After the Fall

Chapter 10

"Sheriff, I do not understand the purpose of this endeavor." Verchiel said as Jody parked the car in front of the next business on her list, the local drug store.

"Rule number one of being a good cop; get to know the people in your jurisdiction." Jody said as she got out of the car. She closed the door and looked across the roof at Verchiel. "You have to build a relationship of trust with people Verchiel. That way if something happens, they will be willing to talk to you. There are a lot of morons out there that think a badge gives them the authority to be assholes, and that makes it harder on the rest of us."

"So we are endeavoring to prove that we are not assholes?" Verchiel asked as they entered the building.

"Yes, that is exactly what we are doing." Jody agreed.

Verchiel walked up to the register where an elderly woman greeted him pleasantly. "Good morning officer how can I help you?"

"I am undersheriff Verchiel and this is Sheriff Jody Mills, we are not assholes." Verchiel said, causing the woman's mouth to open in shock and Jody to grab the angel by the arm.

"I am so sorry." Jody stepped in to cover her undersheriff's faux pas. "Undersheriff Verchiel is still learning how humans communicate with each other."

"Oh he's one of the angels then. Castiel warned me his sibling's people skills are a bit rusty." She chuckled. "I understand that you lot are very blunt with each since there are no secrets between you. I'm Josephine but you can just call me Josie. Trust me honey you can drop the 'we are not assholes' part. People will figure that out all on their own."

"Was it not appropriate to inform you of this?" Verchiel asked, confused.

"No Verchiel, it wasn't appropriate." Jody said you can't just walk up to people and say something like that." Jody answered.

"Would it not be more efficient to speak plainly?" the angel asked.

"More efficient and more offensive. We tend to try to avoid offending others most of the time." Jody said.

"I begin to understand why we were kept from Earth for so many centuries." Verchiel said. "You are incomprehensible creatures."

"Well?" Michael questioned as Lucifer and Gabriel appeared in Michael's office in heaven.

Gabriel threw himself down into a chair with a huff. "Nothing, that's what, not a friggen trace of Hadrian anywhere."

"He is covering his trail with care Michael." Lucifer explained as he poured himself a goblet of nectar. "We searched the entire town and could find nothing."

"Are you sure there was nothing to find?" Zachariah asked from his smaller desk across the room. "Perhaps in finding nothing you have found something."

"You know Zackie that makes no sense at all." Gabriel said as he snapped up a bag of Whoppers.

"You have found no trace of his presence, is that really the natural order of things?" Zachariah pointed out "Or does it speak of a deliberate effort to evade discovery?"

Lucifer frowned for a moment. "It does stand to reason that we would find some trace left behind. So why would he need to conceal his presence after flaunting it so boldly?"

"You are asking me? I'm just a lowly aide." Zachariah said as he picked up a scroll and gave it his attention. "That is a question that I would expect to be better answered by an archangel and I see three of them gathered in this chamber."

Gabriel took a moment to flip the seraph the bird. "And that is why everybody hates you Zach."

"No everybody hates me because I am good at my job and make the rest of them look bad in comparison." Zachariah snorted.

"Vain much?" Lucifer snarked. "Don't get confused, vanity is my job you know."

"Okay, since we all agree that everyone hates you; how about some proof that you're that good?" Gabriel sighed. "We've got a rogue nephilim running around somewhere."

"Gabriel, hush." Michael said. "Zachariah, you've obviously had some revelation so share it."

"Really Michael it's simple." The seraph said putting down his scroll. "Hadrian would not be avoiding you if he had no reason to. There is only one being that would give him a reason, Abaddon. He is either trying to help her rise or she has already resurrected. We should all pray to father that it is the former."

"Well crap." Gabriel said. "Can't you just come up with something stupid for once?"

"Of course not." Zachariah said. "Then I wouldn't be of any use to you."

Belarus laid another book on the table and picked the three discarded volumes to return to Gertrude and Henry to be put back on the shelves. Sam had his new laptop open on the table in front of him and was busy clicking through sites trying to find information on Hadrian.

"Well unless he was a Roman emperor who decided to build a wall across Great Britain, I don't think this is going to be much help." Sam closed the laptop.

"Yeah, nothing in here either." Dean said slamming the book shut and earning him a slap against the back of his head from Henry. "Dude!"

"Show some respect Dean; these books are hundreds of years old and fragile." Henry said. "They are irreplaceable."

"Sorry." The hunter mumbled.

"Just don't do it again." Henry picked up the book and headed back into the stacks.

The rustle of feathers announced the arrival of Gabriel and Lucifer. John immediately looked up at the two. "Did you find him?"

"Not a trace," Lucifer said as he noticed Sam's new laptop. "Finally taking advantage of the perks Sammy?"

"Not by choice, Belarus insisted. "He thinks I should look and act the part of royalty." Sam snorted.

"He's doing his job Sam. I assigned him to you for a reason." Lucifer said. "You weren't exactly raised to your position after all. No offense to Mary and John because things probably would have turned out much different had you been."

"Yeah the only thing left of this world would have been space dust, either you or Mikey would be dead and Dad would have any angel that survived in a permanent time out." Gabriel said. "Instead were one big happy screwed up family again, the world is still spinning, and Dad while not exactly happy with us isn't taking Child abuse to a whole new level by whipping our asses with the cosmos biggest switch."

"Way to look at the bright side there Midget." Dean said. "Any reason why you guys dropped the ball after sending us back home?"

"He's covering his tracks." Lucifer said. "Michael has Zachariah sending out tracking parties to look for him."

"It won't do any good." Gabriel said as he appeared next to the table holding a huge cake. No one had even noticed that he had left. "Zach's little searching angels were still looking for me when you gave me that loving little poke with my own blade. They won't find him."

"Maybe you should have let us help." John said. "I know it was Sam and Dean who figured out who you were."

"They figured it out because I was pretty lax about hiding who I was from them. They also had some help from Castiel." Gabriel said. "I really didn't think Castiel knew enough to figure out who I was." Gabriel shrugged. "Believe me it was more complacency on my part than anything else."

"So maybe this Hadrian is just as complacent." Sam said. "Guardians didn't exist back in the day."

"And Abaddon doesn't know about them either." Dean added. "She offed herself before any of them ever set foot on Earth right?"

"We aren't going to put them in harm's way, they are fledglings." Lucifer said. "They barely know how to control their wings."

"But they do have lifetimes of experience as hunters." Henry said interrupting the Archangel. "That is why your father chose to raise us to Guardians in the first place. We aren't like brand new angels who don't know anything. Most of us already know how to fight."

"Exactly and we already know that nephilim think vessels are just other nephilim." Dean said. "Dad was a vessel too at one point, for Michael no less. Maybe they can't tell what he is either."

"It's easy enough to find out, we still have a nephililm in the basement." Sam said. "If he can't tell then we could still hunt for Hadrian and he wouldn't know to hide from us."

"Look guys it makes sense but Michael will never let it happen." Gabriel said. "He sees it as his duty to protect you because he failed with the Seraphs. One of the Guardians so much as stubs a toe and Mikey is going to have a conniption, he certainly isn't going to let you purposely put yourself at risk."

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