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Jake and Dahlia are married; her fantasy is to have another man in their bed. Her husband surprises her with a good friend that he has introduced her to, after seeing how the two hit it off. A series of events turn the tables on everyone, as lives become tangled, as lovers come and go, and as two lovers become three again

Erotica / Romance
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1 ~ Life Is Never As It Seems

Jake and Dahlia Jerome woke up to the sun shining brightly in their eyes. As he spooned his naked wife, Jake guided his hard cock effortlessly into his wife’s waiting ass. Anal sex had become part of their morning repertoire within the past few weeks. Dahlia had been somewhat willingly introduced to anal play through expensive jeweled plugs of different sizes by her excited husband. Jake loved experimenting with sex and after four years of marriage he felt it was time to raise the bar.

As she turned to kiss her husband, Dahlia enjoyed his cock sliding in and out of her ass. Their tongues tangled as Jake’s hands pressed her firm tits and pulled her nipples taut. His thick fingers traveled into her dripping pussy, finger fucking her into a double orgasm to meet his ejaculation of creamy cum into her ass. He grunted and groaned to match her heaving, blissful cries of pleasure, as they entered a sweet but passionate climax.

Their fourth anniversary was on the horizon, and Jake wanted it to be extra special for both of them. He wasn’t sure as to just how a surprise would play out, but he’d know it when it presented itself. He did have a few ideas but hadn’t presented them to Dahlia just yet, because the logistics had to be worked out first.

He knew from recent conversations with his wife that one of her fantasies was to share a bed with her husband and another man. She imagined being incessantly pleasured by two men at the same time. Having two cocks inside of her at the same time to simultaneously orgasm both her ass and pussy was something she had only read about in erotic romance novels, but he knew how much she wanted it. He loved her enough to know he could make it happen, even though it might rediscover some buried feelings he'd experienced during his last year of college.

Jake had been a participant in threesomes, with a group of friends who got together occasionally to fuck each other. He hadn’t had a threesome in a long time; the friends had eventually gone their separate ways, and they’d lost touch with each other. He had since met Dahlia and they had fallen in love and married. After tasting the sinful side of life that only belongs in a marriage bed, they decided what they had sexually was so off the charts incredible that they should make things official. So maybe now would be a great time to reconnect to his past, since Dahlia had initially brought up the subject.

She also desired to gift her husband with another woman who would pleasure him while she lay naked, watching both of them in their king sized bed. Both lovers were secure enough in their marriage bed that each desired to want to share it with a third person. Jake decided he’d have to find the perfect man to gift to his wife and that it would definitely be a surprise. He’d secured the penthouse suite out of town for their long weekend rendezvous; he would make it extra special, and as perfect as he could,

“I have to work late tonight, lover. When will you be back from your trip? It’s a short one this time, right?”

Dahlia pulled him under the shower head and caressed his firm cock as she kissed his open mouth.

"I’ll only be gone a couple of days this time. How much will you miss me?” She teased him as she stroked him harder.

This time the climactic ecstasy came fast and furious, as he quickly rinsed them off and pushed her back into their waiting bed. He held her tightly, accosting her open mouth with a throaty kiss while pushing his cock through her wet pussy. Gripping her legs tightly around his waist, she cupped his ass cheeks to push him in further.

“Did that answer your question, my sexy, beautiful, consummate lover?” He loved showing his wife how much he still lusted after her.

“I love you so much, Dahlia. I hope you know how much. I’d do anything for you! And I mean Anything!” His mouth continued to suck her tongue into his, as his hands explored his naked wife.

Dahlia cooed and hissed, admiring his male prowess and how it could get her entire body ready to explode into orgasmic bliss. Jake meant everything to her; sex with him was always off the charts crazy good. She was grateful that he was her life partner, that he’d taken care to always reach new heights of passion with her. He was a great teacher, very schooled in taking their sex life to amazing places. He taught her how to be accepting of new things she’d only read about. Like anal play, for instance. She wasn’t always on board, she’d thought it somewhat deviant until Jake had shown her how to ease into it and how to enjoy it to the fullest. Now she loved having her ass fucked.

She was eager to see what else he had in store for her. She was also, like her husband, feeling that their sexual relationship needed a big boost into new and unchartered territory. She wasn’t sure what that would be exactly, but since they both liked experimenting sexually, she knew Jake wouldn’t let her down.

Not wanting to go home to an empty bed after work, Jake stopped at Lorenzo’s Bar for a snack and a couple of drinks. He perused the room as he waited for his order. He did a double take.

“Sergio? Serge Orcetti? How the hell are you?”

“Jake! What a small world! What are you doing here?”

“I live here!”

“Get out! So do I.”

Jake was thrilled to meet up with an old friend from his college days.

“How did we all lose touch with each other? Give me your contact info so that never happens again!”

“Done!” They chatted about what had transpired in their lives since they’d lost touch.

“Are you married?” Jake was eager to find out.

“No, still playing the field. I guess I just never met the girl of my dreams, so I’m still searching. It’s been a lot of fun trying to find the perfect fit, though, if you catch my drift.”

Oh yeah.... Some things never change with you, Sergio...

“So how about you? Married?”

“Very happily married. To a gorgeous, sexy, smart woman who sees what she wants and goes after it. I’d love for you to meet her sometime.”

“So where is she now, Jake?”

“On a short business trip, which is why I stopped in for a drink and something to eat.”

“For sure then, I need to meet this woman who settled you down. She must be something special to keep you from eyeing all the other ladies.”

“She is. Maybe we can meet up for drinks after work when she gets back. I’ll check with her and give you a call.”

Jake was waiting for Dahlia’s return with a catered dinner from their favorite gourmet restaurant, and two bottles of expensive wine. Jake was ready to celebrate. He met her at the door by sweeping her into his arms with a sensuous kiss. She embraced him fully, happy to see him.

“I missed you so much!”

“It was only a couple of days, Jake.” Dahlia laughed. “But I missed you, too.”

“Something smells delicious!”

“It’s dinner from Arturo’s.” He opened a bottle of wine and poured them each a glass. They sat and discussed her trip and if she’d have to go away again any time soon.

“Not as far as I know, but sometimes these quick trips come out of nowhere,”

“Just so you leave our long anniversary weekend open. I’ve reserved the penthouse suite out of town for us, but that’s all I can say for now, I wanted to surprise you with our trip, but I need to make sure you took the time off for us.”

Well, I always make time for us. I can’t wait to be alone with you, Jake. It sounds wonderful! You spoil me so much.”

After dinner they showered together between the pulsing jets, making love under the cascading shower head. The fucked each other all night long to celebrate her return. They spent most of the day on Sunday in bed naked, getting reacquainted with each other.

Monday morning came early for the lovers, who wished for a day just to be able to catch up on sleep. But work calls.

At lunchtime Jake texted her to ask if she’d meet him at Lorenzo’s after work to have a drink before heading home. He left a few sexy emojis to entice her.

“See you after work, Mr. Sexy. I love you.” Oh, those beautiful red hearts and kissing emojis, and that tongue one, right next to the eggplant emoji. Message received, loud and clear.

She went home to change clothes and freshen up for her lover. First, a sensuous shower with a slightly aphrodisiac scent she’d purchased from the adult store, with the promise to get a rise out of any man. She slipped on a green flowing sundress, low in front and dipped into a V in back, no bra, and just an erotic see through thong to cover her husband’s firm pussy. This was her way of seducing him in public, and she loved seeing his reaction. He would be surprised, having assumed she’d be meeting him right after work in clothes she’d worn all day.

Jake was waiting at their table when she arrived. Every man’s head turned to watch her walking in, as she swayed her taut ass while looking right into her husband’s eyes. He embraced her with the kiss of a lover who wanted her right there in public. They sat together and ordered drinks. He took her hands in his, gazing into her eyes.

“You look absolutely beautiful and you smell amazing. I’d fuck you right here on this table if I could get away with it.” Dahlia loved his words and kissed him back; she didn’t care who might be watching.

“There’s someone I’d like you to meet ... I hope you don’t mind ... he’ll be here momentarily... an old college friend who I’d lost touch with. I stopped here the other night when you were away, and he was at the bar. He lives here now, so I’d love for you to meet him.’

“I always enjoy meeting your friends, Jake.”

He finally noticed Sergio at the bar, getting a drink.

“Serge! I’d like for you to meet my wife, Dahlia. Dahlia, this is Sergio Orcetti.”

“You weren’t kidding, Jake. She IS gorgeous! Nice to meet you, Dahlia.” He took particular notice of her braless dress, and in fact imagined her wearing a see-through thong, having dated enough women to surmise what she was wearing underneath the fabulous dress that left little to the imagination.

The moment she laid eyes on Sergio something changed. He was very handsome with dark eyes and thick hair. Very tall, dark, and VERY Italian. Wide shoulders, solid chest, and trousers that hugged a firm ass, with a sizable bulge underneath the belt buckle. What’s not to like?

He had taken notice of her, too. What a beautiful face with deep green eyes, long shiny curls that cascaded across the bare exposed skin that the little dress was showcasing. He could tell her tits were firm; he loved seeing the nipples announcing themselves against the fabric of the dress. Her waist was tiny; her ass was tight, just the way he liked. Her legs were long and tanned, just like the rest of her. He imagined she tanned naked and was sure this very appealing woman had no tan lines.

They were unable to take their eyes off one another. They began chatting like old friends, and Jake noticed a sparkle in his wife’s eyes. They talked about why Serge hadn’t married; he admitted he liked the variety at his fingertips. Dahlia and Jake smiled knowingly about how much variety they had in their lives with each other and agreed he was missing out on a real relationship.

The three had drinks together until dusk, when Jake mentioned that they should be going since it had been a long day.

“I’ll call you and we’ll have you over for dinner one night.” He could tell Dahlia was reluctant to leave Sergio, which gave him an idea about the surprise he was planning. He’d have to see if he could pull it off.

On the way home Dahlia seemed excited, like a spark had been lit.

“We need to find your friend a nice woman, not just somebody passing through in the night.”

“I don’t know, Dahlia, he seems to be pretty happy with the way things are.”

Dahlia seemed extra horny tonight, A new man had lit a fire in her. She thought back to how tall and handsome Serge was, how broad his shoulders and chest were; she’d even noticed how his trousers hugged his firm ass. She couldn’t help wondering what his cock looked like; was it thick like Jake’s, and how long was it? Was his tip perfectly formed, like her husband’s?

Her sexual energy carried over to the bedroom, where she stripped naked for her husband, discarding one piece of clothing at a time to the floor. She went to their secret toy drawer, tits bouncing and ass swaying in a come hither manner, where she teasingly pulled out a large vibrator, pushing it deep into her heated pussy. She flailed about until her orgasm reached the point of no return and she climaxed her juices all over the toy.

Jake applauded her performance, before pushing her back into their bed and falling on top of her. She could only spread her legs and welcome him in. His cock was hard and hot, almost on fire for her, as he plowed through her depths. His mouth was as heated as his cock; his tongue thoroughly deep throated her. He mouthed her tits and nipples until they were hard. He buried himself in her chest as their bodies rocked in tandem. He felt like he was fucking a new woman, one who belonged to another man, and he was loving it.

He knew what he had to do. He hoped Sergio would agree to it. But for right now, first things first. He had an ejaculation on the horizon, and he would make her take all of him.

Jake eventually called his friend Serge and asked to meet him at their favorite bar. They’d be alone; Dahlia had made other plans. Jake had taken a dark corner table for the two of them so they could talk uninterrupted. The waitress brought their drinks as they settled in to the conversation at hand.

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