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Seducing My High School Teacher

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A short novel about a young girl's obsession with her high school teacher. --------- Evelyn Hastings was an ordinary teenage girl until her junior year of high school because that's when her new history teacher entered the classroom: Mr. Hunt! Everything was about to change that year, and a lust she never knew existed inside of her before was driving her into a mad woman. Evelyn found herself fantasizing about Mr. Hunt and what she wanted him to do to her daily... And night after night, she found herself awoken, soaking wet... But one day, she had enough of the fantasies; it wasn't doing it for her anymore. She needed the real deal: She needed Mr. Hunt.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I brushed out my long, strawberry-blonde hair and then applied my daily makeup routine before heading downstairs to the kitchen.

“Morning, sweetie,” Dad greeted behind the paper as I poured coffee into my takeaway mug on the counter.

“Morning, dad,” I replied and walked over and kissed his cheek, “I’m running late, but I will see you after school,” I said as I grabbed my keys from the table and went out front where my new car stood parked.

My pink mini cooper: a sweet 16th birthday gift from my dad.

I arrived at school just in time for history class, and I was excited since they had announced a new teacher for the course at the assembly yesterday.

“Hey, Evelyn,” Jessie greeted me as I sat beside her. “Hey,” I replied and rolled my eyes inwards.
Jessie had to be the most annoying person in the world, and she had lately been following me around like a dog.

“Are you excited about our new teacher: I heard someone say he is young and super hot!” She whispered, and I shrugged. “I just got here, so no, but how young are we talking?” I replied, and she suddenly had all my attention. This school needed a little eye candy.

“Like in his twenties...” Jessie’s eyes suddenly widened as she looked past me, and I moved my focus ahead and saw a young, very sexy man placing a portfolio on the desk before the board.

“Hello, my name is Mr. Hunt, and I am your new history teacher,” he announced loudly, and the whole classroom went silent.

He had a dark brown hairstyle in a messy undercut, and his green eyes were framed with thick, black lashes.

My eyes wandered over his symmetrical facial features: a narrowed nose above a pair of very kissable lips.
His broad jawline and muscular neck.
And a slim yet muscular body that was hinting underneath his suit.

He began talking, but I could not hear a single word of what he was saying.

My eyes followed his broad gestures, and I felt a tingling sensation between my legs as he got more worked up over something, raging with passion.

I was in hypnosis, where all my senses were brought to life. My core was throbbing, and I had to press my thighs together to keep my wetness in place.

“I want you to read chapter one to three until Friday and be prepared for a quiz. That’s all for today,” Mr. Hunt said as I returned to reality.

“God, his hot,” Jessie mumbled as she stood beside me. “Yeah, very,” I replied and left the room.

I hurried into the toilets and locked myself into one of the stalls before I pulled up my skirt, and I pulled down my panties.

I saw a big, wet, sticky stain on the crotch area. Oh, god. I took a piece of paper and wiped it over my vulva, and I continued to wipe as more wetness came. My core was throbbing, and I soon rubbed my fingers over my clit as I pressed a finger inside me.
What the hell has gotten into me?

I clenched my jaw as I got myself more worked up, picturing Mr. Hunt in the stall with me. His fingers were all over my core, kissing my neck...
I closed my eyes, and then I brought myself over the edge.

Oh, my. I stumbled out of the stall and washed my hands, feeling dizzy. Sure, I had touched myself before, but never like this.

I ditched the rest of the school day and went home, determined to find out everything I could about Mr. Hunt.

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