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Flirting With Danger

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It's her 22nd birthday and Opal's best friend Lanna decides to take her out to the newest club in town, to her surprise she meets the infamous and dangerous multi-millionaire Collin. Question is can she trust him? Can she change his ways? Or will his ways change her? And lastly is it love or lust?

Erotica / Thriller
A.R. Rush
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I finish the last curl in my hair, and touch up the last of my make up. When she repeatedly started ringing my door bell. "I'm coming!" I quickly grab my heels and rush downstairs to open my door before she breaks my doorbell.

"Damn take your tine, girl not like were already late" Lanna smiles at me. I scoff clutch my chest like she broke my heart. "I'm the birthday girl I'll be late if I want too." She laughs.

I grab my purse after shutting off my lights and we head out. It was a short wait for us in line, the club was beautiful not like your average clubs all dingy and kinda run down. It was clean loud and light well enough to see where you were going. Lots of dance floor space and cozy tables and chairs the help was very friendly too. "First on our list is shots! Lots and lots of shots!" I nod in agreement.

In the short amount of time that it took Lanna to get shots I already had three guys send speciality drinks my way and downed two. "Damn girl three cocktails already? Its only been 30 minutes." She said setting down a tray full of tequila shots. I saved my last cocktail as a chaser gor these shots, after 4 in I felt a pretty good buzz. "Okay I'm done with shots for now! Time to dance!" I grab her arm and pull her to the dance floor.

We bump and grind for what seems like hours and share a few dances with others mingling on the dance floor till our buzz wears off. Then we're back at our table, doing more shots and chatting. " thanks for getting me out of the house this was amazing I needed it!" She winks at me "I always know what you need!" We laugh " now we just need to get you a man!" Instinctively I shake my head. "Mm no I'm good after Mark I need a break!"

Lanna cocks her head and pouts "come on your very attractive, and as many drinks that have been sent to you it's obvious. Plus tons of cute guys here." Just as I'm about to answer her were interrupted by a waitress bringing me another cocktail but this cocktail was accompanied by a single purple rose and note tied to it. "From the gentleman in VIP." She says and points across the way from us, I couldn't help but detect a small bit of jealousy in her voice.

"Do you know who that man is? That's Collin Tate! What's it say?" I shrugged I know who he is but what could a man like him want with a girl like me? I read the note to and show NY friend. "Dear birthday girl, I do wish you accept my gift. My signature creation cocktail and a beautifully perfect rose for a beautifully perfect woman. Please do feel free to thank me. ~ Collin Tate " I feel a blush come to my face then, I realize he said birthday girl. How did he know it's my birthday I've never met this man in my life, but yet they way he talks or writes in this case its like he's known me my whole life.

Lanna of course doesn't put together any pieces, she's just gushing over the handwritten note and rose. As she's babbling on I get up and start to storm over to VIP, who does he think he is? When did we go back in time? Not that it isn't very sweet and thoughtful but still...who does he think he is? As I approach the Velvet rope im stopped by a bouncer.

"Only authorized people allowed." About to explain myself in interrupted by a man's voice "it's okay she's looking for me" the bouncer steps aside and I see him. A very tall atlest 6' 5" rugged but polished man. His sandy blonde curly hair pulled back in a sleek man bun, finished off with a button down shirt.

Lost in thought of this beautiful man I almost forgot with I was here. "I've just come to tell you thank you but I don't appreciate my life being snooped into enough for you to know my birthday." He smirked "the lovely waitress caught me admiring you from afar and suggested a birthday surprise to get things started." I couldn't look away for him and from what it seems he can't either. " well let her know it didn't work sorry." With that I turned to walk away when "oh but you see love it did work. here you are making judgements about me, so as always I got what I wanted in some form or another." I rolled my eye's and rejoined my friend.

Before Lanna could question me about how many babies were having, I grab her hand and drag her out the club. She whined and cried about me not telling her what happened until she inevitably passed out on my couch. With my anger still seething, and buzz now gone I proceed to clean my face put my hair up and cuddle up to my fuzzy blankets and soft pillows alone like I have for two months now and have a dreamless sleep.

~Collin Tate~

"N-no pl-please stop, I'll g-get y-your money to y-you. I just I j-just need t-ti-time." His cries just makes me more impatient. He's had time how much time could he really need? I swing one more time, loving the sound the wood makes when it comes in contact. Loving the way he squirms, I sit in the chair infront of the man who's wasted more of my tine.

Looking him dead in his one open eye, I grab his hair and rip his head back leaning over I whisper." 48 hour's...if I don't have it by then...well you know" I get up walk out the room letting the big metal door slam shut behind me. Ripping my gloves off I toss them at one of my men, clean him up and watch him he has 48 hour's.

"And if not sir?" I straighten my shirt and collar " you know what to do." He nodes "eight feet?" I smile "Deeper just for the wait". With that I leave them to it, and head to my next destination. The bouncer lifts the rope and I have a seat while I wait for my meeting to show up.

That's when I saw her on the dance floor, her long Auburn hair glistening under the neon lights. The way she dances without a care in the world, like no one's watching her short blue dress hugs her just right. I do believe I've never seen a creature more beautiful then her.

I could stare at her for hour's, I have to have her. "She's beautiful huh? Maybe try a birthday gift lover boy. Here's your drink Mr. Tate" I smile "thanks love send one her way please along with this please." She nods and walks off, 30 minutes later we had our first encounter. Sure not the one I wanted but one none the less.

As I watched her grab her friend and storm out, my meeting came along with a firm grip I greet my guest. "Hello Mr. Sterling so nice to meet you shall we?" I gesture to the sofa. He cleared his throat "yes nice to meet you too, can't say the same for my daughter. Seeing as she stormed off in a huff." I was shocked the man who has been breathing down my throat to get his money is her father?

"It should go without saying that my daughter doesn't need to know about our buisness. Now let's chat about my money" I nod. Now I know where she gets her fire from. Now I must have her even more with her family on my good side I could reach my goals without consequence.

~opal Sterling~

"Yes father I would love to meet for lunch, will mother be there?" I sigh.

"No it's okay I understand, tell her I love her."

Hanging up the phone I can't help but wonder what father wants to talk about. It still hurts that mother doesn't wanna see me yet, but I did run out on the family to be with a cop who turned out to be bad for me. Oh well, I drain the tub and get ready to meet him for lunch. Deciding to wear something modest I go for the dress my father bought me. It looks like something you'd see someone wear to a fancy tea time.

I sigh as I spot my father sitting at the tabke closest to the window. I gather my be here before putting on my sweetest smile. "Hello dad I've missed you" he stands and smiles greeting me with a tight hug "I'm so glad your okay, my previous little jewel." We sit down and look over the menu I order a salad and some water. Not wanting him to know I haven't been watching what I eat like I should or like they want me too. "What did you wanna talk about dad?" He clasp his hands in front of his face, looking as if he's contemplating this oncoming conversation.

"I asked you hear to ask you once more to reconsider your choice about taking the company" I scoff "dad really? I already told you I don't want it!" He shushed me "just hear me out your mother wants to travel, I want so much to go with her I can't do that if I have this company. It would mean so much to me to us both." I can't believe this conversation is coming up again. "She wont talk to me, wont have anything to do with me. But yet wants to expect me to do something this big for her?" He shakes his head "just think It over please. It would do you some good, gives you reliable income. Buy a house a new car. Or donate to the poor like you want just take it from me please." I nod and promise to think on it. The rest of the time we sit in silence. And say our good byes, he gives me one last hug when I swear I see that handsome man down the way watching us.

Work in progress comments and ideas are welcome, feel free to voice opinions. Updates and more chapter's on weekends, follow and add to library to stay current thank you!

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