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The Billionaire Passenger

By Amy Clark Berand All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


The Mile High club has never felt so good.

Kenneth goes mile high

Kenneth was pissed. He needed to get to London to close a deal, and his pilot had crashed his motorcycle on the way to the airport. Instead of flying in his private jet, he was having to fly first class on United from LAX to London. Not happy. He sat in seat 1E, happy at least to be able to stretch his long legs in a seat that gave him enough space. Kenneth was blonde, six feet seven inches tall, and still retained the athletic frame that allowed basketball put him through Stanford on a scholarship to study engineering.

At 28 he was the owner of a couple of technology companies, and he had taken one public and was officially a billionaire. He was on the way to London to acquire another business, and if his pilot wasn’t an idiot he would have been in his own plane. Not bad for a boy from South Texas.

Across the aisle, Tasha spotted Kenneth as he sat, and sized him up. Perfectly fitting casual clothes, jeans, handmade blazer that fit perfectly despite his height, audemars piguet watch - platinum no diamonds, no socks, berluti loafers. Real money. The kind that didn’t usually fly commercial. Tasha took pride in being one of the most senior flight attendants despite her age, and as a black girl from Chicago she knew that wasn’t common.

She took her job seriously, and she made sure she worked out, kept up to speed on requirements, and always kept customers happy. Customers in first class were picky fuckers, and they tended to have a lot of experience as customers. Tasha was tall, thick, with a tight waist, and a curvy butt. Her breasts were large but conservatively packaged on the outside, and she made sure her cleavage was not a distraction. She smelled fresh in her perfume, but made sure it was never overwhelming. Her hair was long and pinned up, and frankly she looked incredible. She caught Kenneth’s eye and walked over.

“What can we get you Sir? Orange juice, pineapple juice, champagne?”

“If you weren’t new you would know I drink only champagne.”

“Sir. I’m not new, but champagne it is.”

“Well you look new. Brand new.” Kenneth winked at Tasha.

She blushed. Why would he insult her like this? And then wink to compound it? Like he was flirting with her? After that? She walked off to get the champagne. As she served it Kenneth ignored her, and grunted a thank you as she walked away .

Kenneth looked at her. That ass. He knew the myth about flight attendants was wrong. They were usually very professional, and very organized, and the black ones even more so. She probably had fought long and hard for that position, and she wouldn’t jeopardize it by jumping in bed with a passenger. Especially not a rude white passenger.

She probably had issues about race anyway. Then he looked at her ass again, and remembered. He never took no for an answer. It was never no, it was not now. The flight was sixteen hours, so there was a lot of time to sleep and catch up on work. As the dinner service finished and the passengers went to sleep, the flight staff went to the galley. Kenneth walked over and looked for Tasha.

“I’m not really an asshole.”

“I work here. You can be whatever you want.”

“Fine. I’m an asshole.”

“I know.” They both laughed nervously. His eyes were blue and cold, but there was something there, like he saw her.

He stuck out his hand. “Kenneth Green”

“Tasha Smith”. She shook it. His hands were heavy and thick, like he did manual labor, but at the same time impeccably groomed. He smelled so good, especially standing up. And he was tall...


“In college. How did you guess?”

“Your build and your hands.”

“You seem like you play a sport. You’re really fit.”

“Well I played basketball, but these days I swim and play with weights.”

Tasha was warming up to him. He was fiiine. They exchanged numbers and agreed to meet in London.

Once the flight reached London Tasha went to the crew hotel. When she got to her room there was an envelope for her, addressed “Ms. Smith”. She opened it, and there was a card from Kenneth inviting her to lunch. She had planned on taking a nap, but she was surprised he had figured out her room. She took off her clothes, and as she padded around the room someone knocked.

She put on a robe, and received a box. From Kenneth. Opening it, it was some of the most shocking, erotic lingerie she had ever seen. Sheer French silk, crotchless panties, and a sheer lacy bra. She had to try it on. IT WAS HER SIZE! She smiled, as this guy was something else. How did he know what she liked? A card slipped out “Something to try on.” Of course she put them on, and pranced in front of the mirror admiring the effects.

The lingerie was beautiful and fit perfectly. She got dressed in tights and a cream sweater, with a leather jacket in case London weather messed around. She went downstairs, and in the lobby a suited chauffeur held a card “Ms. Smith”. She went with him to a silver Rolls-Royce limousine. She got in the back, and was almost paralyzed by how comfortable it was. It was like being in a different world.

For a change she could have some champagne, and be pampered. It was a short ride, and eventually she ended up at Kenneth’s flat. She was to wait for him while he finished his closing and came over. She was amazed at the view. He had a penthouse overlooking the Southbank of the Thames at Black Friars. A newer area, but incredible views and very plush. She watched some TV and played with her phone, and as she nodded off the door opened, and Kenneth walked in.

“I think you’ve been stalking me.”

“You liked the flowers.”

“I’m wearing the lingerie.”

“I figured you would.”


“I told you to.”

“Does everyone do what you tell them to?”


“Try something else then. Let’s see if you have magic.”

He walked straight up to her, looking her deep in her eyes, and kissed her forehead, then her lips. Gently, then heavier. Her full lips connected with his, and she was soon gripped by him in a passionate, extensive kiss. He was a great kisser, and as she melted into him she knew she would do whatever he asked. She just hoped he would be kind.

He held her closely, and was soon running his hands all over her body, palming her bum and pulling her on to his growing erection. He pulled back.

“So questions. I’d love to see what you look like in that lingerie.”

Despite her objections she couldn’t help it. Her clothes were off in a second. Her pussy was soaked, and her nipples were visibly hard through the sheer lace. Kenneth smiled and sat back on the couch.


She did.

“Why don’t you do a show for me as you take them off?”

“Kenneth I need music.”


From the hallway a young man walked out, in a t shirt and jeans. Tasha was shocked. Paul was not as tall as Kenneth, but he was more muscular, very handsome in a dark latin way, and had a fierce look in his eyes, like a hungry soul who was never satisfied.

“Paul and I do everything together. He’s my business partner, and we are both celebrating today. Paul, get some music.”

He put on the tv, and as the music played she started dancing. She was used to customers and putting on a show, and she knew she had an incredible body. As a young girl Tasha had worked as a stripper, and she had the same fearlessness and comfort with her body. She soon had Kenneth and Paul mesmerized.

As she took her bra off she looked at Kenneth, and for the first time he wasn’t so completely in control. Her breasts were large and firm, and her nipples were thick and long. As she pulled her panties down she turned and bent over, flashing her cunt at Kenneth and Paul. She was shaven, but she was also soaking wet. It was obvious.

She felt possessed, as she stood up and faced them both.

“Your turn guys.”

They didn’t move, so she walked to Kenneth and pulled his belt. His pants came off quickly. He didn’t wear any underwear, and his thick, long uncircumcised cock sprang free. Tasha gripped it and kissed it. It was hard, but her sucking made it harder, and shortly afterwards Kenneth was on the floor being given the best head he had ever had. Tasha had thick lips, a deep throat, and was a fantastic cocksucker.

Kenneth closed his eyes, as she took his entire cock in her mouth and sucked it with a pressure he had never experienced. Kenneth was enjoying this, but a bit too much. He was scared he would cum without fucking Tasha. He pulled away, and put her on her knees. Entering her pussy from behind, he gently introduced his huge cock into her.

She was wet and ready for him, and eagerly backed on to his cock. He plunged into her, and tried different depths and strokes until he was fully inside her pussy and fucking her hard and fast, filling her up all the way with each stroke. Tasha’s head swam. His cock was so hard, so strong, so big, she soon came loudly, squirting all over him.

He kept fucking her through her orgasm, and as she recovered she saw Paul. She motioned him over, and he knelt in front of her, with his hard, hairy, massive cock. It was bronze and veiny, and cut. He was delicious, and shoved his dick into her mouth. She sucked it happily, as Kenneth fucked her and reached around to twist her thick, hard nipples. She squealed and tried not to choke as both Kenneth and Paul fucked her from both sides. Both her mouth and pussy were full of billionaire cock. Kenneth held her hips and increased his pace.

She felt his urgency as his cock hardened and expanded, and his orgasm was loud as he pulled her hair and filled her with blasts of hot sperm. She came immediately afterwards, soaking his cock with her juices. At the same moment Paul choked up and pushed his cock deeper into her throat. His cum seemed unending, and he filled her throat with his sperm, which she swallowed happily.

They all laid back on the carpet, temporarily sated. Kenneth sucked her nipples gently and Paul ate her pussy, licking her clit and fingering her, putting pressure on her g spot. Her clit hardened as we sucked her, and she could feel she would soon need to be fucked again, after she came from the sucking. And to think she was pissed at Kenneth when they first met. She loved the attention, and wondered - after all the effort to be a good girl, the billionaire life was way more fun. If everyday was a gangbang, it would be fun...

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