After the Fall

Chapter 11

"I begin to understand why the creator has forsaken you." Karel said without raising his nose from the book he was reading. You hold such a distorted view of him. I find it difficult to believe that the Herald delivered such a twisted message."

"What?" Dean asked.

Karel raised the book displaying the title, The Holy Bible. "You use this book to justify war and hatred, to breed strife among you and yet you claim it is his word." Karel snorted. "It seems more to me that you have simply chosen the parts of his word that serve human vanity, and ignored the rest."

The nephilim closed the book "So what can I do for the vessels. You've obviously sought me out for a reason.

Sam gestured to someone and Karel straightened up alert. "A vessel that has been ridden, and by an archangel no less. So this is what you wanted to know. You could have just asked."

"Well we didn't." John said as he joined his sons. "We wanted an answer and we got it."

"So you can tell that one of the archangels used him for a meat suit?" Dean asked.

"I can tell that you are the only vessel that has not served your purpose." Karel said. "There is a touch of the angelic in both of them that is missing in you Dean Winchester."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Dean asked.

Karel picked up the bible and stuck his nose back into the book. "It means what it means."

"So you're not going to give us a straight answer?" Sam asked.

"I will tell you as I told Michael, this is not my fight. I'm staying out of it." Karel said. "I'm not getting in the middle of you and Hadrian and his cronies."

Sam shook his head. "Gabriel, can I bother you to come down here for a moment?"

"Sam, what's up?" Gabriel said as he appeared in the basement.

"Karel thinks he can stay out of this, maybe you can talk to him." Sam said. "I mean you have firsthand experience on how well that works…" Sam trailed off.

"I can speak to him but this conversation requires privacy. Take the rest of the Winchesters and find somewhere else to be." Gabriel watched the nephilim for a second and then popped into the cell once Sam had ushered Dean and John out of the basement.

"You do know that book is a waste of time right?" Gabriel said as he settled himself perched on a low table against the opposite wall from the bed. "Everything I told them to write down has been twisted and reinterpreted through translation after translation."

"So why are you here? Not to correct all the errors in their bible obviously." Karel closed the book. "Maybe you think to tell me that I have to pick a side?"

"No I'm not going to tell you that you have to do anything. Sit on the fence as long as you like, don't make a choice." Gabriel said. "As Bobby Brown would sing that's your prerogative. But eventually a choice will be made for you. I found that out the hard way."

"I won't be forced into this fight, Gabriel." Karel said.

Gabriel looked at the nephilim and snapped his fingers producing a big box of scrolls. "The original Cuneiform and Aramaic. So you can read the bible as it was first given to them."

"That's it? No trying to convince me to cave under your righteous instruction?" Karel said.

"Nope. There's no need to convince you of anything." Gabriel said. "In time Hadrian is going to realize that someone is missing from his little Nephilim army and that person would only be missing if that person was aiding the enemy. The choice will be made for you just like it was made for me in the end."

Hadrian stood over the grave and watched as the body formed from nothing, taking on the form of a young woman who had been known as Zora. "Welcome back to the world of the living Cousin." He said as she looked around in confusion.

"How? The angels destroyed us." Zora asked.

"And Abaddon found a way to bring us back. We owe our existence to her and now we must discover how to bring her back also." Hadrian said as he held his hand out to her. "Come there is much for us to do and only a handful of us yet risen. First we must find the others."

"There are others that have risen?" She asked as she took his hand. "Who?"

"I do not know, it is why I need your help." Hadrian said. "We must all consolidate under Abaddon's leadership. We will be powerful enough to challenge heaven itself."

"Is this not the folly that was spoken of before by many of us? Was the lesson not learned? The sons of god cut us down with ease." Zora said. "Not even our fathers could stop them and they were sons of heaven themselves. Does Abaddon truly think that she can challenge the creator himself, and are you so bedazzled by her that you believe this foolishness?"

"It is not foolishness. What had we done to deserve the destruction visited upon us?" Hadrian said.

"I am sorry Hadrian but I live again, I have been given a second chance." She pulled her hand from his. "I will not waste it in some misbegotten quest for vengeance beyond our reach." She turned her back on her fellow nephilim.

"I am sorry you feel that way." Hadrian grabbed her from behind and plunged an angel blade into her back. "If you will not join me, you are an enemy to me." He let the body drop to the ground. "Such a waste Zora, such a waste."

Alistair found that he hated the town of Lebanon but it was where both Sam and Lucifer were at the moment, so he had no choice but to suck it up. Alistair took a deep breath and entered the town hall hoping that he might run into Lucifer and save him having to talk to anyone else.

"Alistair? What are you doing here?" Spicy asked.

"Spicy. I need to talk to Lucifer or Sam." Alistair greeted his fellow hell knight. "I would rather not have to be surrounded by Winchesters at the time."

"Is something wrong?" Spicy asked picking up on Alistair's agitation.

"Have them talk to Jack about the body I found." Alistair said.

"Body? What body?" Spicy asked. "When did you find a body?"

"Last night in a graveyard down in Mississippi. It was left lying across a tomb." Alistair said. "I took it to Jack and asked him to keep it on ice for Lucifer and Sam."

"What is so important about this body that you took it to Jack?" Spicy asked.

"Let's say it's not exactly human." Alistair said. "But it's not exactly an angel either."

"You found the body of a nephilim?" Spicy said awed.

"I found the body of a nephilim." Alistair confirmed.

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