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WARNING: MATURE CONTENT AHEAD Enter the boudoir at your own risk. This is a glimpse of my dirty mind through sexy one-shots and steamy short stories, and I'm not responsible for heatwaves, ruined underwear, and unquenchable thirsts. There is always a small plot though, and you know me, there will be twists ;) 18+

Erotica / Romance
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Warning + author's note

Welcome to the boudoir...

This is my last warning: these one-shots will be mature with detailed sex scenes, some even including kinks and BDSM (bondage, choking, whipping...).

Tell me if you want me to mention a brief recap of what each story will include at the beginning of the chapters.

Don’t forget to add this book to your reading lists or private libraries and follow me to know when I update new one-shots!

Now, I let you enjoy!

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