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Chloe is Dantes younger sister. She has secrets that no one in The Societa Oscura knows about. She's in a relationship with Draven, who takes care of The Societa Oscura in Sicily for Kenzo. How did these two get together in the first place? Let's go back to the beginning shall we. What's happening in The Societa Oscura now? We shall find out.

Erotica / Romance
Ivy White
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Draven is Derbyname replaces Derby

“Your brother finds us together and murder will strike.” I stand next to the window smoking a cigar. I ask myself what I’m doing and I cannot answer my own damn question. What am I doing with a twenty year old when I’m thirty two? She’s beautiful, there’s no doubt about that but I think back to Malicia constantly and wonder why that relationship between us never did work out. For fucks almighty sake.

“He will never know,” Chloe gives me a striking smirk and I nod my head pacing across the room like a fucking lunatic. Dante has a screw loose in that head of his. He reminds me of a ticking time bomb waiting to detonate. I could take him out but his closest and most loyal friend who looks at him as if he’s a brother is Kenzo Robernero. My boss, my cousin, the man I respect and the man I fear. I wouldn’t want to step on his toes and I certainly wouldn’t want for him to hunt me down alongside Dante but I cannot deny it. I’m fucking Dantes little sister and she’s one of a kind.

Placing my hands down on the desk, I look directly at Chloe.

“You sure about that huh? How can you be so fucking sure? My head is on the line here. It’s alright for you with your lovely little mansion, your supported for life and everything is panning out the way that you want it to. What have I got? My mother has fucked off, my brother is a fucking psychotic bastard and my brothers won’t approve of what we have going on here. How do you think that makes me feel?”

“I do not live in a mansion. My brother does!”

Chloe stands up and runs around the desk to me. Placing her hands on my shoulders, she turns me around to face her and I wipe the sweat from my forehead. This is stressing me the fuck out!

“Sir, Mr Robernero is here to see you.” Laurie shouts from the others idea of the door and I breathe out sighing. Chloe looks up at me through sad disturbed eyes and I walk forwards, as she does backwards.

“Shit! Chloe you need to hide... in there,” I guide her with my hands on her shoulders over to the cupboard. Chloe steps inside and I close the door after she turns around. Putting on a fake smile, I straighten out my suit coat, grab a napkin and wipe my forehead.

The door opens as I place the napkin on the table. Kenzo, Dante, Max, Mac, Davva and Trey enter the room fully suited and booted. Their black suits match, their black shirts are steam cleaned, smelling fresh. The scent drifts across room and I look down at my white shirt, black tie and black suit. I feel outdated here.

Their black shoes are gleaming as is the gold hex ties that travel down the front of their shirts. A navy blue and gold corset vest makes them look impeccable as does their long black trench coats with navy blue collars made from a thick material. Don’t ask me what that is.

Kenzo is the most scariest of them all. I know that most men won’t ever admit what their fears are but I don’t really care. Kenzo is not the man to get on the wrong side of. He doesn’t know that but everyone else does. He’s lethal when he wants to be.

Dante is even worse. The two of them together can make any man want to kill himself with one smile. While Kenzo is reserved, Dante is a gobby fuck which is where his little sister gets it from. He doesn’t care who he offends. If a thought comes to his mind, he will share it with the room, no fucks given.

Max is roughly a year older than Kenzo. Dante is a year or two younger. Still, Max is more the silent until spoken to type of man. He will shoot without any warning.

Mac is a cocky fuck. He will argue with you about anything. You tell him to shut up, he will tell you to piss off.

Davva, the joker is exactly that. He will make a joke out of any argument which can be frustrating but it lightens the mood at times. You can imagine how it works out with all of these men inside one room together. It’s rather interesting and sometimes, I don’t even know how it will end.

Then you have Trey. The new kid to their group. He has been with The Societa Oscura for many years but he hasn’t been dragged in properly. Not until recently. I think he will be good for business. He can fix what Davva and Mac destroy. To be honest, I believe that Kenzo needs him.

These men right here are the main group for fronting the Societa Oscura and they don’t take any shit.

All of the men distribute themselves around the room. I glance over at the door where Chloe stands behind it. I cannot believe I forgot about the meeting today and now I have to conduct business with all of the men and her inside the room. I prefer not to let any of the women know the business. It’s too much stress for any of them to handle and they deserve a life of freedom in my eyes.

A knock at the door grabs all of our attention before I even get the chance to greet my guests. It’s Laurie again.

“Your guests have arrived,” Laurie opens the door fully. Fili, Axe and Kopo enter the room.

Kenzo turns himself around, his hands are held infront of him, his black leather gloves cover his relaxed hands, his black suit is pristine as is his navy blue and gold corset vest. His suit jacket is wide open and in my eyes he sets a great example for all of us men with how to act.

Kenzo glances over at Dante and snarls. I tighten my hands inside my pockets grabbing the fabric. Shits about to go down and Chloe is inside the cupboard. If one shot is fired in her direction, it will pierce straight through that cupboard door and hurt her. I grit my teeth.

“Fili hmm,” Kenzos eyes travel from the top of Filis head all the way to his shoes. He steps towards him, stops and breathes in.

“I think you need to freshen up,” Kenzo glances over at Davva who laughs starting Mac off. Well, this is going to be interesting.

“This pussy boy wants to join us for business did you say boss?” Davva places his hand on Axes shoulder grinning.

“He can get to fuck,” Mac crosses his arms over his chest and Dante sits down on the seat opposite me.

“Your call,” Dante keeps his eyes on the men. Kenzo is thinking about the business offer but we all know that he wants the men to relay the information to him again.

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