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The Desire

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We all always thinks that... When we found someone to love or our soulmate we will. Never let that person go... But what happened if you came to know that the one you are crazy about it will only last a year??? Or not? Synthia always thought that first she will become successful then she will think to focus on her love life abd get married to her soulmate.... But the soulmate is anything than a soulmate... He is the devil.... And a heartbreaker... Let find out more about her and her life....

Erotica / Romance
Pepper Box
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Chapter 1

Really?" I asked

"I know you are mad, but You have to go alone I can't come this time as I have an urgent meeting today in the office that I can't ditch" Eli my very good friend and Co-partner said.

"I am cancelling this meeting for today then... I am not doing alone we both are partners and we both need to go there.. Last time you did the same thing..." I said.

"No.... Don't do that.. This is the last time you are doing it alone... I promise next time we both will go and plus you are handling our business so good.... Trust me you can do that...." Eli assure me while giving me a puppy look.

"Have you seen him....?? He's looking so scary and way much mature from his DP.. Look.. I don't think... Me going alone is a good idea.." I said... No, I beg to Eli to go with me in this meeting..

Hi.. I am Synthiya and Eli I mean Elina is my best friend and we both started a small business of clothing and footwear brand. Currently, I and Eli are busy in arguing about today's meeting we both scheduled for today. We both run a small business of our clothing brand. It's famous in our local market but we have taken a step forward to make it huge so that we are receiving orders from overseas as well. The portal we use gave us an Account Manager to handle our oversea business every year.

The previous Account Manager was a dumb one.... he never told us anything or guide. If we have any problem we contact him via phone or email to solve it, but now this year we got a new manager as per rituals and he wants to meet us to discuss the business and planning for next 6 or 3 months.... Specifically, me to do a meeting with him to brief about our product and etc. So that he have idea about our business and how we can plan the things for next quarter.

While I was discussing things with him over the phone. He told me to arrange a meeting once either in his office or his apartment nearby our office.. I choose to go office as I have a huge doubt to go on another road, but the thing is while I was talking to him on a phone he sounds way too much mature and rude.. Alright not so rude..as he have a very deep voice...and when I checked his picture on the internet he is looking a but scary to me... Scary in the sense of Rude.. And I hate rude people a lot... So I thought as Eli is also business partner with me she should also come with me for this meeting to understand better as our current account health isn't in good state and He is definitely gonna frustrate with the state that he have to loose his points if our business go up in this watch... And I am nervous.

And here she decided to attend her office party rather than our own business meeting. To be very honest I am so much angry on her because of her lack of attention towards the business, I have to manage both with my part time job and this business but she never pay any heed towards it.

"Girl... He is just an Account manager... Plus you are going in his office not his apartment to be afraid of.. If he will do something.... I am always here by your side to kick his balls...." Eli said

"Fine... I should have expected this from you... Now go you'll late for your meeting.. And I have to go to mine as well" With that I went to my room to select a perfect business outfit for the meeting, because I know no matter how much I said anything to her but all she do is what she feel like to do so better to bother her.. I am expecting this so better to fix my mood and choose for a perfect outfit.

I was driving to the Fashionshops office for the meeting... While I was driving I was thinking our account health wasn’t in the good state due to my and Eli’s irresponsible behavior and no one to guide us... I just hope he will not shout at us or specifically me after checking the state our account is in... So I just turn on the radio and let the music calm me..

“Fuck,” I said... To say I am okay is an understatement. I am nervous as hell. Where is the good songs?..who can help me finding peace

Okay this is it.. I am standing here in front of this huge building, and debating whether to go inside or chicken out either way Eli doesn't care for the business and I... Well I do care and I will make the business run anyhow.. and for that I need to enter the building and get it done.

Taking a deep breath I move forward to enter into the building at thr front gate the reception and in front of him a not so very small wooden table, At table he was writing something in it maybe the timing or making the form ao that whoever come in or out can enter their name and contact information just in case. I've done the same thing and move towards the elevator.

I don’t know why am feeling like this much nervous but trust me when I said he is looked a bit rude and scary I wasn't joking a bit. I so want to go badly in my apartment and relax I can’t do this I can clearly heard the loud thumping of my heart in my ears... Why?. I don't know I never feel like this before.. ok calm down heart we can do this.. you are strong...Maybe because I am here in front of the entrance and I just have a few minutes to relax my nervousness.... Before I can more talk to myself the ding sound bring me back to reality.

And here I am standing in front of the office gate and the elevator...f** it . Its now or never......or never.


Hey everyone do let me know how you feel about the chapter..

I am not perfect so there are going to lots of mistake. Kindly bear with me ...

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