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Becoming Isla

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Sophie is down on her luck. She hates her job, hates her life and hates the fact she can't become a real writer. Her landlord has given her twenty-one days to get the rent together; otherwise, she has no flat, and the idea of returning home doesn't bear thinking about. So when she finds a get-rich idea from her loyal friend Kat, she soon finds her way down a Rabbit Hole of fetishes, rich and sexy men, demanding fans, high-paying editors and hot exes. But, she isn't expecting to find herself in the playground of professional Dom and night club owner, Mr Knight. Fascinated by his lifestyle and his persona, she feels drawn to him and she walks a fine line between professionalism and pleasure. But when she is offered the chance to become a columnist in a high-class magazine, will she learn she won't do anything for a story? Or will becoming a writer mean she will hurt the people who got her to the top and betray her new friends and old friends and risk the relationship she has with Mr Knight?

Erotica / Romance
Belle Dowson
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Prologue - The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole was everything I had imagined. The dark walls and the lights were dimmed down low. The music was a low hum merely present to create an atmosphere. It was highly organised. The smell wasn’t what I had expected though. I imagined it smelling of sweat and sex. Yet, it smelled of tropical fruits, and it smelled beautiful.

Tom greeted people, stopping far too often for my liking. I wanted to explore. I noticed little stalls and a woman doing elaborate face and body art. A man was selling leashes, collars and day collars. A couple was selling outfits and other stalls.

This was where the party started. The casual hellos, the casual discussions. Before the real party happened behind the heavy-set doors.

I drank everything in. I drank in the fetishes that were portrayed in front of me. I could write so many articles, write a novel, and finally become the writer I had dreamed of.

But I hadn’t anticipated who I would meet in this dark, erotic haven. Jack Summers.

His eyes locked onto mine, and I gave him a weak yet confident smile as I crossed the busy dance floor with very little dancing. Isla was controlling tonight, and Sophie was at home stroking her cat and drinking cheap wine.

“Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.” He mused, his icy blue eyes sparkling.

“I take it that makes me Alice.” I laughed as I took in his 6ft 2” frame.

“Well, we are all a little mad here, Alice.” He purred.

He had the ability to make my skin tingle. He was capable of making my underwear wet with need. A part of me wanted to remind myself that this was a job. Jack wasn’t a man to play with, yet after his spanking demonstration on my backside, I was craving more from him.

“Are you happy to play, Isla?” I nodded at his question.

He held out his hand; without a second thought, I took it. He squeezed my hand reassuringly as he led me beyond the crowd to the hallway, pulling out a key card and entering a private room.

I looked around at the room, a playroom ready for him to give me every sexual fantasy I desired.

This is a job; I reminded myself as his lips touched my shoulder lightly. I moaned at his touch.

What we both don’t know is that greed, jealousy, and betrayal are going to do their best to ruin everything. The lines between my alter ego Isla and the real me, Sophie, were going to blur and intertwine until the real me was too hard to find.

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