m down.” Ruby could feel his excitement as he held her stare, waiting for her to make the next move. Her chin quivered the longer she gazed down at him, indecision warring within her.

Elijah might believe her capable of harming someone, but she’d never willingly wounded a person before.

Not until now.

“Come, my love,” Elijah coaxed. “You are a dark witch, are you not?”

Elijah gripped her hips possessively, his muscles bunching under her blade as he sat up easily. The blade sank slowly into his skin until Ruby was forced to either go through with the act of stabbing him or drop her weapon.

The choice was easy and the knife fell to the snow beside them.

Elijah looked down at the fallen blade, his jaw clenching. And then he palmed the back of her neck, dragging her mouth to his.

Ruby gasped in surprise, and Elijah used the small sound to his advantage, sinking his tongue into her mouth. He took command of her body easily, as if he’d been born to do it and Ruby let him, surrendering herself as his tongue coaxed hers into a dance that had her pussy clenching.

She didn’t take a second to wonder how things had changed so drastically, blaming it on the adrenaline no doubt coursing through both of them from the chase.

Elijah’s hands slid to her hips, urging her to grind herself along his cock, the hard length sliding through her folds and bumping her clit. Her cunt was soaked, and she knew she was coating his shaft in her juices by the way he shuddered, his thrusts increasing.

Ruby threw her head back as Elijah broke the kiss and attacked her breasts, tasting a nipple before biting down hard enough that she screamed. Her hands fisted in his hair, holding his mouth hostage as she began to meet his thrusts eagerly, chasing an orgasm he’d brought to life inside of her.

“Eli, please, I need- ah!”

Elijah grunted, hands biting into her hips and forcing her into a hard rhythm while he moved to her other breast, teasing her nipple before sucking it into his hot mouth. Ruby should have been frozen solid by now but Elijah’s heat kept away the chill, setting her body on fire and leaving only room for pleasure to spread inside her.

“Ah,” Ruby cried out again, her release so close that her vision dimmed.

“Give me your cries pet,” Elijah growled, dragging her mouth back to his. She whimpered when he nipped her lower lip hard enough to draw blood, but she only rode him harder, her movements becoming more erratic as her body trembled. He bucked his hips and soon he was grinding against her clit while he fucked her mouth with his tongue.

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