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Kissing the Contractor

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Fletcher is tired of switching between contractors on the renovations he does interior for. After being spotted my world-renowned general contractor Maddox, Fletcher gets thrown into the spotlight as his new partner and interior designer. Will they be able to overcome obstacles in their relationship or will the limelight destroy their biggest project yet - their forever future.

Erotica / Romance
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Prelude to the Breakfast Club

You were tired of jumping around on different job sites all of the time. It came as a surprise to you entirely when you learned that you were finally getting put with one permanent contractor to design houses with.

The best part?

It was unlike any other job you’ve worked on as an interior designer. Your general contractor, that would soon be your partner, was popular in that he was so damn good at his job that they had him on TV doing renovations for people and businesses.

Maddox Ramos.

You’re very familiar with him right along with probably every man-hungry woman or man in the world that has seen the show. You have no idea how you got picked – but yet here you are.

You pull into the driveway of the address that your boss gave you and you take a deep breath before letting it go after holding it for too long. You saunter up to the front door before ringing the doorbell. This place doesn’t look like a current reno, it looks like a well-kept home.

The front door swings open effortlessly moments after your arm comes back down to your side. Your eyes trace up from a pair of rugged-looking boots to faded blue jeans. Before you stands Maddox Ramos in the flesh.

Oh holy Mary Mother of God, he’s as perfect in person as he looks on TV.

“Fletcher?” His voice questions you, a lush velvet that infiltrates your body quickly like an invader attack without warning. You nod, knowing it’s the best you can do.

“Maddox.” You nearly yelp out, acknowledging him as he smirks at you.

“It’s a pleasure.” Maddox offers his hand to you and you shake it. You immediately feel a rush of electricity run between your hands. “Whoa.” He chuckles, looking down at his hand in yours.

“Sorry.” You breathe out, sloppily pulling your hand away. “I brought some of my work in my portfolio if you’d like to see it.” You offer and he motions for you to follow him inside.

“That’s not necessary. I’m the one that asked them to contact you. I’ve seen your work and it’s rather impressive.” Maddox states and you feel as if your jaw hit the floor.

He requested you? Maddox Ramos, America’s most loved renovator picked you?

“You picked me?” Your voice comes out in more of a whisper than you had intended it to.

“Of course I did. It’s marvelous work.” Maddox’s smile melts you into a pile of nothing. His change in tone tells you that he is being genuine.

“I could say the same of yours…obviously.” You rush out – wishing you could smack yourself in the face right about now. There is no way that someone like him is gay and even if he was there would be no way that he would be into you.

“I’m sure your wife…girlfriend or whoever is the lucky one must have a very presentable and lovely home.” Maddox compliments you and you want to scream.

“I’m actually gay.” You blurt out and your hand rushes to cover your mouth. “Oh my God, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” You panic as Maddox’s face blushes a deep red.

“So you’re accidentally gay?” Maddox chuckles and hands you a glass of wine as you sit down on his couch with him. “Because I am, too. Gay, that is, but definitely not accidentally.” He finishes, a smirk crossing his face as he watches you.

“Wait, what?” You look at him in disbelief, your eyes widening with yearning and curiosity.

“You can’t tell?” Maddox’s face nearly turns into an automatic frown. You shake your head with caution.

“Honestly…not really, no. That’s sure going to throw off about every willing woman in the world though.” You dryly laugh and you are shocked to hear Maddox laughing, too.

“I’ll just have to be a disappointment.” He grins and your heart falls into your ass.

He’s perfect and hilarious.

“So does five AM work for tomorrow to start?” You ask as he watches you intently.

“Absolutely, four AM would be even better if you’d like to catch breakfast first.” Maddox offers and now you’re the one who’s blushing.

“Breakfast with me?” You softly ask and he laughs boisterously. He jokingly looks around to see if anyone else is with you.

“Yes, you – unless of course you’d prefer to eat alone.” He longingly looks to you, almost pleading in nature.

“No, I’d really like that.” You warmly confirm as you stand to head out.

“That’s settled then, it’s a date.” He hands you his phone. “Give me your number and I’ll text you the address.” He casually asks you and you put your number in his phone.

He holds the door open for you, but you can almost feel him hesitate.

“Thank you, Maddox, for everything. I’m excited to see where this goes.” You smile, unable to stop it from staying put there.

“I could say the same.” Maddox seductively says and you can’t help but assume he isn’t talking about the job. “Fletcher?” He questions as you turn back around to him.

“Yeah?” You watch him as he moves in closer to you.

“Thanks for taking the job.” He moves from leaning against the doorframe and in seconds you feel his soft lips gently meet yours before they begin to part slightly. “See you at breakfast.” He mutters out, his breath catching in his throat.

Holy shit.

“It’s settled – it’s a date.” You lustfully say as you stumble your way towards your car in a daze of emotion and want.

Oh Maddox, what have we gotten ourselves into?

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