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Best Friend

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Chapter 2

My livestream had just finished three minutes ago, and I was still riding from the high of people engaging with me, asking questions, and advice, and even offering me free stuff to review on my page.

No matter how many times I do it, it feels great talking about things I like with people who share the same interests as me.

They still tune in every Friday, despite not seeing my face, I matter to these people.

I decide to just take off all my stuff and go for a shower, it’s a little too late now so maybe I’ll order food too?

I’m feeling like pizza.

Just as I removed my masquerade mask, my phone lit up with a notification.

Unlocking my phone, I see it’s from a user called ‘Sdghsd’ which to me looked like a spam account.

I ignore it, and before putting my phone back down, my phone lights up again.

‘2 new messages’.

Whatever, I’ll just see what they want and then I’ll go shower.

Sdghsd: You look beautiful with your hair down

Sdghsd: I bet you like it being pulled, don’t you? I’d love to use those handcuffs on you sometime, what do you say?

What the hell was this guy talking about? I click on his profile for more info.

It was completely blank, without a name or single post.

Whoever this person is, they text me again so I see what they said before I block them.

The first thing I see is a man’s torso, and oh wow was this guy built like a movie star, he had muscles.

Yet- I’m no idiot, whoever this is, they’re probably trying to catfish me by using someone else’s photo.

Sdghsd: Do you like what you see?

This pervert... whoever he was, was starting to creep me out.

I decide to text whoever this was and go into the shower, I desperately wanted to wash the makeup off my eyes and slip into some comfy pajamas.

Me: Nice try, bother someone else before I report your fake profile

With that, I turn my phone off and throw it on my bed, feeling sassy with my response.

I’m used to people messaging me, especially men who only visit my profile to see my pictures.

I strip out of my new lingerie and get into the shower, feeling nice and fresh that I got to have a relaxing talk with my viewers.

It’s always good when people engage, rather than people catcalling me live in the chat.

Once I’m nice and clean, with a towel wrapped around my hair and dressed in fresh pajamas, I slide into my bed and turn the TV on.

Grabbing my phone, I see that I forgot to block sdghsd, and he’s messaged me again, twice.

This guy, seriously.

I click on the message and my eyes almost pop out of my skull.

A photo, with him holding a piece of paper with his username written on it, I couldn’t see his face, but oh boy was this man ripped like a machine.

Sdghsd: Is that proof enough for you?

I was speechless, very rarely does someone with this great of a body ever take interest in me.

Sdghsd: So now that we’ve established that I’m real, how about it? Want to meet me?

What the hell was this guy saying? I don’t even know him.

Sdghsd: I know what you want, you want me... you want me to punish you, don’t you?

I blush at his words and how prude he was talking to me, despite not even knowing me.

Sdghsd: Are you wet right now? I bet you are

This guy... I was about to close the chat down and turn my phone off, but whoever this guy was, he was sending me another photo.

When I click on it, my mind went blank.

He sent me a photo of his.... erection.

What the hell??? I wanted to write, but I was too embarrassed, being this is the first time I’ve seen one this thick, and large.

His was big and intimidating, and he was holding it firmly in his hand and it was fully erect.

Sdghsd: I got like this because of you

Sdghsd: I know you’re here, so what do you think? You don’t have to be shy, I don’t bite

I blushed hard and wrote back, not liking being called shy, not by some stranger!

Me: Whose shy? Pervert

Sdghsd: She speaks!

Sdghsd: If I’m the pervert, that makes you a hypocrite, doesn’t it now?

I ignore his text and stare at the picture with him holding his username, hating the way I feel when I look at his body.

Damn, he had a nice body, I wonder what he looked like?

At 28 this is my first time seeing a man’s body, having had no experience with men, I was a virgin to everything to do with a man’s body.

I was into kinky things, and sure I owned a lot of couple stuff, but I had never used them on anyone but myself.

This man... he’s probably had many women at his mercy, especially with that weapon between his legs.

Dammit, just looking at it again and now thinking about it, it was getting me all hot and horny.

Sdghsd sent me a video this time, that was 13 seconds long, I hesitated for the longest moment, but then I gave in, and clicked play.

Holt shit...

He was recording himself while he was touching his erection... it had me mesmerized right up until he had his release.

I had to reply to the video again just to listen to his manly moans, something that was definitely doing something to me.

I touch myself down below and surprise surprise, I was wet, and horny, because of him.

Sdghsd: Tell me just how much you want me

Sdghsd: I want nothing more than to tie you up, and destroy you for all other men, would you like that?

Sdghsd: You want me to talk nasty to you and put you at my mercy, you want me in control, it drives you crazy just thinking about it

The way he was talking was getting me hot, I liked how he talked about me, and what he wanted to do to me.

I felt embarrassed that I wanted all of this, but didn’t know how to say it, after all, he was a stranger.

I was touching myself, and I was close, the video of him touching himself played over in my mind until I eventually felt myself explode inside, with a fire I never felt before.

Sdghsd: I want you so bad

With shaky hands, I release a shaky breath, my face hot and my chest beating out of control.

I can’t believe I just did that.

Me: I need to sleep

Sdghsd: Can I message you tomorrow?

I didn’t know what to say, I’d just touched myself to his photos, and he did the same, yet for some reason, I wasn’t ready to stop whatever was going on right now.

Just for a little while... I can enjoy talking to him for a little longer, and then I can block him...

Me: Fine

Me: Goodnight

Sdghsd: Tomorrow then... goodnight beautiful

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