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My Mafia Madness 4

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After being forced to marry a ruthless Mafia Don against her will, Alexa must find a way to escape from her terrible situation and finally reunite with the love of her life, billionaire Dante Romano, aka The Reaper. With hopes of rescuing Alexa from her kidnappers the Reaper and his massive force launch their attack on the enemy villa and plan to wipe out everyone before burning the entire estate to the ground. Unfortunately, Dante is completely unaware of the recently forced marriage which has just taken place between Alexa and his hated rival, Don Vincenzo Moroni. A marriage which he will soon learn is not only legitimate in the eyes of the Mafia Underworld Council, but one that also prevents both him and Alexa from being with one another. With such a serious obstacle now standing in their way, what will this mean for Dante and Alexa’s relationship? Will they somehow find a way to be together again, or has Don Moroni succeeded in wounding Dante in the most painful way possible? By tearing the love of his life away from him forever. Only one thing is certain. Things are about to heat up and in more ways than one! NOTE: This is BOOK 4 in the Romano Mafia Series. Read “My Mafia Madness”, “My Mafia Madness 2” and “My Mafia Madness 3” beforehand. WARNING - Contains scenes of physical & mental abuse, drugs, coarse language extreme violence, graphic sex scenes & forced sex.

Erotica / Romance
Bec Middleton
4.9 8 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Blood and Bullets

Gunfire... nothing but senseless death and destruction for as far as the eye could see.

The continuously loud and resonating sound of unending bullets echoed on throughout the massive open space of the Long Island villa as all hell broke loose, quite literally.

War had come at long last… after all, it was only a matter of time.

Men stormed in through the entrance as thick grey smoke filled the surrounding air, quickly billowing into each of the luxuriously decorated rooms while the terrifying gun battle raged on all around.

It appeared that nowhere was safe.

Shrill screams and pained cries could be heard coming from each and every direction as the two sides fought fearlessly against one another.

“Watch out!” a voice cried out.

“They’re over there!” another shouted out soon afterwards.

Lifeless and bloodied bodies fell one by one, each riddled with bullets as they became yet another unfortunate casualty of this ongoing feud between two powerful Mafia Dons.

A feud that unfortunately would only end with blood and bullets.

With the Reaper having stormed the villa to retrieve his kidnapped fiancé, Vincenzo wisely had his men advance upon the intruding enemies with hopes that he might be able to slip out unseen through one of his secret passageways with his new wife Alexa in tow.

But Alexa had no intention of going along with Vincenzo willingly.

Not after hearing the news that Dante had finally come for her.

Now she had a new sense of hope.

A hope that she planned on holding onto and fighting for until her very last breath.

After all, she loved Dante with all of her heart.

Staring ahead at the door opposite her, Alexa watched as several of Vincenzo’s men made their way over from where they had been standing guard at the door.

They had come to join the discussion with their Don and with the door now bolted shut, there was no reason for them to continue guarding it.

Sure, Dante and his forces may manage to break their way through, but it would take time.

And more importantly, Vincenzo still had an ace up his sleeve.

Alexa could still hear the sounds of gunfire and screaming coming from the other side of the locked door but held onto the tiniest shard of hope that Dante might possibly emerge at the end of it unscathed.

He had to… right?

Alexa couldn’t bear to think of her life without him… she needed to feel the warmth of his touch again. The intoxicating taste of his lips upon hers as he-

“-All of you, pay attention!”

Blinking her way out of an apparent daydream, Alexa turned her head sideways to face Vincenzo, whose familiarly accented voice had suddenly caught her attention as he and his minions gathered around.

It appeared that he was now having a quick conversation with his men, along with the Russians whom he had previously allied himself with.

They too were in attendance.

From what Alexa could see, it looked like they were all eagerly awaiting their next orders as they silently stared at their leader, attentively waiting for Vincenzo to speak.

Unfortunately for her at that point in time Alexa had no idea of Vincenzo’s secret plan and believed that Dante might finally have the upper hand in this, at long last.

That they might wipe out this enemy Don and his forces and she could go home to be with her family once again.

After all, it was well known in the criminal Underworld that when the Reaper came calling, no one survived…

Poor Alexa. She was soon to learn the unfortunate truth.

“We all know what the plan is. We’ve gone over it more times than I can count.” the Don began, his eyes moving from one of his men to the next in line as he continued.

Alexa frowned after hearing this.

‘What are they talking about? What plan?’ she thought to herself in silence.

“He’s coming for my new wife…”

Pausing, Vincenzo’s eyes flicked across to where Alexa was standing, with Domenico’s strong arms wrapped around her from behind in a firm bear hug.

Her face showed a contorted frown at being labelled his wife so openly.

An expression that morphed into a furious glare aimed directly back at the Don.

“Damn right he’s coming for me you jackass. He’s coming for me and our son. And when he gets here, he’ll kill every single one of you spineless cowards!” she pointed out with a smirk.

“You’re all going to pay for taking us… with your lives.”

Squeezing his arms around her waist and constricting around her, Domenico gave her a silent warning to hush her taunting words and she grunted from obvious discomfort, doing exactly that.

“That’s enough, bella.” he whispered into her ear with a smug grin.

“Don’t you ever call me that!” she snapped back at him in fury, wriggling pointlessly within his unbreakable grasp.

No one called her that but Dante!

He merely chuckled darkly at her feisty attitude towards him, right before he lifted his head up to glance at the same door that Alexa had been staring at only moments earlier.

“Poor Dante…”

He teased her in a rather condescending tone as Vincenzo went on with the details of his plan to the others standing off beside them.

“It’s a shame that he’s come all this way… and only to die.”

Turning her head to the side, Alexa was suddenly interested in what Domenico was saying for the first time since she had met the man.

“He’s a lot harder to kill than you might think.” she pointed out proudly. Defiantly.

Once more, Domenico chuckled.


He spoke directly over her shoulder now, his hot breath caressing the side of her neck with each of his taunting words.

“But I doubt even the mighty Reaper can withstand 5 kilos of C-4, princess.”

Alexa’s eyes widened in complete terror at his unbelievable words.


And did he say 5 kilos of it?

He had to be kidding, right?

She didn’t know much about explosives, but the mere mention of C-4 was a dead giveaway that this was not good news for Dante!

Or for her son for that matter.

“Wait, you’re gonna blow the place up? That’s your brilliant plan?” she queried, fearfully.

His expression showed just how cocky the underboss felt now, with his grin reaching from one ear to the other while he went on, bragging about what they had planned.

“That’s right, with your lover boy still inside…” he chuckled.

“I’m afraid poor Dante’s walking right into a trap!”

Panicked and concerned for her new-formed family, Alexa glanced at the door again as she spoke in a far more frantic tone.

A sudden realisation having come to mind within the panicked moment.

“Wait, where is my son? Vincenzo, you said I could have him back. Where is he? I need to see him-”

Domenico laughed now, a laugh so evil and depraved that it caused Alexa to stop talking.

It sent a shiver down the base of her spine.

“You seriously thought we had your child this whole time?” he menaced from behind her.

Alexa suddenly froze, utterly confused as to what was going on.

“W…what are you talking about?” she demanded.

“Where is he?”

Shrugging his shoulders carelessly, Domenico continued to explain as his strong arms restrained her from behind.

“Beats me. I’m afraid your little one never even made it back here to the villa…”

“What?” Alexa sounded outraged now, and for good reason.

“What do you mean he never made it back here? You said that you had him. You told me you’d give him to me if I agreed to… marry…”

Suddenly slowing, Alexa paused speaking mid-sentence as the cogs in her mind kicked into gear and everything finally fell into place.

All answers she had before now were finally answered, everything.

Their promise was nothing but a lie.

A lie to get her to agree to marry Vincenzo and to sign the contract willingly.

These assholes never had Alessandro, they used him to bait her. To get her to do whatever they wanted.

She had been tricked!

However, the question still remained… if Alessandro wasn’t there at the villa, where was he?

“As for Dante, it’s certainly a shame you can’t warn him, huh?” Domenico taunted one last time.

And this was what Alexa needed to push her right over the edge.

A surge of adrenalin and betrayal rose up from within as she let out an angered growl.


Surprising Domenico, Alexa suddenly bucked backwards against him, causing the stunned underboss to momentarily lose balance and fall over.

“Oh, shit!” he cried out.

As the two toppled down to the floor together, Vincenzo and his men looked to see what was happening just in time to witness Alexa clambering up and out of Domenico’s hold, right before bolting to the door opposite them.

She was getting away!

It appeared that Alexa wanted to warn Dante about the bomb and she fully intended on doing exactly that, even if it was the last thing she ever did.

“Grab her you fools!” the Don demanded, pointing after Alexa as she cleared the length of the room within mere seconds.

“Hurry the fuck up! Don’t let her get through that door!”

One of the henchmen lifted his gun up, aiming directly at Alexa’s back as she just managed to reach the door, struggling to unlock it quickly enough.

“Hey, stop!”

Luckily, Vincenzo spotted this idiot’s mistake and quickly snatched his gun right out of his hand, glaring down at him in stupidity.

“Don’t fucking shoot her you moron.” he warned, then glancing around at all of his men with the same warning.

“I need my wife alive. Got it?”

Flicking the bolt open, Alexa’s heart was suddenly filled with a sense of hope as she smiled and went to pull the door open…


Just as she had it slightly ajar, Ivan’s large, tattooed hand came down against the wooden door, slamming it shut right in front of her and causing Alexa to gasp in shock.

“You’re not going anywhere, sweetheart.”

Ivan spoke with his heavily accented voice, his cold blue eyes boring deeply into hers as he stared down at her.

Swallowing nervously, Alexa began stepping backwards and away from the giant now blocking her path.

Unfortunately for her she was promptly seized by two more of Vincenzo’s lackies and then dragged back across to where the Don was waiting.

His prisoner yet again.

Stopping her right in front of Vincenzo, Alexa’s glare could have killed him with its sheer intensity.

“You fucking lied to me, you bastard!” she screamed at him in sheer outrage.

“You never had my son. You just wanted me to sign your stupid contract.”

Smiling in response, Vincenzo seemed glad that Alexa had finally learned the truth about her child’s whereabouts. Now he wouldn’t have to continue hiding it from her.

“I see you finally told her.”

Vincenzo aimed his comment at Domenico who was dusting himself off after his fall. The underboss merely rolled his eyes at his Don’s comment.

Alexa on the other hand held fierce. Her chest heaved in and out with her angered breaths as she turned back to Vincenzo and let him have it.

“You’re nothing but a liar and coward, Vincenzo.” she snapped at her Don husband.

“I can't believe I ever gave a damn about you. You’re pathetic!”

Stepping up closer towards her now, only stopping right before her and staring deep into her chocolate brown eyes, Vincenzo grinned selfishly.

“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are when you’re angry?” he teased, reaching out his hand and caressing the side of her face.

Scrunching up her face and pulling away from his touch, Alexa was utterly disgusted by his sudden show of affection towards her.

“Don’t you fucking touch me. You never get to touch me, do you hear me?”

Choosing to ignore her disobedience towards him, for the meantime at least, Vincenzo smiled before he turned and gave his next command to his waiting men.

“Time to move.”

With that, everyone started heading in the same direction, through the far doorway leading down into a darkened stairwell.

They were headed down into the secret tunnels leading out of the villa.

Vincenzo gave a nod to the two men holding onto Alexa as he spoke his next command.

“Portare mia moglie.” (Bring my wife.)

“No, let go of me.” Alexa snapped at the men holding her arms.

Suddenly fearing for Dante now more than ever, Alexa’s eyes widened as the two goons began to drag her along after their Don.

Soon the massive bomb would be activated via remote, blowing everyone inside the villa into smithereens...

A remote that Vincenzo himself carried with him.

Dante didn’t know it just yet, but his time was rapidly running out…

And there was no way for Alexa to possibly try and warn him of the impending danger!

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