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Seducing The Professor

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"You might hate me but your body is saying otherwise baby," he said which ran a shiver down my spine. With one last swift kiss on the lips, he left. I stood motionless as I needed some time to digest what happened. Did I let my enemy, the person I hate the most kiss me? .... In which Avery Hunt ends up seducing her professor aka her arch-enemy Emmitt Tyson.

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Chapter 1

“You never used a toy on yourself?” Jordan asked quirking an eyebrow at me.

I frantically looked around to see if anyone is listening to us. “Can you be anymore louder? I don’t think all the customers heard you!” I chided her.

“No seriously. Not even a Dil-“.

“I would like two regular caramel frappuccinos”, a customer said looking at us with an annoyed expression on her face.

I forced a smile on my face, even though I didn’t want to, “Anything else?”

“Nope”, she replied.

“That would be seven dollars”, I said. Jordan immediately went to work behind me for making the drink.

I handed her the drink and she took it, walking away non-nonchalantly. She didn’t even bother saying thank you.

“Wow I didn’t know we have to encounter the first hoe of the day this early in the morning.”

“Jordon! If the mean-ager hears us we are dead,” I warned.

“Yup you are right,” Meena said from behind. Meena is our manager. She is nice but she can be pretty mean so that’s why we call her mean-ager. She thinks we call her that because it goes with her name or something. I am glad she doesn’t know the real reason why.

“Jordon you are cleaning up at the closing time.”

“But-,” Jordan was about to protest but she stopped herself.

“I am not gonna hear any excuses,” she went away.

“Bitch.” Jordon mumbled under her breath.

“Hey, you wanna tone that down a little- let me remind you that the pay is quite good here,” I explained seeing Jordan fuming. It was true though. Inside our university campus, Lavender Cafe was the only place where the pay was decent and the hours were flexible.

“Okay fine. But the mean-ager is horrible- sometimes,” she added as an afterthought. “Hey wanna watch ‘Bird box’ today? I haven’t watched the movie yet.”

“I can’t- I have an assignment to finish,” I said pouting.

“It’s only the first week of school and you already got an assignment?” Jordan asked looking quite shocked.

“Why are you surprised?” I scoffed. “It’s university- anything is possible.”

“True but it’s kinda killing me.”

“Same. I don’t want this term to start yet,” I whined.

The next few hours we were met by the morning rush of sleep-deprived students who wanted coffee to get them prepped for their morning classes. Jordan and I had our classes later in noon so it wasn’t a problem for us except we were sleepy too at times.

“So going back to the conversation you didn’t use any toy? Not even beads?” Jordan asked but this time in a lower tone. The morning rush was over as it was class time, so we got to chill a bit.

“What beads? What do they do?” I asked wiping the counter top.

“Oh, they can be inserted up your bottom.”

I grimaced.“Jordan it’s too early for this shit,” I said trying my best to dismiss what she was saying.

“No seriously not even clamps?”

“What the hell is that?!” I cried. That sounds too painful to be kinky.

“Oh, you don’t know? It’s like a clamp for your breast but with a chain attached to them, when you pull on it it can bring you immense pleasure,” Jordan said looking like she was imagining herself in one.

“Oh my god no. What if they rip your breasts off or something? It sounds painful.”

“Not really. It’s amazing,” she said her eyes lighting up.

Jordan and I met in our first year at university and since then we have been friends. I had a horrible roommate who didn’t know how to clean up after herself and then we decided to move together into an apartment near the university. We have been inseparable since then.

She wasn’t the type to have a lot of friends neither did I so it worked out well between us because both of us were introverts who didn’t like the company of many people. Also, Jordan had to leave her last place since not many people are approving of her lifestyle. Jordan is into BDSM and she is even part of this community thing. They go out for coffee every month and she also has a sex partner she calls her ‘master’. When her roommates got to find out about it they were very judgemental about it which Jordan didn’t like so once her lease was over she moved in with me. I love living with her except that she types on her laptop keyboard so loudly that I can hear her from my room. But then she needs to put up with my neat freak tendencies too so we are even.

“Dominic uses that on me all the time. I love it,” she said with a wink. Dominic was her ‘master’. He is ten years older than Jordan and he works as an accountant. I haven’t seen him as Jordan likes to keep that lifestyle separate from other aspects of life.

“Uh-huh. Good to know,” I said distractedly as I got myself busy with stacking the plastic cups according to their size. If I pay too much attention to what Jordan is saying she may end up giving me a descriptive lecture on what else Dominic does to him and honestly I didn’t want to hear about it. Jordan really doesn’t know the meaning of TMI at least with me.

Jordan saw a customer approach us so she immediately went back to work while I kept on cleaning the counter. I got to the cashier after I saw a man from my peripheral vision. I finally looked up to see the man. “Hello welcome to Lavender- WHAT THE HELL?” I cried out loudly. “You?”

I had to blink my eyes to see if he was real or not. I couldn’t believe after all those years he was standing here right in front of me. Emmitt Fucking Tyson. My number one arch-enemy is also the reincarnation of the devil.

“Oh hi, Avery. Long time no see,” he said with a grin. I wanted to slap that stupid grin off his face. After all these years he was as handsome as before or even more with that subtle stubble and messy hair. His piercing dark brown eyes held the same glint as four years before.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Oh, I am here to-”

“Okay, I don’t care. Just tell me what you want and get the hell out of here.”

“Oh wow. After all these years, I see you still hate me.”

“No shit.”

“You look beautiful by the way,” he said. He was checking me out and he wasn’t even being subtle about it as his eyes moved up and down. “And hot.”

I laughed. I was wearing my ugly work outfit which consisted of this ill-fitting white t-shirt, jeans and a purple apron over it. “Thanks. You got uglier by the way,” I said nonchalantly. Of course, it was a big fat lie. He was so much manlier now.

“Thank you,” he said in a sarcastic tone. “I would like to order a cappuccino with no sugar.”

“One cappuccino with poison coming right up!” I said taking the money from him that he was offering me.

I returned the change and told Jordan about the order. “One cappuccino with no sugar and oat milk”

I turned around to see him smirking at me. “I see you remember.”

“Remember what?”

“That I’m mildly lactose intolerant and I get an upset stomach when I consume milk in the morning.”

Why the fuck did I unintentionally do that? “Oh, that? We ran out of dairy milk you see. Not everything is about you sweetie”

“She’s lying. We got plenty,” Jordan chimed in from the back. Of course, she was eavesdropping on us.

I took the drink from her making sure to shoot her a dirty look after she was done making it, and handed it to Emmitt. “I might have spit in it,” I said giving him a sardonic sweet smile.

“Babe I have made you come multiple times in my mouth and fucked that little mouth of yours with my tongue. You think a little spit will affect me?” He said taking a big sip of his drink with that he left leaving me even more furious than I was.

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