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peep inside

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My body was tense and I was flushed when I walked through his door. I had been hooking up with my old professor for a few weeks now. Things were heating up with us, and we decided to invite a third.

Ron was one of my classmates. He was twenty five, and had been one of the oldest in our college course. I always got a flirty vibe from him, but I never expected him to say yes to a threeway.

I was nervous, these two strapping men drinking wine, I could tell they were getting more relaxed as the night went on. Ron was tall, dark, and handsome. He was strong and bearded, covered in tattoos. Always wearing a leather jacket. I was always physically attracted to him. He sent off a dominant vibe, I liked his confidence.

They were both happy to see me, big grins on their faces and desire in their eyes.

“I’m glad you’re here”, the professor said, “Come sit down.” I loved when he told me what to do.

I sat down on the couch next to Ron, who started to rub my back. “Have you done anything like this before?” he asked, mischievously. I nodded my head no, smiling.. I was nervous. He placed his hand on my upper thigh and gave it a squeeze, “you’re going to love it.”

My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. I could feel my heart pounding, so I took a big gulp of wine when the professor offered it to me.

We talked and laughed for a while, flirty looks all around. The tension was building and I could feel my insides getting warm, and in between my thighs getting wetter.

The professor took my hand and said, “Come with me.” He brought me to his bedroom, his big bed waiting for me. There were a few ties on the bed, I was thrilled to see that.

Ron came up behind me, I felt his hard cock pressed against my back. He kissed my neck, and then my shoulders. He was slipping off my clothes; they fell to the floor. I was wearing a lacy teddy and high heels, he pulled it down a bit to reveal my nipples. The professor was standing, just watching it all happen. His hands went down to his pants, and he started rubbing what I could tell was his shaft hardening under his pants.

“Keep touching her,” He said to Ron, “She’s a good girl, she will do as she’s told.” I loved when he talked about me like that.

I loved it even more when Ron said, “We’ll see about that.”

Ron’s hands ran down my body, he smelled good and I craved his strong body. He took off his shirt, then his shorts. There was nothing but his underwear separating us. The professor was removing his clothes as well. I looked up at him, innocently, and watched as he continued touching himself.

“How do you want me, professor?” I grinned. He moaned, he loved it when I talked like that.

“Listen to Ron.” He said, desire filled his eyes.

I longed for the professor to come join us, but I liked that he liked watching me. Ron brought me to the bed, he pushed me down. He laid me on my stomach, and grabbed one of the ties. He tied it around my face, so my mouth was covered. I loved this.

“We don’t want to wake the neighbors.” He said as he finished tying me. He had me get on all fours, “Bend over.” He whispered in my ear.

He arched my back and made sure my ass was in the air. He pulled my lingerie to the side, revealing what was in between my legs.

I moaned as I felt the warmth of Ron’s tongue enter me from behind. He began licking in between my thighs. He put his whole face in between my ass cheeks, and he moaned as he tasted me. His warm spit was in all of my holes, and I loved it. He began rubbing in between my ass with his finger, as he dug his face in my pussy. I moaned, but it was muffled by the tie around my mouth. The professor walked up to the bed. Finally, he is joining. He crouches down and pulls my hair, he moves my face so I’m looking at him.

“You like that, don’t you?” I nod eagerly, moaning. The professor pulled the tie down off my mouth, and demanded I open wide.

“Yes professor,” I respond like the obedient student I am.

He slides his cock in my mouth, he thrusts deeper down my throat and I’m gagging and moaning. Drool is spilling out of my mouth and my makeup is running. I loved when he fucked my face like this. It made me so wet, which was perfect because Ron’s face was still shoved between my legs.

I had never experienced oral while a cock was in my mouth, I continued to moan as I felt all my juices drip out of my pussy. I was busy sucking off the professor, but I could hear Ron resituating. His underwear dropped to the floor, and both men moved me down so my ass was hanging off the bed. Ron stood at the end of the bed, right behind me. He had his hand on the small of my back, another on my ass. He spanked me hard.

“Yeah, you’re a good listener aren’t you? You’re going to do what we say?” He asked as he rubs his cock against my clit.

“Yes.” I manage to get the word out between the professor shoving his cock in and out of my mouth.

The professor pushes my head so I swallow him deeper, I loved feeling him fill my whole mouth and throat.

Ron said, “that’s a good girl. Now you’re going to get fucked from both ends. You’re going to take both cocks at once, understand?” He demands, and I nod.

It was hard to nod yes as the professor’s giant cock was still in and out of my mouth. I pulled him out of my face so I could taste below his dick, I licked his taint and balls. He tasted so good. The professor looked up at Ron, watching him slowly enter me.

“She’s so tight, Ron, tight and warm like the obedient sub she is.” I moaned louder as the professor entered my mouth again, and Ron entered inside me. My pussy swallowed his giant cock, and he thrust deeper and deeper.

“Ya, you like that huh, baby? You like when I tell you what to do.” Ron’s fucking me harder now, and I start to get overwhelmed with pleasure.

“Yes!” I moan loudly.

I no longer had the professor in my mouth, he was now crouching down right by me so he could kiss me. My arms fell to my side as Ron fucked me hard, fast, and deep. I felt my juices overflowing and spilling out of me.

The professor made sure I was facing him, “You’re going to be good tonight. You’re going to listen and obey.” He was holding my face.

After he said that he shoved his tongue in my mouth. I continued to moan in agonizing pleasure as I felt myself about to come. I squeezed the bed spread that was under me. I could hardly take how good all this felt. My legs began to shake, and I cried out as I felt the explosion of pleasure fill every part of my body.

“Yessss, good girl. Come for us.” They both cheered me on.

I smiled big because Ron felt so good. His cock was the biggest I had ever seen, I was so surprised when I turned around and caught a glimpse of it as it thrust in and out of me. I felt every inch of him inside me.

Ron slid out of me and turned me over. He had me lay on my back, as he crawled over me. He moved the tie that had fallen down around my neck, and moved it up to my eyes. I was blindfolded now, and extremely excited. I felt Ron’s tongue on my nipples. He was slowly nibbling on me as I moaned. He grabbed my thighs and made sure they were wide apart. I was fully exposed.

“You have such a nice pussy, baby.” He said as he longed to be back inside me.

I felt his sex push back into me, and I let out a loud yelp. God it felt so fucking good. The professor was straddling me at this point. I felt him sit over my face so his cock and balls were right by my mouth. He entered my mouth and throat again, thrusting in and out. I could hardly take it, two cocks at the same time. The pleasure grew as Ron’s finger pressed between my ass cheeks. All of my holes were being taken care of.

After minutes of delicious pleasure, they both left my holes. I felt them resituate me again, they helped me up so I was climbing on top of one of them. I couldn’t tell who I was straddling because my eyes were still covered. I absolutely loved the mystery of all of this. I loved not being able to know exactly what was happening. My other senses heightened. I felt one man - realizing it was Ron - help me sit back on top of the professor. He moved the professors cock so that it fit inside me perfectly. Ron’s hands were on my hips, moving me up and down so I could fuck the professor properly.

“She’s such a good listener isn’t she?” the professor asked Ron.

“Yeah she is so obedient.” As ron says this, I feel him kiss my shoulders and neck. His hands move from my hips, up towards my neck. He had one hand gently wrapped around my throat, while his other is spanking me. His spanks and pressure felt so good, right on the edge of pain and pleasure. I was moaning loudly now. I could hardly take how good all of this felt.

A wave of pleasure crashed through me again, and once again I was coming. My come poured out of me, and soaked the professor. He loved making me squirt. Now the two helped me get on the floor. I felt them help me kneel on a pillow. I knew I was about to get to suck not one but two delicious dicks.

They both played with my hair and touched my lips.

“We’re going to put your mouth to work now, baby.” Ron said.

The professor moaned as I felt him slowly press his cock against my lips. They took off the blindfold so I could look up at them while I sucked each one off. Taking turns. They liked seeing the desire fill my gaze.

I began touching between my legs, rubbing myself and feeling excitement and desire. The professor and Ron took turns fucking my mouth. At one point, both of them had their tips on my tongue. Just enough so I could taste both of them at once. I loved it. Back and forth I swallowed them whole, going as deep as I possibly could. Feeling my hair pulled and my head pushed deeper. My spit was falling out of my mouth, I was drooling, hungry for more.

We all moved back on the bed. I moved on top of Ron, my body was laying on him. I fell on his chest as he fucked me. My ass was up, near the edge of the bed. The professor walked closer, and pressed his cock in between my ass. I was so excited for more. His finger entered inside my ass, as Ron continued thrusting into me at the same time. The sensation of both holes being penetrated at once was such an intense feeling of pleasure. Then, after covering my ass in lube, I felt the professor slowly slide inside my ass. He had worked on loosening me up, he had trained my ass for this. I cried out as I felt the professor’s cock enter my ass while Ron fucked my other tight, warm and inviting hole.

“Oh, god!” I fall completely on Ron, completely taken over with pleasure.

Ron’s strong arms are wrapped around me while I am on top of him. He is sliding me off and on him and he is moaning in my ear. He knows I can hardly move because of how overwhelmed I am with two cocks inside me. He helps me arch my back so the professor can keep fucking my ass. I couldn’t tell which hole felt better to fuck, I just knew I felt really good.

I began to squirt again and again. The waves of pleasure wouldn’t stop spilling out of me. Ron and the professor got wet with my squirt, but none of us cared. Ron’s moans starting getting louder and louder. He moved in and out of me faster and faster, until I felt his warm come enter inside me. Soon after, the professor’s come was filling my ass. I was full of cock and come, and I loved it. As they both slid out of my penetrated holes, I moaned. Juices were falling out of me.

I grew limp, my full wait was on Ron now. The professor came and laid next to us. We were all exhausted, overcome with the new feelings of pleasure we felt. I laid there, sore and tired. I couldn’t believe how well this threeway went. I want more of both of them. And I knew this was just the beginning.

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