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Hot & Heavy Erotica

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An ongoing collection of my dirtiest stories.

Erotica / Romance
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A Dirty Reminder!

Hey there, lover.

I’m glad you’ve chosen to try this naughty book, and I hope it will live up to your expectations and beyond.

Just a dirty reminder: this book contains explicit content which can come across as offensive to some readers - such as rough and dominant parts, which may interpret that it isn’t consensual.
However, I don’t stand for rape or underage sex.
All my characters are of age and consensual in their acts.
There will also be daddy kinks and step-related stories.
Some stories will be taboo, but I hope some of my stories will appeal to the ones who come across my writing.
I can't please everyone, but maybe someone! (;

And at last: These are just stories!


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