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Bloody Betrayals

By Rachel G. Strater All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Erotica


I am the last hope second Earth has. I am the last resource for our future. I am the only one who can save us. I am the last person we can count on. Too bad I just fell into the hands of the one person on second Earth who doesn’t care about what happens to anyone, not even himself. Abandoned as a child, Bartell didn’t know anything but what he was taught. The only known enemy of the land of Vandorom, adopted him. Vandorom was rich with red sands and a tropical setting. Bartell was an honest man at one time. He cared about people, places, and things. That is until Timathist took him to the other side. A dark and lonely life he was forced to embrace. Then he became a vampire. He is a deadly blood-sucking beast. After that night, he came to only care about himself. He has no need for anyone or anything anymore, which makes him indescribably dangerous.


I lay here wondering if anyone will help me,

Wondering if anyone can see my pain I hide, the darkness circling around as far as I can see,

Is it possible I have died?

I scream inside not being able to let out a sound,

So cold and distraught I find myself alone,

The pain in my heart begins to pound,

Can someone please shine a light so the darkness will be gone?

Alone in my thoughts I know I am lost to almost everyone,

Nothingness seems to in-grope my soul,

Wondering if the coldness will ever be gone,

Asking myself if I ever again will be whole.

Broken and alone I lay her in my pain,

Crying inside almost every day,

Why go on in this life when there seems nothing to gain,

I lived my life up and now it’s time to pay.

Don’t think for a moment there is no cost to pay for your life,

Live to free and be a captive when you die,

So live it up and keep all you can in strife,

And always remember when it’s over why bother to try.

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