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Loved by the Devil

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“The spirits who are powerful and exalted serve only their confidantes and intimate friends… They will come according to the temperament of the one who invokes them. You can become familiar with them without much difficulty following my instructions…” The Grimorium Verum, trans. by Jake Stratton-Kent (2009) She stood in the middle of the twin triangles and conjured a flame she was made for...🔥 ✔ ️COMPLETE ✔️ ⚠️ Warning!⚠️ This is a plain sex story 🍆😉 Dark Romanticism. SHORT STORY.

Erotica / Thriller
Arayne Haaser
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How it starts...

The monsoon sky is dark and vengeful, dominated by steaming shrouds of cloud, coiling and writhing. An unearthly caterwauling sound fills the air and the wind whips up into frenzy. It is a shrieking, keening omen of the carnage to follow as the clouds race across the sky, thrumming with the charged energy they are desperate to release. It starts with big, sopping drops of moisture, wild and indiscriminate, plump missiles of mass destruction that splatter onto the glazing, but I pay no heed as I finish drawing with my mole blood and pimpernel-drenched knife on the grey marble floor.

Upon the first blast of thunder that set the gloomy night alight with a bright scintillating flare, I withdraw the knife from the ground and rise to my feet, my keen eyes taking in the roughly nine feet in diameter circle drawn in a thick line of an old virgin-tree powder, hinted with the mix of vile liquid dripping from my crimson knife.

Satisfied, I squat down to gather a small sack of timber powder and a half-filled jug before making it to the centre of the circle where I carefully lower the things down and pause, recalling a certain diagram slowly materialising in my head. As I finally grasp it, I quickly bury my hand into the sack, grab a handful of powder and spill it to the ground where I proceed to curve it in the shape required with my dripping knife which I continuously dip into the jug to maintain its state. The triangle of evocation is the heart of my stage thus I must make it perfect.

Everything has to be perfect.

With a final curve of my blade, I pull away and observe the drawing beneath me. “There is only one way to find out,” I mumble as I grab the remaining stuff, leaving my knife behind and carefully hop out of the circle, aiming straight for the altar a few paces upfront. The dim luminous flames of the burning candles I placed at the altar and all corners of the large squared room adequately illuminate the room, making it easier for me to move around without any difficulty. As I reach for the table where the rest of my ingredients are placed, I lower the jug on the surface and toss the sack on the floor before my hand finds its way to the book laying open on the desk.

My dark orbs immediately focus on the triangular diagrams perfectly entwined together into a similar star I engraved on my floor, and I hurriedly turn around to inspect if that is indeed what I drew and sigh with relief. “I’m not bad at drawing to begin with.”

A strange scent—a mixture of mace, frankincense and aloe wood dominates the room as they burn in a censer. The smog fumigates everything on the desk, causing my nose to wrinkle in distaste. Pulling myself together, I haul the warm goldish thingy up and take a step back from the altar as I completely turn to face my stage while my other free hand shoots up to my chest where a considerate-sized oval-shaped ruby pendant rests. My fingers softly trace it, feeling Scirlin’s sigil over my name’s initials perfectly engraved together and I take a deep breath as I flutter my eyes, closing them for a second or two, channelling the specks of courage left unused deep within me. I’ve come this far. It’s useless to turn back now.

I wouldn’t let myself, anyways. I don’t want to.

Casting a glance across the room, I inwardly flinch at the sight of a bare woman in the huge five-feet-mirror on the opposite wall, staring back at me with her big anxious dark eyes that are slightly puffy, with a slight darker shade beneath. She presses her round full lips into a thin line as my gaze drops to her firm pert mounds. They are round, considerately large with erect dark peaks which contrast her warm honey complexion that gleams with the soft effect of the candlelight. She is moderately tall, about five foot eight with a rather pear-shaped slightly heavy body which would’ve been considered fat if she was shorter. That has done nothing to boost her self-confidence though. I still hate the way I look.

Tearing my gaze off my reflection as I tighten my hold around my pendant, I push my legs forward towards the circle and carefully hop in. This is it. I’m doing it. Whether it backfires or not, I don’t care. My life has no meaning anyway. I have nothing to lose.

Halting at the centre, I slightly bend to place the censer on the ground. My hand then reaches for my knife before I stand straight again, my eyes staring at space ahead. With the lightning that yet again engulfs the gloom of the night, I lift my hand, leaving it hanging forward as I harden my gaze. “I call upon the great forces of the dark!” I chant as I lift my other hand which firmly holds onto the blade.

Gulping, I repeat, much louder. “I CALL UPON THE GREAT FORCES OF THE DARK!”

I raise the blade a tad higher before lowering it onto my palm. To hell with a goat sacrifice. My blood is so much better. With my brows slightly pinched together while pressing my lips into a thin line, I increase the pressure of the blade against my skin and stifle a whimper as it finally pierces my flesh, slashing through deep and fast. Swallowing the pain, I throw the knife away as I fight back the threatening tears that sting my eyes. Leveling my bruised hand with the censer beneath me, I curl it into a tight fist and let my blood flow into the smoke. “I SEND THEE O’GREAT SCIRLIN...”

I abruptly tense at the feeling of the ground shaking as the most powerful thunder I’ve ever experienced booms. The air around the entire room shifts, for a sudden passing wind starts to pick up, and I have no clue nor a logical explanation of where it comes from, for the room’s window has long been sealed shut.

It's working.


Something strange catches my attention before all the burning flames on the candles are extinguished. I slightly lower my eyes to the ground, gaping when I land my gaze on the reddening smoke coming from the censer and I inwardly applaud. It’s working indeed.


Wait, I frown. Why should I call a lowly demon? This might be my only chance to do this, why should I waste it on a creature who’s perhaps too busy out there to answer my call? In fact, it's my blood on the table. Why am I trying to bargain with the dog whilst it's the owner who truly desires my soul?

Well, fuck it.

I breathe, before speaking in my strongest voice as I dare the most damned creature in existence, “LUCIFER, I SUMMON THEE. HEAR MY CALL, FOR THIS UNFORTUNATE SOUL SEEKS YOU. PLEASE, COME TO ME AND ACCEPT MY OFFER.”

As sudden as the wind picked up around me, so did it stop and all I can hear is the raging storm outside. Pinching my brows together in confusion, my alert eyes scan the room as a tinge of panic starts to grip me. What’s happening? Why has it stopped?

It’s too dark to see anything. I can’t even see the smoke anymore, for all the candles are out. Focusing on my hanging bruised hand that was shortly engulfed with the smoke emitting from the container beneath me, I sense nothing but the throbbing pain in my quivering palm. I shake my head, my brows creasing in disbelief. “No.” I mumble as the wave of disappointment engulfs me, “Is anyone there?” I twirl, finally letting my hand fall to its side as I pay more attention to my surroundings. “HELLO..?” I call, rather desperately, for the emotions I despise threaten to surface again. Something painfully twists in my chest and my hand shoots up to clench the area.

This isn’t something new to me, nor are these feelings alien for the matter. I just hadn’t realised what a hopeless case scenario I really am, until this very moment I stand naked, in the middle of all kinds of shit, and still get rejected.

Throwing my head back, I let out a loud humourless laugh that matches the throbbing pain inside me. I’m one confused lady, that’s for sure. What do I want anyway? Even if he came, what would I have demanded? Nothing about life sparks anything within me anymore. I just wanted an adventurous suicide—an exciting death I’ve been planning for over a month now, carefully. I know for sure that nothing is out of place. The only anomaly here, is me.

Sad, isn’t it? Nobody wants me, not even Satan himself.

“I’m sorry, Iris. It just happened.” A familiar voice echoes inside my head as a vivid memory of the man I loved with every fibre of my soul standing before me with nothing on but a towel flashes before my glistening eyes. His dark eyes hadn’t a dust of guilt, but rather visible relief that I would be the one to end the lie that I wholeheartedly believed to be something worthwhile and special. From behind him, emerged the last person I ever thought would betray me. The person closest to me. The person I shared almost everything with, including our very own mother’s womb.

She has a lighter complexion than mine, a slimmer figure, more definite curves, softer locks and a prettier face—it had to be her, out of all beautiful women in Canada, her. She has always had the hots for Middle Eastern men, and clearly, my fiancé was no exception.

I blink back my tears as I shake the gutting memory out of my head. What’s the use of all this? I failed.

Pushing my feet forward, I aimlessly walk from my spot, slowly, as I try to find my way to the exit. I know this place like the back of my hand, not even the infinite darkness could deter me from finding my way to every inch of my very own apartment. Finally reaching for a nearby wall, I shortly trace it, trailing my way to the door.

Pausing with my hand holding the knob, I close my eyes and sigh. Why is it hard for me to believe it didn’t work? “Hello...?”

I’ve already destroyed the circle as I dragged my feet from its centre. How in hell would the gates still be open?

I flutter my eyes open as I twist the knob, pulling the door at once before slipping through. It’s a good thing it's raining cats and dogs with all that ruckus. A gloomy weather like this would put me to sleep in no time, for it has always been my favourite season. I stroll through the corridor and finally make it to my room. Upon walking in, I hesitate to reach for the light switch, for why would I need it anyway when the only thing I want is to sleep? I shrug, and decide to head straight for my Queen-sized bed, tossing myself right on with my face deep buried in one of my pillows.

Struggling to pull the heavy duvet over me, I toss and turn to find a comfortable angle before finally relaxing, and burying my head on the pillow again. I fight back the chill that threatens to engulf me as I hold tightly to my blanket and sigh. I'm used to being lonely, it suits me exceptionally well, even though deep inside, something within me suffers with it. But in the end, there is nothing I can do about it. It's better this way.

Just like that, I lay here, quiet and still, waiting for sleep to take over and luckily, before I know it, as it feels like a couple of minutes forward, I finally fall into slumber.

Sometimes, we fail to comprehend the arbitrariness of the forces so far superior to what our knowledge claim to know. We forget that what was written in the past, doesn’t necessarily bind the ways of the future. Our insecurities and anxieties tend to blind us, pushing us to abandon our hopes and patience. But what’s the use of all that when one is broken? You simply don’t care, you just do what you want to do, when you want to.

A slight frown forms on my face at the feeling of something tugging my hair. It lightly pulls my braid and stops, and the room continues to maintain its still air, with no sound whatsoever except for a now light platter of rain outside.

My eyes shoot open whilst my fingers anxiously bury themselves in the mattress, grabbing a handful of the sheets’ fabrics as I fight to calm my peaking heartbeats. I can feel myself tense for my senses start going haywire. The hair on the back of my neck stands tall to that distasteful feeling of being watched and my mind consequently booms with so many theories, but one dominates them all.

I am finally going to die. I am getting my wish after all.

But something tells me, it isn’t going to be on my terms. Whatever it is, it tricked me into setting it free and now, I am utterly under their mercy. A sudden collision of what I immediately recognise as a glass with a hard surface nearby, sets my body to motion instantly as I find myself jolting up to sit upright with bulging eyes searching the dark room whilst my breathing comes out as pants. I remember having a glass of milk before I left my room for the ceremony; my eyes shoot straight to the bedside table where I left it only to find it missing.

Something tells me this is going to be painful.

“He-hello?” I stutter, still panting whilst my eyes search the room. It’s too dark to make out anything. In fact, it has never been this dark before—it’s pitch black. I nervously pull the duvet up to cover my bare chest, “Show yourself... please.” I mutter as I gulp, my eyes fighting against the blanket of darkness that seems to engulf my room.

My heart skips a beat when something is finally captured by my weak sight. Focusing on space far to my left, I eventually make out a silhouette, slowly materializing by the wall, centimetres from the chest of drawers. I remain rooted, involuntarily increasing the pressure of my hold on the blanket wrapped around me while my stubborn gaze stays glued on the dark figure nearby. Glowing red eyes suddenly meet mine, and I instinctively suck my inner cheeks so hard to keep myself from screaming.

Whatever it is I called it. It showed and now I have to keep my cool or this would end rather badly.

Iris...” A low hissing pierces through my perked-up ears.

I nervously gulp and nod, for I still have to find the strength to talk. I was weak all over. I couldn’t even feel my legs.

“How dare you summon me..?” It hisses much louder, causing a cold chill to run down my spine.

Oh, man. I ticked off one of the bosses for sure. My lips part as I try to defend my reasons, but nothing comes out. Instead, a lump forms in my throat, preventing me from breathing properly.

“HOW DARE YOU!!” it booms, its voice completely changed into a heavy monstrous tone that almost makes my pounding heart jump through my open mouth.

Finally, losing all the self-restraint I possess, I squeal as I drag myself to the furthest corner of the bed, shaking like a leaf. “BECAUSE I NEED YOU!!” I tightly shut my eyes as I wait for him to pounce.

And just like that, it went completely quiet.

I couldn’t will myself to open my eyes, nor am I willing to move any part of my body. If this was the excitement I was looking for, then I’m fucking enjoying it. I can pee right here at any second. I’ll take that as a fucking orgasm for I promised myself over and over again I wouldn’t regret this.

The sound of heavy footsteps coming my way make me pause in my thoughts as sheer panic grips me. Why am I afraid? This is what I wanted after all. Why should I throw myself from the balcony while a demon can do a better job? Who knows, I might even come back as a vengeful spirit and have my way with... with...

“Open your eyes.” A sudden deep manly voice greets my ears.

Creasing my brows in confusion, I hug the blanket impossibly harder as I hesitantly flutter my eyes open. The first thing I instantly notice, is the illuminating dim light from my bedside table. But that didn’t capture my attention, not for a long shot.

Before me stands a tall God, way over six feet and I don’t really care what inches he specifically halts to. He is massive, deliciously brawny with perfectly chiselled features that shame the Greek sculptures. I couldn’t will myself to tear my eyes from his beautiful square-shaped face adorned with stubble kept beard, nor the gorgeous green eyes under his dark arched brows which penetrate mine in a way the blanket wrapped around me feels useless. He has a straight nose and my, don’t get me started with his full plump looking lips that instantly make me thirsty. Pressing my lips together, I slip my tongue through, for I can feel them getting drier with every passing second. This creature was indeed not human, for nobody could be that perfect.

Overwhelmed, I lower my curious orbs to his robust chest, and trail the outline of his perfect six packs to—fucking hell! I freeze, my gaze lingering on his prized possession right under his lower abdomen. Could he have just put on something to shield that magnificent length from a sexually frustrated woman? I simply can’t remember when was the last time I had a decent fuck, and now, I have to press my thighs so damn hard to stop my tingling clit.

There you have it. Seconds ago, I was shaking like a pathetic leaf, waiting to pee on myself at any second and now, I am a horny bitch that is lusting over a demon—a fucking gorgeous demon. Fuck, why didn’t I just summon two? If I could only turn back time.

“Are you done?” his voice, his damn velvet tone. Could this man ever be more perfect? His chords rumble in sync with the beat of my pounding heart.

“I...” I try but I fail miserably. I’m so horny, and all I can think about is his huge cock buried deep within me, pounding on my G-spot mercilessly.

“Why do you need me?” he asks, rather softly, making me feel all warm inside.

I lift my face, meeting his gaze yet again. That was indeed a good question. Why do I need him? Well, aside from him killing me and all. What do I want? I sigh, well nothing and nobody seemed to help. I actually didn’t seek it, I simply shut down and lost all hope. Then this thought came, “I want an adventurous end.”

“Do you understand the meaning of what you’ve just done?”

I blink at his deep dimples as he talked. Raw fire slowly ignites within me, burning me from the inside, begging to be let out. The tingling between my thighs starts to become unbearable, and I slightly arch my back, grinding against the mattress to calm my burning need. “Mmm?” I absent-mindedly reply.

“Iris...” he calls in a warning tone.

I frown, awkwardly scratching my thigh as I start to ponder his question, slightly feeling the haze of need subsiding. The meaning of what I did? “Forgive me, but I only summoned—”

I pause, as it finally dawns on me like a hundred-pound sledgehammer. My very words echo inside my head as I recall, “LUCIFER, I SUMMON THEE. HEAR MY CALL, FOR THIS UNFORTUNATE SOUL SEEKS YOU. PLEASE, COME TO ME AND ACCEPT MY OFFER.”

I painfully gulp, my eyes bulging at the man before me. My lips part as I try to form words that never come out, “Y-you... you...”

The side of his lips slightly curls as his eyes sparkle with amusement. I am a mess. I know. It’s humiliating. “Do you know the meaning of blood sacrifice, Iris?”

I’ve never been a good Christian, but who in their right mind would forget about Abraham and his beloved son? What’s the meaning of sacrifice in the first place?

“It means, Iris, you’ve given your soul to me, free and willingly.” He finally explains.

I blink again as I digest the information. Blood sacrifice simply means offering. I thought by pouring my blood into the censer would make the spell get stronger. “I didn’t realise...” I voiced my thoughts.

“That you were offering yourself to me, irrevocably. As my slave.”

Slave? I’m a slave? I’ve just enslaved myself to... to—I swallow down the lump forming in my throat. Without tearing his gaze from mine, he extends his hand towards me, offering it as the ghost smile on his face continues to grow.

“Come, Iris.” He softly mutters.

I heave a sigh as I watch him. What was there left to do? At least he was being nice. Perhaps I’ll have time to ponder about this later, but now, I had to obey. Gently releasing the duvet around me, I rise onto my knees and crawl to the edge of the bed where he patiently stands, his orbs fixed on my bare self. I reach for his hand, and he gently pulls me out of bed. Finally standing uncommonly close to him, I try to disregard the goosebumps forming all over my body due to the feeling of having him so close to me. His hand gently finds my chin and lifts my face to meet his penetrative gaze.

I melt.

“Now, for your reward. What do you want?” he rasps, and I feel the familiar burning heat from earlier, but now, it comes back stronger and more intense. I press my thighs together again, for I can sense my pussy dripping down to my inner flesh as it clenches with need. This is how much I want him. This is how much I need him.

He leans in, closing the space between us until our noses brush. His free hand reaches for my bruised palm and I tense at the feeling of his fingers entwining with mine. “What do you need?” he whispers, and I remain a prisoner of his darkening orbs. He tilts his head, lowering it further to my ear and blows a hot breath that causes my legs to lose balance. Right on cue, he releases my chin and wraps his strong hand around my waist, pulling me against his hard body, caging me to the warmth I desired.

The feeling of his big rock-hard member twitching against my belly causes the slut in me to break loose, as I finally start to grind myself against him, my self-restraint long gone. I close my eyes, biting my lower lip in anticipation and pure need as I try to stifle a moan. I'm on fire, and he knows it.

“Don’t be afraid,” he whispers, “tell me, slave.”

I’m supposed to pull away after hearing that, but my traitorous body wouldn’t budge. I don’t want to.

My free hand flies to his chiselled chest, and shortly rests there as I concentrate on all the bits of strength I have left. My lips part, “I...”

He nuzzles at my neck, sending pleasurable shivers down my spine.

“I... want..” my hand traces his hard chest as it slowly makes its way between us, sliding down to his member.

“Say it...” he whispers as he presses me harder against him, making it hard for me to grasp his length.

I let out an exasperated breath, and I can tell he is enjoying frustrating me. “I want you...” I finally mumble, “I want you.” I repeat, out of breath.

“Is this what you needed?” he amusedly whispers to my ear.

I wanted death. Death! And now, I’m fucking horny. Fuck me and kill me already. Just fuck the shit out of me, for fuck’s sake! I shake my head profusely at his question.

He pulls away from my neck and presses his head over mine, his eyes a mere centimetre from mine and his soft full lips, almost brushing mine. “You needed me and now you want me?”

“Just kill me when you’re done.” I utter, “I have nothing left to live for.”

He smiles, taking my breath away as his eyes glisten mischievously. “You have now.” He says before finally closing the frustrating space between us and capturing my parted lips.

The feeling of his soft lips against mine sets my belly alight with live butterflies as my entire body explodes with pleasurable fireworks. He gently kisses my lips whilst his hand releases my palm and snakes around me, caressing me in sync with his other while I wrap my hands around him as well and start kissing him back. The feeling of his hand grabbing my butt cheek whilst the other travels up to cup my breast, causes me to moan with pleasure and he takes the opportunity to deepen the kiss. Tasting him suddenly becomes an obsession, a sweet addiction that makes me match his dominating tongue, for the more I taste him, the more thirsty I become.

I slip my hand between us and hurriedly trail it down to grab his hard member and sharply gasp in his mouth to the size of his girth. He smirks but keeps on devouring my mouth whilst I mentally try to ponder on the fact that my hand can’t even nearly grasp his cock.

This is surely going to be promising—the most painful pleasure I’ll ever experience.

My thumb starts brushing over his slick head and a brand new urge emerges within me. As if sensing my surfacing need, he releases my lips as his hands immediately find their way to my neck and the back of my head where my braid falls to my upper back. He slightly increases the pressure of his grasp around my neck whilst his other hand hurriedly undid my plait, setting my curly locks free only for him to grab a fistful of them and pull me to him.

I happily welcome his lips against mine for a much more dominating kiss whilst his hold remains tight around my neck. I moan against his addicting lips as my hand starts working on his cock. Using his juices as lubricant, I start rubbing his throbbing member while my clit stubbornly tingles, almost driving me nuts with the raw need of having his cock rubbing it instead of my clenching thighs.

As if reading my thoughts, he releases me and twirls me like a barbie doll. His hand finds its way to my hair again, yanks me hard and bends me over. My hands hastily land on the mattress, catching myself on time whilst a slight stinging sensation zaps my ass as he spanks me. “Ahh...” I moan, feeling his hand caressing my ass, squeezing it as he leans over me and buries his face on my neck.

“Can you handle it?” he rasps.

To answer him, I grind my ass against his throbbing member but his hand abruptly holds me to place, “First thing’s first.” He mumbles as he withdraws.

Frowning, I begin to wonder what is he up to but the moment I feel him kneel behind me, with his hands pressing my butt cheeks, slightly spreading them, I begin to get the idea. I throw my head back and close my eyes to the tingling sensation of his sinful tongue as it begins slithering around my entrance. Shivering in delight, my hand shoots up to cup my aching breast and softly fondles it. I slowly start grinding myself against his hot long tongue, and that seems to only fuel his sinful sweet assault.

He spanks me again, a little harder this time and holds me in place, restricting me from moving again, “Behave.” He warns and a small smile forms on my face.

Devil or not, you haven’t seen that side of me ye—“Ahhh!!” I loudly moan as I feel his tongue gliding over my sensitive clit. He skillfully twirls it over and pauses to dip it in my entrance, teasing my clenching pussy before going back circling over my burning core.

This man.

I squeeze my aching breast so hard as I start to feel a familiar pressure slowly building in my lower belly. Increasing his pace, his tongue continues assaulting my burning core while he sucks all the juices that drip from my aching pussy. “More...” I quiver.

“Don’t you dare...” he warns, withdrawing his tongue from my wanting core. I whimper. What now?

Panting, I release my pert mounds and try to stand straight only to feel his hand snake around my neck, grabbing me and pulling me up, sending me straight against his chest where he rumbles, “You’re not cuming until I say so, clear?”

I nod, and he proceeds to press butterfly pecks along my jaw. He buries his fingers on my waist as he gently presses his cock against my butt and playfully rubs it over before releasing my waist. He reaches for his throbbing member and slips it between my thighs, guiding it to my aching clit where he slowly starts teasing it and rubbing it. My hands fly back to the sides of his rear end and hold on to him, burying my fingers on his flesh as I revel in the feeling of his cock rubbing my burning core. “Faster..” I whimper, licking my lips with my eyes closed.

He obliges, and rubs me even faster and harder, sending me further to the peak that I have been forbidden to climb. My heart pounds against my chest and I pant harder; my entire body slowly begins to quiver as the raw feeling of pleasure is about to explode into a new kind of bliss. “Lucifer...” I moan as I feel him increase the pressure of his hold on my neck. “Oh, fuckkk!!”

He abruptly pulls away his cock just when I'm about to fall off the cliff, and plunges it into my pussy in one go, venturing to the deepest spot that no one had ever reached before, stretching me to the limit while his free hand trails its way to my deserted core and slowly starts swirling as I adjust to his painfully sweet surprise.

“I am going to ravage you...” he promises mischievously as he gently guides my head to the side, giving himself enough room to lean in and roughly capture my parted lips whilst he finally starts moving.


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